Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Purvi saves Ishika and her family, Roop and Shamsher fight with

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop and Shamsher fighting with the goons. A goon holds Roop on gun point and threatens to fire at him. Shamsher recalls childhood incident and hits brick on the goon’s head. Roop bends down and the brick hits the goons. Shamsher and Roop hug each other. Goons hit them with a heavy wood logs. Roop and Shamsher hold them and beat the goons. A goon pushes Roop and is about to hit him with his shoe, but Shamsher holds his leg and pushes him. He helps Roop get up. The goons surround them.

Kanchan tells that they will give all property to them and asks to leave them. Ishika says if Roop comes here then he will not leave you all. Ranvir comes and says I did the arrangements that he will not come here. He asks them to tie their mouths and tells that tomorrow’s

headlines are Roop and Shamsher to be desh drohi and died. He says after their death, Ishika will have his property and then they will go missing due to shame of Roop’s desh droh. Ishika says Roop will come surely and we will stay here. Ranvir holds her hand and hurts her. Ishika says it is good that I didn’t marry you, and asks the goons to bury them. Haren Patel asks them to keep the bricks fast. Vaishnavi sees that and is shocked.

The goon aims gun at Roop and says where you will go now. Roop and Shamsher kick on the ground and pick a big log and makes the goons falls down. They leave from their holding their hands. Ranvir tells that they all will die in sometime and Roop will also die. Pramila says you have made our trouble go. Ranvir sees smoke coming out of room and asks them to go and check. They go inside and see Purvi standing along side the fire. Vaishnavi comes there with firestick and asks Purvi to come out, and asks them not to come infront of them else she will burn all Patel Nivas. She locks them inside. Rupesh, Kanchan and Ishika are about to get buried. Ranvir keeps the last brick although Ishika warns him. The goons go from there. Ranvir gets his goons call who tells that Roop and Shamsher have eloped. Ranvir thinks I will hit my younger brother with my hand. Purvi comes and hits him with a brick. Ranvir is angry and is about to hit her, but she hits him again and says I have no relation with you, you are just a devil. She hits on the wall and breaks it.

Himani reaches home and tells that baab ji didn’t reach court and Ranvir said that they are desh drohi. Kamla says she sent Roop with Shamsher. Bua blames Kamla for the incident and goes inside. Kamla is about to fall, but Himani holds her. Kamla prays for their well being and hugs Himani. Purvi takes Ishika, Kanchan and Rupesh out of the walls. She sees blood on Ishika’s hand and ties cloth on her hand tearing her saree. Ishika asks Purvi about Ranvir. Purvi asks them to leave immediately before Ranvir gets consciousness and says they will handle there. Kamla prays for them. Himani calls her and asks her to come out. Rupesh says where we will go? Ishika says I know. Kamla comes out and sees Ishika. She hugs her and cries. She asks where is Roop? And says I will call him. Himani says we are calling them since much time, but they couldn’t be traced. Ishika says we shall go and search them. Himani says we are trying and even Police is searching them.

Shamsher and Roop walk free in the jungle happily. Roop asks him to rest. Shamsher says danger is still there. Roop says I am very tired, you are strong being a police man, but I am a common man. Shamsher asks him to sit for 5 mins and asks him to think if would have been Police man like him, then he wouldn’t have been tired. Roop says I will call home. Shamsher says your Maayi must be worried. Roop says no network. He looks at his watch and tells Shamsher that he will send the signal using this watch. He activates the watch. Ishika asks Kamla not to cry and says if your strength breaks then everyone’s strength will break. Ishika’s watch blinks and makes sound. She recalls and tells Kamla that Roop’s location is found.

Roop sees goon aiming gun at Shamsher and runs to save him. He comes infront of him and gets the bullet on his chest. Ishika comes there and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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