Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop stops Shamsher from sending Jigna to her inlaws home

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop telling Palak that he is sure that Papa got him rusticated from the college. He says I scolded Ishika unnecessarily. Palak tells a friend to be with Roop and says she will think how to take revenge on Ishika and get him back to college. Ishika gets a call and runs to hospital. She runs to ward and sees her Papa. She asks are you fine? Doctor says I called him. Her father Rupesh says I am fine. Ishika asks him not to take tension. Doctor says reports are fine. Ishika says we will party. Shamsher tells Kamla and Bua that Roop is working in the mechanic shop and says ruining his respect. Bua says he is ruining your respect. Shamsher says I know about how to make it. Roop asks his friend about Ishika’s address and says he wants to say sorry. Rupesh and Ishika are riding on her scooty. He asks her not to tell her mum about his health. Ishika says ok and says she will take him to have icecream. Roop sees and follows her. Ishika comes to the icecream parlour. Roop comes there and says sorry for blaming her. She collides with him and blames him. She says you are suspended because of your doings. Roop asks what and says I already told you sorry. Ishika says wherever you go, mishap happens. He looks at Ishika’s father.

Jigna tells Kamla that she wants to talk to Shamsher about her sasural, but as he is not in a good mood, she will talk later. Kamla says ok. Shamsher gets Jigna’s husband call and tells him that she will reach there. Shamsher asks driver to get ready to drop Jigna. Kamla says she wants to talk to him, but Shamsher refuses to talk to Jigna. Kamla thinks to handle the situation till Roop comes. Ishika comes to her father and gives him icecream. Roop comes and gives him sugar free icecream cup, says it is bad for your health. Rupesh asks did you know each other. Roop says they met in college. Rupesh asks why an icecream is bad for him. Roop says I am hotel management student and I saw hospital folder in your hand. Rupesh gets impressed with Roop and tells that Ishika told about some bad guys. Roop says it is her wrong sense and tells that she shall forgive that guy. Rupesh says he is a nice guy. Ishika gets upset with Roop. Roop gets a call and tells Hardik that he has to go and will return his bike tomorrow.

Shamsher asks Kamla to move from his way. Kamla says Jigna’s inlaws are torturing her and asks him to listen to her once. Shamsher asks her to move and takes Jigna forcibly out. Bua locks the door from outside. Kinjal says she will go through a window and open the door, but it is also locked. Jigna asks Shamsher to listen to her first. Shamsher says if you talk to your father like this, then how you would have talked to your husband. Jigna cries. Roop comes and holds Jigna’s hand. Kinjal and Kamla come out. Kinjal says Roop will handle now. Jigna asks Roop to make Baap ji understand that she don’t want to go. She rests her head on his chest and cries. Shamsher asks him to mind his own business. Roop says it is a father’s responsibility to protect his daughter. Shamsher says you are teaching me my duty and tells that he made her walk holding his finger. Roop asks then why is he asking her to go.

Shamsher asks Roop what he shall tell to Jigna’s husband. Roop takes the call and says she is coming. Jigna cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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