Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika realizes Ranvir’s dominating attitude

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop coming to Ishika’s room and admires her. He asks her to be careful while applying kajal. He gives her flowers and says Ranvir sent it, as he couldn’t be hungry on karwachauth and feeling sorry. He asks her to check the card. Ishika sees sorry card from Ranvir and Roop. Roop asks her to forgive him as well. Kanchan comes and asks Ishika to tell what she will wear. Roop asks her to select saree, and says he will wait for her outside. Ishika asks her to wear green saree. Roop says bad choice and says Ranvir likes pink saree. Ishika says it is my wish. Roop says ok and goes downstairs. Kanchan says this guy is strange and asks since when he is helping you. |shika says he is strange. Roop wait downstairs for Ishika. Ishika comes wearing green saree. Roop looks

at her and thinks to expose Ranvir infront of her very soon. Song plays….Ishika waves her hand and asks him to come. Roop says lets go.

Haren and Rupesh Patel’s family comes to Roop’s house. Roop tells Ishika that he is liking her confidence as she is wearing her choice. Ishika says she is sure that Ranvir will like her choice. Ranvir comes to hall and sees Roop bringing Ishika. He thinks his eyes are on Ishika. He asks did you receive flowers? Ishika says yes and asks him to tell if he likes the saree. Ranvir says I don’t like it and asks her to change her saree. He says I know what will look good on you. He calls Kamla. Ishika is shocked and thinks of Roop’s words. Ranvir asks Kamla to give pink saree to Ishika. Kanchan asks what is the matter? Ranvir tells that he wants Ishika to wear pink saree. He goes with Kamla to select the saree. Kanchan asks Ishika to change the saree as she is keeping fast for Ranvir.

Ishika looks at Roop and goes. Roop tells Kinjal that he will expose Ranvir slowly and don’t want to repent later that he couldn’t save her. Shamsher gets a call from his Police station and goes to receive it. Ranvir tells Mota kaka that he is his first damad and says Vinay is second. Vinay says I am first. Ranvir taunts him and says I didn’t see your family, but saw you eating at Patel’s house. Vinay gets irked and asks if he is calculating. Ranvir angrily signs Haren. Haren says Ranvir is joking. All the ladies come out of house to see the moon and do tulsi puja. They look at the moon while their husbands/would be husband stand infront of them. Ranvir stands infront of Ishika. Vinay thinks of Ranvir’s taunts.

Roop is standing far away from Ranvir. Himani celebrates karwachauth with Himanshu. Ishika closes her eyes. Vinay makes Ranvir falls down. Ishika opens her eyes and sees Roop through the mesh. Ranvir gets up. Vinay says it was a mistake. Everyone break their fast. Ishika looks for the moon to break her fast, but it is already gone. Ranvir asks her to see again and says I will wait. Mota Kaki says if ishika haven’t completed the fast. Kanchan says no. Ranvir says moon will come out soon. Rupesh asks Ishika to do puja since she has seen moon. Ranvir says until when you will be hungry and says lets move ahead. Kinjal tells Roop that Ranvir’s karwachauth haven’t completed with Ishika and gives him water. Roop says I will drink after Ishika breaks her fast.

Kinjal makes Ishika sit in the room and goes. Roop comes there and says excuse me. He asks her to drink lemonade for prevent indigestion and gives her. He says I made it for all the ladies. Ishika takes a sip. Roop says I took your pic. Ishika gets angry. Roop says I had taken it as you were wearing of your choice and sends the pic. He asks her to keep it as a memory, as she will soon forget her choices and remember only Ranvir’s choices. Ranvir comes. Roop asks her to get ready and come, as Kamla is serving food. Ishika is wearing necklace. Ranvir brings other necklace and asks her to wear that. Ishika is surprised and taken aback. He tells her that it is his choice and he is sure that even she will like it. He gets a call and goes. Roop comes and tells Ishika that food is getting cold.

Ranvir asks Kamla to get Roop sign on the letter. Jigna asks him to talk to Roop and get it signed and get the job back. Shamsher asks Ranvir to let him drink tea. Ranvir says it won’t be look good if I sit at home jobless and your nose will be chopped. Roop says I won’t let my Papa’s nose cut and won’t let you down infront of Ishika, that’s why I have written letter to the dept and asks him to join his duty. He says I am not that bad. Bua prays both brothers stay united. She makes them eat sweets and asks Ranvir to get the marriage cards published. Shamsher says there is not much time and says they will give invitation on card. Bua says it is needed to keep infront of God. Ranvir says we both will get the cards published. Roop asks him to come. Ranvir gets happy thinking Roop is helping him.

Roop tells Ranvir that he told Ishika that they are coming to pick her to choose card design. Ranvir says you would have asked me before telling her. Kinjal tells Roop that Ishika will never marry Ranvir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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