Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher and Kamla scold Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop telling Ishika that he had not done anything wrong with her in the jungle and says you believe or not, I haven’t done anything wrong with you or any girl. He is about to slip. Ishika says Roopendra. Roop says I wrote that letter to you and expressed my feelings. I promise that I won’t trouble you. Ishika looks at him. Song plays….Ishika switches on lights and asks him to go. Roop says good night, takes his wine bottle and jacket. Rupesh comes there and is shocked to see him drunk. Roop says sorry, and says I drank wine for the first time, I am saying truth, but I promise that you will never have any problem with me. He says good night and leaves.

Roop is walking on the road and says I love you Ishika. He says when I loved my father, he said that

I don’t deserve to be a son. When I loved Ishika, she told that she don’t love me. Ishika prays to God to make Roop reach home safely, although I hate him. She gets Ranvir’s call and says I thought to talk to you. Ishika says I think I scolded him much today in the college. She worries for him. Roop sees ishika’s pic, says I love you and faints on side of road. Kamla wakes up Shamsher in the night and says it is 3:30 am and Roop haven’t come till now. Shamsher says he will come and asks her to let him sleep. Jigna says he has woken up Ranvir. Ranvir comes and asks what is the matter? Kamla asks him to go and bring Roop. Ranvir says he will come, why you are worrying.

Kamla says I will go. Ranvir says I will go. He thinks I know Roop is drunk and must be fainted somewhere. He thinks to make an issue. Kinjal and Jigna say that they will also come with him. Ranvir asks her to come. Hardik is also searching for Roop and calls Ishika. He asks her if Roop came to her house. Ishika says he came, but went. He asks do you have any idea where we can find him. Himani and Himanshu are searching him as well. Ranvir thinks to make the situation interesting and calls Shamsher. He tells him that he got the news that Roop got drunk and fainted somewhere on the road for a girl. Shamsher says I will come there. Ranvir says I will bring him home. He thinks if Roop came under some car and thinks if this happens then I will break coconut infront of that car.

Roop comes to the temple and says he doesn’t know with whom to share his feelings. He asks why did you write my story in such a way, first I lost Papa’s first and now Ishika’s love, you know how much I love her. He says I repair cars daily, but how my life’s vehicle work like this and asks God to repair his life. Kamla lights the diya. Roop comes out of temple and starts walking on road. He bends down to pick his fallen jacket. A truck is coming from the way and ringing the horn. Kamla prays for Roop’s life. Hardik saves Roop at the last minute. Roop says I love you Ishika and faints. Hardik says she don’t love you, but hates you. He calls Ranvir and says I found Roop near the temple. He asks Kinjal to inform Himani and her husband. Kinjal says lets go. Ishika thinks to call Hardik and know about Roop. She calls Hardik. Hardik says you will not feel good, but Roop is found and fine. He ends the call. Ishika thinks thank god, he is found.

Shamsher makes an issue and says everyone shall know what happened to Roop. He says when he returned from military school, all of you had welcomed him and hope that he will make them proud, but he has broken everyone’s hopes. He says he has broken everyone’s dreams. Woman asks what is the matter that he is drunk. Ranvir says he is in love with a girl who refused him. Shamsher says if he loves the girl then he shall kidnap and marry her. Villager says it is wrong. Woman asks Kamla to think about the respect and says once it goes, it can’t be back. Roop says nobody will tell anything to my mom. Hardik takes him inside. Kamla looks on. Kinjal gives him lemon water. Kamla throws the glass. Roop says sorry and says I drank for the first time. Kamla slaps him.

Palak and Roop come to the college. Muddy water falls on Ishika as the jeep is drive fast. Ranvir locks Patel’s hotel and thinks to marry Ishika in exchange of the hotel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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