Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop saves Ishika from Ranvir

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika seeing Roop’s face and gets shocked to see him as her groom. Everyone gives mixed reactions. Ranvir looks angrily. A fb is shown, Roop holds Ranvir’s neck. Ranvir asks what are you doing? Rupesh and Kanchan come there. Ranvir says your daughter will be killed if I don’t reach there, my men are outside. Rupesh asks Roop to tie Ranvir. Roop ties his hand and mouth and says your game is over. Rupesh asks him to search the remote which is with him. Ranvir gets the remote and tells Ranvir that everyone will know his crime including Shamsher. Rupesh takes his turban and asks Roop to sit in the mandap with Ishika. Roop asks how? Rupesh begs infront of him and asks him to go and sit in the mandap. He says if Ranvir goes there, then Ishika’s life will be

in danger. He says once you take Ishika to safe place then we will see this devil. He says you are proved as a good man and a good husband. Roop says I can’t marry as this will be betrayal. Kanchan apologizes to Roop and asks him to marry Ishika. She folds his hand. Roop refuses. Rupesh and Kanchan plead infront of him. Fb ends.

Ishika tells how dare you to betray me. Roop says I will explain. Rupesh says it is not Roop’s mistake, I will explain to you. Ranvir breaks their ghatbandhan and says this marriage is a betrayal, Ishika is mine. He aims gun at Ishika. Roop hits Ranvir and the gun falls down. Ranvir picks the firewood from havan and holds Ishika’s neck. Roop is shocked. Ranvir asks Haren patel to pick the gun and give to him. Haren Patel gives gun to Ranvir. Ranvir takes gun in his hand and keeps on Ishika’s forehead. Shamsher asks Ranvir if he has gone mad to do wrong with Ishika being a police officer. Ranvir says so much wrong happened already with him and asks him not to interfere. Rupesh holds his leg and pleads him to leave Ishika. Ranvir kicks him. He takes Ishika out from there on gun point. Rupesh gets attack.

Roop asks him to drink water. Rupesh asks him to go and save Ishika. Roop leaves. Ishika asks Ranvir why is he doing here? She asks him to leave her. She shouts for help. Ranvir shouts at her and tells that he will show who is he now? Vinay’s father asks his son to come. Haren Patel asks him to think about his respect. Vinay and his father refuse for the marriage. He says I will not marry Purvi and asks him to get her married to someone else. Purvi slaps him hard and asks how dare you to talk to my Papa like this. Vinay and his father leave. Purvi cries.

Roop talks to Himani. Himani says I am tracing Ranvir’s location. Ranvir takes Ishika to a godown. Ishika tells about her father and asks him to leave her. Ranvir says let him die. Ishika is shocked. Ranvir says I will show you who am I? Ishika shouts. Himanshu calls Roop and tells that it seems Ranvir has thrown the phone somewhere, tracker is not working. Ranvir breaks Ishika’s bangles, pushes her on the bed like thing. Kanchan prays to God about her husband and Ishika’s life. Ranvir tells Ishika that whatever Roop likes, he likes it and gets it. Ishika pleads infront of him to leave her. Ranvir asks where did your ego go? He picks her ghunghat and throws afar. Ishika is shocked and cries badly. Roop comes and catches it. He hits Ranvir.

A fb is shown, Roop tells Himanshu that the Police jeep will have a GPS tracker. Himanshu says yes and says he will track the location. Fb ends. Roop covers Ishika with the ghunghat and fights with Ranvir. He tells Ranvir that he will not do him sin. Ranvir says I will not leave you. Roop says real man don’t take off woman’s respect, but give her respect and says you are not real man. Ranvir says you will teach me manhood and tries to beat him. Roop pushes Ranvir. He falls on the wall and faints. He comes to Ishika and says you are safe. He asks her to come. They sit in car. Kanchan calls Roop. Roop says we are reaching hospital and ends the call. He tells Ishika that uncle is treated by the best doctors and asks her not to worry. Ishika recalls Ranvir’s torturing her, Rupesh pleading infront of him, and Ranvir trying to misbehave with her. Roop takes her to hospital. Ishika gets down from the jeep and runs inside. She asks Kanchan how is Papa? Kanchan says he is inside. Doctor comes and says we have done our best, if he gains consciousness in 24 hours then he will be fine, else can slip in coma. Kanchan and Ishika cry hugging each other. Later Roop asks Ishika to have coffee. Ishika takes it.

Roop keeps his hand on her shoulder and asks her to have strength. Ishika gets scared by his touch and tells him how everything will be fine. He says you wanted to get me, then your brother tried to snatch me. She says nobody thought what I wanted. She says I never thought he will be so bad and says I will never forgive him. She says you had also betrayed me and sat on the mandap to marry me. She says if you want to show the world that you got me. Roop says it is not like that. Ishika asks if this is your love. She says Ranvir showed his real face to me. Roop says whatever I have done is for your safety. Ishika says it is my mistake that I couldn’t understand that man and says I agreed on mummy and papa’s insistence. She says now she has lost trust on marriage.

Ishika asks Roop why did he sit on the mandap quietly. She asks why didn’t you tell me about him when you used to come to my house daily for the rasams. Roop says I didn’t get the right chance to speak to you. He tells that you were at Ranvir’s men aim. Ishika asks what nonsense and tells that truth is that you wanted to marry me. Roop is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ishika still has so much attitude after Roop saved her, someone slap her please! Her attitude is intolerable because Roop doesn’t deserve it and she doesn’t deserve roop

    1. Raincy

      Yes I agree with you.

  2. Ishika is the most stupid girl on earth

    1. Raincy

      Yes, she is idiot.

  3. I think Ishika is too full of herself. She needs a reality check. She isn’t the only chick in town that she should have such an ego to think all the men wants her. Roop should just leave her but of course that wouldn’t happen. It’s called mental torture what Ishika is doing to him.

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