Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets Ranvir suspended

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop bandaging Ishika’s foot. Ishika asks him to be gentle. Roop looks at her. Kamla comes there. woh khawab mein….Ishika looks at him. Palak asks Ranvir why is he running without completing the bet. Ranvir says he has won the bet and permit Roop to take ishika to room. Palak says if he is Inspector or goon. Roop comes there and looks at Ranvir. Palak asks Roop if he has gone mad and says you would have asked Ishika from Ranvir. Roop says Ishika is not a thing and when he will expose him, Ishika will decide. Ranvir comes to Ishika and asks if Roop made her fell. Ishika says no and tells that Roop was concerned for me and helped me. She says he showed the concern which you would have done. Ranvir says he didn’t know that she fell down and was behind the pandal

to have some free air. Rupesh tells that they called him, but he didn’t listen. He praises Roop. Ranvir gets irked and thinks to do something. Next day, Ranvir comes to college and gives sweets to Sandy and his friends. Palak tells Roop that Ranvir should have become watchman. Ranvir announces that he is getting married to ishika and tells that Roop is my younger brother. Palak asks why did he come here, and asks if he don’t have work. She says you don’t deserve this Police uniform. Ranvir asks Roop to tell why he dislikes his alliance.

Vandana and other friend ask Ishika about Ranvir. She asks if Ranvir is romantic and held her hand. Ishika says no. Just then some kids come and give her chocolates. Ishika asks who has sent this? Kid says Ranvir. Ishika looks on. Ranvir tells Roop that he is his elder brother and will make him quit his studies. He says why shall I take care of you, I don’t respect you. Roop says even I have blood of police and promises to make him defeat. He says he will make him kicked out of college within 30 mins. Palak asks Ranvir to go to hospital. Ishika hears them. Roop asks Hardik to call media. Ishika asks Ranvir why did he fight with Roop and says he is a goon. Ranvir talks to her. Media comes there and asks Police to go. Roop asks Media to ask Ranvir to leave from the college premises. He provokes Ranvir to hit him. Ranvir hits him. SP calls Ranvir and asks him to come to office. Roop says this is the strength of a common man. Palak says this should have happened with this devil. Ranvir looks on angry. She wakes him bye. Roop smiles.

Ishika comes to Roop and says you had written “ if not mine then will not become of anybody” on the poster. Roop asks if she can’t see that Ranvir can’t become a good husband who is not a good human. Ranvir comes to SP’s office. SP suspends him and says he will send the suspension orders. He comes home and blames Roop for getting suspend. Roop says you got suspend because of your ego. Shamsher comes and asks what happened? Roop says I am feeling bad, but Ranvir used his police uniform wrongly. Ranvir says Roop is jealous and did this. Shamsher asks Roop to write that he has no personal issues with Ranvir. Roop says I will not write anything. Roop goes to garage.

Kanchan tells Mota kaki that Roop might stop the marriage. Mota kaka says I will see him, this marriage will happen anyhow. Jeweler shows the jewelery to Mota Kaki. Kanchan makes Ishika try it. Ishika excuses herself. Rupesh gives Ishika’s pics to her and tells that Roop can’t be a bad person. Ishika says I asked him not to keep it. Rupesh tells that Roop gave these pics with respect and tells that your memories are enough for him. He says we might be misunderstanding Roop. Ranvir calls Ishika. Ishika answers his call. Palak and Hardik come to Roop. Palak asks him to come and do dandiya. Roop says no. Hardik tells that now Ranvir can’t come to college now. Hasmukh kaka says Ishika will apply mehendi and that’s why Roop is upset. Roop says yes. Ishika meets Ranvir and says I am sure that you will get your duty back. Ranvir says I am not in a tension if you think me right and holds her hand. He says our marriage is after 2-3 days and then….He is about to kiss her. Ishika says I am not comfortable before marriage. Ranvir gets angry and says I flowed in emotions. Ishika asks him to drop her. Ranvir thinks he did many conspiracy to get her and thinks to marry her anyhow. Roop tells Palak that they have to expose Ishika and make her understand that she shall not apply mehendi of Ranvir’s name. Palak says how will you do this? Roop says by saying truth. He says I will tell her about Ranvir’s bad intentions.

Kanchan asks why didn’t mehendi girl came. Roop and Hardik come to Ishika’s house to apply mehendi to her. Hardik asks Roop to take bride to room and apply mehendi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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