Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop auctions dhaba

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roop brings Ishika to dhaba. She gets tensed. Roop says isnt this great surprise? Ishika says look at your dhaba. Roop grabs her and says you fooled me? Ishika is hurt. He grabs her hand hard. Ishika says I am doing all this for you. Roop says to put me down, he shouts at her. Ishika asks him to not create drama. Roop goes to judges and says a wife cheated her husband, she cheated me to open this dhaba. He tells her how he got doubt in her house. Jigna says our intentions are nice, its about your dreams, dont do this. Ishika says you have no right to close this dhaba, I am business partner of this dhaba, this dhaba wont close. Roop says okay and leaves. Ishika serves food to judges. Judges like it but Roop comes there and puts spices in their food. Roop says this dhaba will

close, I have put spices in all food. Judge says you are wasting our time, solve your problems first, we disqualify you. Ishika pleads them to give her a chance, this dhaba is open. She brings them to a house and says my mother in law lives here, please give us a chance. Judge says you have 20 minutes only. Ishika says I will serve in house. Roop comes there and says you cant come inside. Ishika says they are guests and you cant stop them. Ishika takes judges inside. Roop stops Jigna and Manish. Manish leaves from there.

Ishika comes in kitchen and says what will I cook? she starts cooking.
Roop calls some people at his house and smirks.
Ishika cooks as per Kamla’s recipe.
All family members come in house. Roop says I stopped Ishika as soon as I got to know her plan. Shamsher sees judges there. Ishika brings food for guests, she asks Kamla to serve them. Kamla is tensed but goes with her. Ishika says they are our guests. Kamla takes food but Shamsher stops her and says if you serve them then I will never take food from you. Kamla stops. Ishika asks Roop to make Shamsher listen. Roop says I wont eat from Kamla’s hand too. Ishika looks at Kamla. Roop asks her to think, do remember what you promised, its in your hands. Kamla thinks and says I close this dhaba, I will only cook for my family, I am sorry. Judges leave. Ishika asks Roop if there is anything remaining? Roop says yes, I have to close this matter. He calls some people there. Roop says I dont want you to keep opening dhaba, when you dont have place then where will you cook? I will auction dhaba now, you wont be able to do anything now.

Scene 2
Roop starts auction and tells bidders that I dont need things now, they are not important to me anymore. Bua says to Shamsher that your son is making you proud now. Kamla asks Ishika to go home. Ishika says no, let me see this too, let me see his true colors. Roop recalls how Ishika gave money and how they created memories in dhaba. He gets sad. Roop ask bidders to start bidding and bid for furniture too. Ishika tearfully looks at them.

PRECAP- Roop says to Ishika that this is your share of money for place. Ishika says you sold your respect for this money. she throws money at him.
Ishika has blindfold. Roop asks her what she is doing? She says trying to not see your acts. Roop says you are blind to my acts really.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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