Roshni 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni talking to Rajat and Mona about Dr. Kamal. She says she has shown the proof of anxiety patients whom Kamal recommended angioplasty. She says Dr. Kamal is exploiting patients and corrupting this hospital. She says the hospital will bear a bigger loss than money, I won’t let that loss happen. She goes. Roshni tells the man about his wife is fine and does not need operation. The man gets glad and asks about Dr. Kamal. She says just medicines will cure her, take care of her and your wife has anxiety, nothing else. The man thanks her and leaves.

Its night, Doodle sees Roshni upset and asks why is she seriously thinking. She says its my problem, don’t know, I was thinking is running business ethics tough, why to have corrupt doctors. She says is patient just a body of work for me, someone’s life is on our trust. Doodle says its not easy to change anyone’s thinking. He pacifies her and says they are faulty, not you. She smiles and hugs him.

She asks how is he feeling here, is he thinking he is trapped here. He says no, I m thinking you are regretting keeping us here, I really enjoy, I m glad to go hospital. She asks really, and teases him about Parvati. They laugh. He gets Parvati’s call and is shocked. He tells Roshni its emergency, Parvati’s mom got heart attack, we have to rush. Parvati gets her mum to Leela hospital. Roshni, Nick and Doodle check Parvati’s mum. Roshni asks Parvati about her mum’s symptoms and medical history. Parvati cries and Doodle pacifies her. Nick and Roshni treat Parvati’s mum. Roshni says its severe case of heart disease.

Roshni thinks to talk to Rajat. Mona asks Rajat about Roshni’s attitude. Rajat asks what shall I do, I told Roshni. Mona says she made the patient against Dr. Kamal. He talks in Roshni’s favor and Mona argues. Roshni tells Parvati about getting an expert surgeon to do her mum’s operation. Parvati asks the fees. Roshni calls Rajat and tells about Parvati’s mum condition. Rajat says basic services are free as she is junior doctor in Leela, but surgery cost is 10 lakhs. Mona says basic services cost is also 1 lakh, which we are giving for free. Parvati thanks for free basic services, and asks for total cost. Roshni tells Parvati about 10 lakhs expenses. Parvati gets shocked. She goes to talk to her dad. Roshni says when you have to choose between humans and money, these moments are tough.

Parvati tells her dad about 10 lakhs needed for her mum’s operation. Mona asks Roshni to shift Parvati’s mum in ordinary hospital, and explain this to Parvati, that she can’t afford the operation cost in Leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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