Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir vents out his anger seeing Ishika and Roop dancing during sangeet

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir making Ishika cut the cake and asking if she is still angry. He says I lied to…Ishika says lie is a lie to me irrespective of the situation in which it is said. They leave. Kanchan asks Ishika to pick Ranvir’s call. Ishika says he lied and it was like he was saying a new lie. Ranvir vents out his anger and says Roop has made him angry. Kinjal tells Roop that he did wonder to expose Ranvir, now Ishika knows his truth. Roop says Ranvir has handled the situation well. Jigna says Ishika understands his lie well. Kamla says girl like Ishika can’t bear the truth. Kanchan tells that Ranvir lied to impress you. Rupesh says we wouldn’t have got to know the truth. Kanchan says guys lie to girls often and asks her to forgive him.

She asks Rupesh to

come. Ishika is not convinced, but takes Ranvir’s call. Ranvir apologizes to her and says I will say you sorry until you forgive me. Ishika says its ok and says she is going to sleep now. Ranvir thinks he will convince her during sangeet. Shamsher’s family come to Ishika’s house for sangeet. Ranvir asks Roop how is the arrangements. Roop says good. Hardik and Palak come there and ask what is he doing? He says decoration and asks them to drink cold drink and cool down. Ranvir asks Vaishnavi about Ishika. Vaishnavi says Ishika is practicing to dance with her friend. Roop compliments Kamla and jigna. Kanchan comes to Kamla and asks her to forgive Ishika if she does any mistake after marriage. Roop asks Himani and Himanshu to perform in the sangeet. Himanshu says babu ji will get upset. Shamsher says then why did you come? Bua takes Shamsher with her. Rupesh greets Himani and Himanshu and asks Roop to check if Ishika is ready or not. Vandana falls while dancing with Ishika and slips. She says it seems I can’t dance now. Roop comes there and asks what happened? Vandana says now I can’t dance.

Roop asks Ishika to talk to Ranvir and asks him to become her dance partner. Rupesh likes his idea. Ishika goes to talk to Ranvir. Roop thinks his moustache is so long that he will not agree to dance on his sangeet. Ishika comes to Ranvir and asks him if he will dance with her for sangeet. Ranvir says dance….and me…infront of all. She says patel’s jamai will not dance with rented dancers. He asks her not to dance. Ishika gets sad. Palak comes to Ishika and says she has a good idea.

Rupesh asks Roop to come and get ready in his room. Palak asks Ishika to make Roop as her dance partner. Rupesh hears them and says it is a good idea. Palak asks her to either dance with Roop or leave dream of dancing on your own sangeet. Roop says leave it, I will go and get ready. Ishika comes to him and asks will you dance with me. Roop is surprised and asks what? He says I don’t believe this. He says you will dance with gunda. Ishika says I will dance with my husband and says you will play my husband in the dance act. Roop says I will dance if you forgive me fully for the mistakes that I have done and that I haven’t done. Ishika says ok. Roop says this performance will be memorable performance of your life and thanks her for forgiving him. Rishta tha plays…….

Hardik welcomes everyone for sangeet. He says there will be dance competition between Patel and Waghela. Patel and Waghela ladies dance to compete. Everyone claps for them. Hardik announces that Ishika bhabhi will perform next with Waghela’s son Roopendra. Everyone claps for them. Ranvir gets upset. Roop and Ishika dance on the song…..Main toh Aave Aave Lootgaya……Ranvir gets angry. Ishika and Roop dance like a couple. She slips while dancing. Roop holds her. They continue dancing. Ranvir breaks the glass angrily. Ishika and Roop smile as they end their dance. Everyone claps for them. Roop comes to Ishika and asks can I come inside? Ishika says yes. He comes inside and returns her anklet. He says it fell while you were dancing. Ishika thanks him for dancing with her. She says our dance was a big hit and it was a special moment. She says you danced well. Roop thanks her. Ranvir comes and says you wants to get closer to my would be wife. Roop says it is not like that. Ranvir holds his collar. Ishika asks him to leave Roop and says his intention was not bad, he helped me. Ranvir gets angry on her for dancing with him. Ishika says I wanted to dance with you, but you refused. Ranvir asks will you die if not had danced.

Roop tells Kamla that Ishika has seen Ranvir’s one side today. Kamla says today she has taken your side.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is diz stupud ishika always…. i really dnt like her character since day 1, she is an over actor. Always comes to d conclusion(without any second thought) i wish she should marry ranvir he can teach her a good lesson. Roop deserves a better girl like palak. A good matured and inderstanding girl.stupid ishika and her so called mother.

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