Roses and thorns (chapter 1) ( heroines entry)

hey guys here i am wid my first part
lets start

A couple was walking on the roads looking like they have dine lots of shopping. they were talking wen suddenly a girl(our herione ) arrives in front of them followed by 5-6 girls behind her with ‘power’ written on their black tops. then suddenly boy came in front to talk something but before he can throw wirds out of his mouth the black paint was spread all over his face and very nxt moment police arreasted him. and that lady said thanks to the girl and said bcz of u my daughter is saved today bt the girl cut her words and said that it was my duty and called someone and snd dem to their orphanage to help them.( U guys must really be confused that wat is going on so may i help u if yes then lets go to flashback )
Before 2 days

A girl was coming running and stop near a teacher in her class and said that she will nt be coming to school from tomorow and also she wanted her tc. the teacher was shocked by her decision and asked her the reason as she was the most intelligent student in the class and was studying on scholarship. bt the girl started crying and the teacher consoled her and her abt the reason and the girl after several efforts replied that she is getting married this was another shock 4 the teacher as she was minor bt before that she can ask her further the girl continued that her father said her that she is of no use to her and after getting her married he will get some money and also said that wen my mother tried to argue he beat her harshly and i hate him di i hate him plz save me swara di plz save me.
and after that she cried very badly. swara consoled the girl and called the power people who help the women in this society and rest u know
after making the mother and daughter comfortable she left for her school and strted teaching rest day was like normal day

At night
After dinner she came to her room and smile proudly that she was again able to save a person from the society evils ( swara is a girl who cannot tolerate injustice specially against women)
and then before going to sleep she take out a letter from side table and read it after tht she was having a smile of satisfaction on her face and tears of mixed emotions.

So whose letter it could be?? keep guessing….

precap- heros entry in heroines style

so guys how was it
i know i must have tortured u alot bt i was able to stop myself

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