Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop and Ishika leave Shamsher’s house

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua massaging Shamsher’s shoulders. Kamla comes and tells that Roopendra and Ishika….Bua asks if she can’t see that Shamsher is worried and asks her to worry about her husband sometimes. Shamsher asks her to tell straight. Kamla says Roop and Ishika’s marriage is completed. He is taking her home. Shamsher says let them come. Dhawal and Praful bring Purvi back home and tells that he went to meet Vinay. Mota kaki is about to slap her, but Vaishnavi stops her and asks her to understand her condition. Haren asks what did he say? Purvi tells whatever he told her. Kanti says he said this all. Haren says I have to make everything fine. Bua asks Shamsher if he will welcome Ishika in the house, Shamsher says let them come.

Kanchan gives Ganapati Bappa’s

idol for her happy life. Vaishnavi is about to go to Ishika, but Praful stops her. Ishika asks Rupesh to promise that he will take care of her. Rupesh promises her. Ishika asks him to miss her too. Rupesh says yes. Ishika hugs him. Haren and his family look on from far.

Roop and Ishika touch Rupesh and Kanchan’s feet. Kanchan blesses them. Roop tells Haren’s family that he hopes that they will take care of his sasur ji and says I will be very happy. Roop and Ishika leave. Haren tells Kanti that Purvi will get married soon, but Ishika is gone, time has come to do the conspiracy. Roop asks Ishika to keep bag with her. Ishika thinks don’t know what nonsense she has to do. He says don’t know if she will get to see circus in his house. Roop says you will adjust soon, as you have seen more big circus here. Ishika says my parents stay here. Roop says they are simple people, I am talking about others. She sits on his bike and they leave.

Kamla and Kinjal make arrangements for grah pravesh. She thinks Roop has grown up and bringing bahu home. She thinks of his words. Kinjal thinks finally Roop got his love. Roop rings the bell. Kamla opens the door and sees them. Roop asks Ishika to greet her. They both touch her feet. Kamla says I am really happy to see you together. She does their Tilak and do aarti while Jigna and Kinjal shower flower petals on them. Kamla keeps kalash and asks them to kick it and enter home. Ishika thinks about her last round for Rupesh’s happiness and his words. She is about to kick kalash, when Shamsher comes and kicks kalash with his leg. Kamla says you said that let them come. Shamsher says I said so that I can tell everyone that this is not my son and his wife is not my bahu. He says I don’t accept this marriage. Kamla asks him to come inside and talk. Shamsher says I don’t want to talk and says since she came in his life, he didn’t let him become Inspector. Ishika recalls Palak telling it to Shamsher. Roop says I got married to her with all the rituals, she is my wife and a woman first. Neighbors come and say he did a mistake by marrying his brother’s would be wife. Roop says I did a mistake and thought you will accept my decision, but I was wrong. He says before you ask me to go, I will go from here with my wife. He says we will leave from here.

Kamla says I will give shagun to my bahu. Shamsher refuses and pushes her. Ishika is shocked at Shamsher’s behavior. She asks what are you doing? I know you don’t like me, but you can’t behave like this with your wife. Shamsher says listen…Ishika says I am listening and I had told you before also that you can’t behave with your wife like this. Bua says she is arguing with her sasur. Roop tells Shamsher that they are leaving now, but he is sure that he will call them. They touch Kamla’s feet and are about to touch Shamsher’s feet when he goes inside. Kamla, Jigna and Kinjal cry. Roop leaves with Ishika.

They are walking on the road. Ishika scolds him for not knowing that her bike is not having petrol. She asks where to go? Roop says don’t know and says that he will drop her to her house. Ishika says Papa will come to know that something had happened? Roop says I will manage. Ishika says didn’t you know about your Papa’s behavior and says why did he do this? Roop says I tried to change his perception, but..and thanks her for taking a stand for his mum. Ishika says she is good, and I wish you have some of her qualities. He asks her to give her bag and says it is light weight than you. Ishika is upset.

Haren Patel takes Rupesh’s sign and asks his sons to throw them out of house. They throw them out of house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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