Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir creates misunderstanding between Roop and Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop saying I love you…Ranvir sees a girl and thinks Ishika is coming towards him. He sees Hina Khan and thinks junglee cat is coming out of jungle. He thinks this is a problem of being flirt. Roop looks at Ishika and checks her fever. He thinks her fever is increased, I can’t wake her up. He thinks what to do. Palak and Hardik sees Hina and ask why she came here? Hina says she came for trekking. Ranvir offers his help. Hina says she doesn’t need his help and have many equipments to deal with the guys. She says she will never take help from flirt guys. She asks Palak why they came there? Palak says they came for picnic and her two friends got lost. Hina says she met Roop and Ishika and asks them to come with her. Roop applies something to Ishika’s feet

and hopes his hospital management course comes to use. Rishta tha plays……Ishika holds his hand while sleeping.

Roop sits there itself and looks at her. As she is about to fall while sitting, he holds her and makes her rest on his shoulder. Hina tells Palak that Roop and Ishika are 100 mts away from there and asks her to be careful of Ranvir. She prays for their togetherness and leaves. Ranvir thinks to reach Roop and Ishika before everyone and thinks Roop’s death is coming towards him. He comes there and sees Roop and Ishika resting close to each other. He asks him to sleep for forever and aims gun at Roop. Palak stops him and warns asking him if he targets Roop then nobody will be bad than her. Ranvir asks if she is mad and tells that Roop is his younger brother, he saw some wild animal and that’s why take off the gun. He says if the bullet hit Ishika then you would be happy. He asks her to see that Ishika has taken her place in Roop’s life. He says you are most restless since he got missing. Palak says he is my friend and asks him not to notice her reaction.

Ranvir says Ishika has made him mad and my mota kaka is upset with Ishika. She asks her to kill Ishika and gives gun in her hand. She aims the gun and then gives back the gun, says she won’t let anything happen to Roop or his love. She says she is going to call everyone and if anything happens to them then she will give statement against them. Ranvir goes there and covers Roop and Ishika together. Everyone come there and see Ishika and Roop together. Sandy says what you both are doing behind the jacket and tease them. Roop and Ishika wake up. Sandy shows their pic which he clicked.

Ishika cries seeing the pic. Roop warns him not to say anything against Ishika or her character. He takes phone from her hand. He tells her not to listen to anybody and trust him. Ishika blames Roop. Palak asks her to change her wrong thinking. Hardik says Roop is my friend and he can’t do anything wrong. Roop says it is enough and asks her to listen to him. He says I care for your thinking. Ranvir says I shall enter now. Roop says I didn’t do anything wrong. Ranvir says you are saying that Ishika came and hugged you. Roop says Ishika was feeling cold so I…..Ishika slaps him hard. She says I thought you as a goon, and thought you respect girl, but you showed your truth, and calls him characterless. Ranvir thinks Roop will be left alone. Ranvir asks him not to touch Ishika and asks him to be far from her. Roop gets sad. They all are coming back home from picnic.

Roop asks Ishika to give him a chance to clear the misunderstanding. Vandana says I made her quiet with much difficulty and says she doesn’t hope this from him. Hardik says we will make her believe that you didn’t do anything wrong. They board the bus. Ranvir thinks his aim hit the bulleye. He says I ruined Roop’s name and made him far from Ishika. Himani and Himanshu tell that they shall leave to help Roop. Vandana calls Rupesh and tells that Ishika is fine. Palak tells Roop that Ranvir and I saw you first, and then I went to inform everyone and Ranvir was alone there. She thinks whatever happened was right, now Ishika will go far from him and she will get chance to spend more time with him.

Ranvir offers to drop Ishika home. Ishika says she will go by herself. Ranvir says you said that we are friends and asks her to give him a chance. He takes her stuff in his hand and gets happy on himself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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