Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir celebrates his fake birthday with Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupesh calling Roop from Ishika’s phone. Roop picks the call and says he is innocent and will not apologize to her. Rupesh says I want to hear this from you. I have understood hearing you and asks what had happened that day? Roop tells him. Ishika comes and asks why he is talking to Roop? Rupesh says he is innocent. Kanchal asks her to go to college and don’t see Roop. Roop meets Himani and Himanshu. They show trust on them. Himani says very soon Ishika will be with you. Hardik says till then we all are with you. Himani asks him to have cupcakes. Roop asks Hardik about Palak. Hardik says she said that she is unwell and will come late. Roop asks hardik to have all cup cakes. Ishika comes to college and hopes Roop must not have come. She hears Constable saying

happy birthday to Ranvir. Ranvir asks him to say loudly and seeing Ishika hearing, he asks him to say in low tone. Ishika says you are here? Ranvir says he is on duty and wearing casual clothes on his birthday. Ishika says it is a good idea to celebrate birthday like this. Ranvir says he doesn’t have friends and that’s why he brought cake here and his constables started singing happy birthday. Ishika says it is ok. He cuts the cake and tries to feed her. She stops him. He says sorry. Ishika takes a bit of cake with her hand. Ranvir asks her to feed him. She feeds him with her hand and asks Constables to get his distribute in canteen. He thinks he will not lose a chance after ruining Roop. Ishika asks what is his birthday plan? Ranvir says he didn’t plan and asks if she will come for party. Ishika thinks she is upset, but shall not refuse good man like Ranvir, and agrees. Ranvir thanks her and says we will meet in the evening.

Ishika goes inside the college. Hardik asks Roop not to stress himself and says people will remember always that you have saved Ishika. Sandy teases Roop for the jungle poster of Ishika and Roop as a painting. Roop gets angry and tears it. Sandy’s friend asks him to tell what happened between them? Hardik gets angry and threatens to break their legs. Ishika comes. Roop tells her that he is not behind these posters. Ishika misunderstands him and goes. Hardik says lets go and clear her misunderstanding. Sandy calls Ranvir and says your idea was good. Ranvir thinks he was born to do wonder and recalls covering Roop and Ishika together with the jacket and taking their pics while they are sleeping in the jungle. Roop comes to Ishika and says he needs to talk. Ranvir comes there and asks him to go out, says if he came to do gundagiri. Roop goes.

Ranvir asks Ishika and others to study well and says I won’t let any trouble hit you. He thinks your relation with Ishika ending and my relation is starting. Later Roop holds Ranvir’s neck and says I understand what you are upto and threatens to mend his ways. Ranvir says you don’t know my power. Roop says I have seen police uniform power, and tells that you are not wearing it and threatens to beat him infront of everyone. Ranvir threatens to make him bend down infront of him. Ishika comes to the place and sees Ranvir celebrating his birthday with orphaned kids. Ranvir asks Constable to question him. Constable acts and asks if he celebrates this way. Ranvir says yes, he celebrates with these kids. Ishika gets impressed. Ranvir welcomes Ishika and introduces her to kids. He cuts the cake holding ishika and kids’ hand. Kids wish him happy birthday. Ranvir asks Constable to distribute cake to kids. He tells Ishika that he likes kids very much and inspires him to become a good man. He says they are not double standard or liar and that’s why he feels good with them. He says only she is his friend in the city. Ishika looks on. She tells that she really liked his idea of celebrating with kids and says your heart is good too. Ranvir asks Kids to play chair game with him.

Ishika smiles. He asks Constable to play music and says who will tell that this is my fake birthday. He asks him to see if Ishika’s heart is melting. Constable says melting and slipping. I have become your fan. Ishika compares Roop and Ranvir.

Roop tells Palak that Ishika doesn’t want to talk to him. Palak says if you don’t talk to her then how she will know how much you love her. She asks him to write a letter and says she will give it to Ishika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope Ishika gets married to Ranvir. She deserves him. Someone fake.

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