Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak pushes Ishika into the river

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop, Ishika, Palak and other friends come to the party. Sanjeeda Sheikh performs in the party on the song Kamli…Roop looks at Ishika. Palak looks at Roop with teary eyes. Sanjeeda continues to dance. She takes Roop and Ishika to dance. Roop and Ishika come towards each other. Sanjeeda waves bye and leaves. Palak couldn’t see Roop and Ishika together and leaves. Roop says shall I tell? Ishika asks him to tell. Just then someone comes and asks them to have dinner. Roop asks Ishika to have dinner first. Ishika says yes. She walks away. Sandy gets angry and calls Ranvir. He complains to him about Roop and tells that he danced with Ishika. Ranvir says I am reaching there and thinks he will not let Roop and Ishika come close. Shamsher asks Bua not to worry and

tells that Ranvir is not fool like Kamla’s daughter, but he is an inspector and will come home soon. Bua asks Kinjal to call Ranvir. Kinjal says you have two nephews. She calls Ranvir and gives call to Bua. They get Himani’s call and she tells that she has a surprise for Roop. Kinjal asks her to tell. Himani says I will tell Roop. Kinjal asks her to tell. Himani asks if Ranvir is there and tells that he will fail her plan. Kinjal says I am sure that he must have went following Roop. She ends the call.

Palak cries sitting in the room and thinks of Roop’s confession. She gets her mum’s call and thinks what to tell mummy? She tears her pillow and cries. She says I hate you Ishika and says why did you come in my life. She says if you wouldn’t have come, then Roop would have loved me. Roop tells Hardik that ishika likes to fight with him, but doesn’t know if she likes him. Hardik says I am sure that she likes you. Roop says I couldn’t sleep thinking about my confession. He goes to get water. Vandana tells Ishika that if a guy gives her attention then her trip must have been romantic. Ishika says what? Vandana tells Ishika that Roop gives her attention and cares for her. She asks what else do you need? Ishika says what else. Roop hears and thinks to propose Ishika. Ishika says she needs brain which he don’t have. Vandana says you are overreacting and says your Jodi will look good. Ishika asks Vandana to sleep. Next morning, Roop knocks on Palak’s door and asks her to come. Palak says she is not well. Roop asks her to open the door for him. Palak opens the door. Roop asks what happened? He takes her with them.

Mota Kaki taunts Rupesh and Kanchal for sending ishika to picnic. Kanchal asks her not to spoil the environment. Rupesh tells her that he is thinking about something else. Roop tells Palak that if she would have been in the room then she would have missed everything. Hardik asks why did you change the clothes? Roop says waiter ruined the clothes while serving and that’s why he changed the clothes. They come near the river. Hardik says it is deep water. Roop says this is nice. Palak gets jealous seeing Roop admiring Ishika taking snips with friends.

Palak says I will come. Roop asks her to hear and says whenever I used to lose confidence, you used to uplift my confidence and asks her to do the last push. Palak says you don’t need any push, when one is in love, then don’t need anyone’s help. She asks him to go and tell her. She sees Ishika taking selfie with her friends and thinks Roop thinks of her as a support system because of her and not anything else.

Roop comes to Ishika and asks can I get photo click with them. Ishika is about to go. Her friend stops her. They click pic. Ishika is about to fall. Roop holds her. Ishika scolds him. Vandana praises him and asks if she don’t see how genuine he is. Roop gets Kinjal’s call and tells that he is missing them. Kinjal tells him that Ranvir must have come there, and tells that he said that he went out. Roop says Ranvir haven’t come here. Kinjal asks did you propose Ishika? Just then phone gets disconnected. Roop thinks it is a network problem. Sandy and his friends want to do rafting, but the instructor stops them. Palak comes to Ishika. Ishika tries to call her father. Roop gets worried for Ishika and searches her. Palak pushes Ishika and she falls in the river. She shouts for help. Palak thinks I don’t care if you die, just go far from Roop. She goes. Vandana and others come there and sees Ishika drowning. She shouts asking for help. Roop comes running there. Chakor and Suraj come there.

Roop jumps in the river to save Ishika. They get unconscious and is seen on an island or sea shore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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