Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop and Ishika go on their honeymoon

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Doctor checking Rupesh and says he is fine now. Kanchan asks Roop not to worry and says we are fine. Roop says Papa is freed now and tells that he will come back and will tell them everything. He goes to drop the doctor. Ishika asks Rupesh if he is fine now. She goes out of room. Roop says I wish that I would have picked the call. Ishika says what do you think that I called you to do timepass. Roop says the situation was complicated in the Police station. He asks her to show her hand and asks how it is burnt. Ishika says I thought I can depend on you. She says she forgot that it was a deal. Roop says yes, it was a deal and says I remember that this marriage and relation are fake and we are together until uncle gets fine. Ishika says then we will go our ways.

Rupesh hears them and thinks I was happy with their alliance, but their relation is a compromise and just a deal. My daughter is not happy with this marriage. Kanchan calls Roop and Ishika and says they came to know about them. She gives them honeymoon tour package. Rupesh thinks about their conversation and asks them to spend sometime together. Ishika and Roop refuse to go. Rupesh gives them promise. Roop says I have a condition that Himanshu and Himani will come here twice to see you and you will talk to them twice. Rupesh says deal accepted. Kanchan says lets do packing. Rupesh thinks I want you to be together. You have become dependent on Roop after us.

Kamla tells Shamsher that Roop came running just as he came to know about you. Shamsher says he is not my son, but is shameless. He says he must be making food for them and says I have no relation with him. Someone is looking at them. Kamla says you have relation with him, he searched general saheb and called him here. Shamsher says he didn’t do any miracle, I would have talked to Commissioner and come out of jail. Bua hears them.

Pramila gives Prasad to everyone. Roop asks her to give Prasad and says we are family too. He takes Prasad from her hand. Pramila gives Prasad to Ishika and her family. Roop says yesterday my wife’s parents were harmed and you people didn’t help them, I felt really bad and want to clear this that I will not take yesterday’s incident lightly. He says Ishika and I are going out for a week and I hope you will take care of them. He tells Dhawal and Praful that they shall not do any mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Haren Patel asks what he wants to say? Roop says if anything happens to them then it won’t be good. I will have my eyes here. Haren patel says where is Ranvir and calls him. Kanchan packs thepla etc for Ishika. Ishika asks Rupesh to hide it and says she don’t want to take it. Rupesh hides the box and tells Roop that even they know how to give surprise. Kanchan stops her sneeze and says she stopped as it is bad luck. Ishika says badluck is the one who is coming with me. Roop calls Kamla and says mummy is not picking the call. Kanchan says I will go and inform her. Roop says ok. Ishika and Roop leave. Kanchan says their Jodi is perfect and says your idea is good. Rupesh thinks he has hidden this fact from Kanchan.

In the car, Roop asks driver if he is feeling sleepy. Driver says my eyes are such and I am not feeling sleepy. Driver stops the car and says police is standing infront. Ishika says Ranvir must be there. Roop says I will check. Himani, Palak, Himanshu and Hardik are in Police uniform and say surprise. Himani says how to let you go empty handed. Himani gives them gift. Palak also gives gift. Roop says Palak can only give the right gift to him. Ishika asks Himanshu to take care of her parents. Himanshu assures him. Roop calls Kamla. Kamla comes there. Roop says so this was the surprise. Kamla gives her theplas, khakras etc. Ishika thinks how to refuse her. Palak looks on. Kamla says my bahu is beautiful and asks Roop to take their selfie. Roop takes their selfie. Palak asks where are you going? Praful and Dhawal inform Ranvir that they went out. Ranvir asks where? Praful says they didn’t inform us. Haren patel comes and says you couldn’t keep Shamsher in jail for a night and your brother threatened us. He asks we shall think altogether. Kanchan tells that she will plant a tree. Pramila is waiting far and wants Kanchan to fall stepping on the marbles. Kanchan is about to fall, but Vaishnavi holds her and foils her plan. Haren Patel tells Pramila that he will ruin their night and day and Rupesh will give the property to him before Roop and Ishika return home.

Ishika checks the gifts and is surprised to see it. Roop also looks at him and smiles. Ishika says it must be your idea. Roop says it must be your idea. Ishika says if she had time machine, then she would have changed everything. Roop says I learnt a lesson now and don’t want to marry you even if you are only girl. She says she wouldn’t have let her parents marry. Roop says even me..just then she shouts seeing truck coming and asks driver to look. Driver is sleepy. He tries to control the car and jumps out. Roop tries to turn the steering. Kanchan is making kheer and goes to get something. Pramila comes and switches off gas. Roop and Ishika’s car come near the cliff.

Roop and Ishika are scared seeing the valley as the car is stuck and moves a bit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ishika is so selfish. She is annoyed that roop didnt pick the call and indirectly complaining against him saying ‘i thought i could depend on u, forgetting that our marriage is only a deal.’ so what was roop supposed to do? Leave his father and come running to her? Roop is already doing so much for ishika and her family. He is staying in her house just to protect her parents. He is so polite and respectful of everyone. But ishika is always like ‘why u went to college. Why u didnt pick up my call.’ She isnt even polite to him, blaming him always. seriously, i dont know what roop sees in her.

    1. I agree. Roop is crazy to love her. I wanted Palak and Roop to be together. Palak would never be like this. Sabkuch hone ke baat bhi, Ishika is very unfair towards Roop!! Stupid ladki

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