Roshni 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parvati telling her dad about expenses for treatment. She says it will be around 10 lakhs. Her dad and brother worry to arrange money. Parvati goes to see her mum. Roshni, Doodle and Nick talk whether they can do something in this matter. They get sad and sit thinking. Nick asks Roshni to contact Dr. Raghunandan, he can suggest something, he is cardio expert. Roshni says no, I left from there by claiming a lot. I can’t ask for his help. Doodle says he was your mentor, you can ask his suggestions. Nick says you just want to help a patient. She agrees.

She recalls talking to Raghunandan. She mails Raghunandan. Parvati talks to her dad. She says Roshni will surely do something, I m confident. She asks her dad to sell the house. He says I kept that for your marriage. She says mum is more imp, we have to do something. Mona calls Roshni and asks about Parvati’s mum. Roshni says she is critical. Mona says I m aware of Parvati’s financial background, advice her to shift her mom to private hospital, I don’t think senior surgeon will lessen the fees. Roshni says we are trying to work out.

Parvati tells Roshni that her dad does not want to sell the house, as he kept it for my marriage, parents think so much for children. She cries and Doodle wipes her tears. Roshni recalls her journey of her work in London. Nick sees Roshni sad and comes to her. She tells him about the patients she lost, because of late surgery and poor financial status. She gets an idea of having insurance for medical expenses, with less premiums, this can bring a new change. Nick likes the idea. She says I will talk to Rajat.

Mona tells Rajat that Roshni is still trying to workout, what is she thinking about concessions, she would take half payment for service to society. Rajat says you are judging her very soon. Mona says we know her. Rajat says Roshni is best for Leela, you should remember her best surgeries. She is good influence for hospital, our brand got better. She is very qualified, you can’t deny that. Mona says I don’t know what to do when she challenges admin work. He says Roshni will do good. She says she is going to kitchen. He asks her to make aloo parathas with butter. She says I will get just coffee without sugar.

Roshni calls Rajat and asks him to come to her room, she has to talk to him. She tells him about her idea of having a tieup with an insurance company. He asks why did she start this again. She insists. He says he will fix meeting with some insurance companies, she can try to convince them, if they refuse, don’t get upset. She thanks him. He leaves. She gets a message and smiles being surprised.

Doodle tells Parvati about Raghunandan gifting his help to Roshni, by arranging a top surgeon to treat your mum. She gets glad. Roshni welcomes Dr. Patel. Patel goes surgery and Roshni assists him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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