Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishika gets kidnapped

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ishika and her mom are in market, she gets dizzy. Ishika makes her sit and gives her water. A man comes there and greets her, he asks her to come home. She says you? Man says your husband helped me a lot, I got to know about your home, I can help you. Please come with me.

Kishori man brings Ishika and her mom to his hotel and gives them room. They thank them and leave. Kishori calls Roop and says I did your work. Roop thanks him.

Roop grabs man and asks him why he made fake papers? Man thinks I cant tell him about Shamsher, he says my client wanted Patel house so I made those papers, I will give it back.

Ishika meets Kamla and says my relation with Roop was of trust and love, its not there so I cant comeback, I cant bring my mom there. Kamla says I know you dont change your decision, please let me know if you need anything, she leaves. Manager calls Ishika and says I am sorry for making fake papers, I am giving you your house back. Ishika ends call. Roop thinks that this work is done.

Ishika and mom comes to their house. Ishika’s mom thanks Roop for getting their house. She asks Roop to open house. Ishika says this is your house, I dont understand what he does and why, Roop says listen to me. Ishika says I dont want to listen. She goes in house and locks door on him.

Ishika comes in house and looks at rose sadly. Roop hides and sees it. Ishika recalls their happy moments together and smiles. She gets cut by thorn and thinks I never thought this relation would pain me so much. Roop thinks I have to do it for her. He puts veil on and kidnaps her. Ishika’s mom runs but Roop drives away.

Scene 2
Ishika’s mom comes to police station and tells that her daughter is kidnapped. Shamsher thinks that Roop is behind this. If he tells her truth then they will become one, I have to stop them.

Roop brings Ishika to a mandir. She says you kidnapped me? Roop says you were not listening to me so I had to do it. Ishika turns to leave but Roop grabs her.

shamsher comes near mandir site and asks officers to search for Ishika. They dont find her.

Roop says to Ishika that you have to listen to me. Ishika says you chose your father so go to him, I lost, leave me alone. She turns to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in a stone. She says Roop let me go. She turns, Roop takes her dupatta off and says listen to me once then you can decide what to do. She says okay. Roop says I was helpless, you are not wrong but my father is fighting for life, I did everything for him, he tells her how he found about his liver condition and how he told sisters, I had to become cruel for him. Ishika is stunned and wipes his tears. Ishika says your way was wrong, you cant make others sad to make someone sad.

Officer gets clue that Ishika is near mandir. Shamsher hears it and thinks I have to reach there first before police as they will arrest Roop.

Roop says what? You still think I was wrong? Ishika says yes, man keeps family together but you hurt everyone and your sisters agreed to keep one lie up? Roop says we got married to keep your father happy. Ishika says yes but no one was hurt, he didnt sacrifice anyone’s happiness, your father wants himself happy only, he broke dreams of everyone, he made Himani leave her job, you had leave your dream, what if you stop listening to him then he will become against you again? he thinks about himself only, this thinking is wrong. Roop shouts Ishika.. dont say a word about my father. Ishika says this is truth. Roop says he likes you, he wants to live happily. Ishika says no he wants to separate us. Roop says enough, your ego is big, you will never understand. Officers come there and says Roop is arrested for kidnapping Ishika. Shamsher thinks now Roop cannot become an officer.

PRECAP- Officer says Roop is Ishika’s husband so he didnt kidnap her. Ishika says we dont have relation anymore. Shamsher says to Roop that dont worry, your and Ishika’s relation will be fine. Roop says I dont want to talk about it. He comes to find a village girl Seva there. Shamsher smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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