Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop decides to propose Ishika on a trip

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika slapping Vinay and asking him to go out from her room. Vinay says I won’t go until I answer you for this slap. Ishika’s bhabhi asks Purvi to give soft drink to Vinay. Vinay twists Ishika’s hand and says I will kiss on your cheeks. Ishika threatens to expose him. Vinay says who will believe you, nobody and you will get insulted. Vinay’s finance and Ishika’s sister is coming there. Ishika pushes Vinay on floor. Vinay sees his finance and gets up. He holds Ishika’s hand and asks her to leave him, says he is Purvi’s would be husband. Purvi hears him and gets shocked. She drops the tray. Ishika realizes his cheap trick. Mota Kaka and Kaki come there. They ask what happened? Vinay tells Purvi that Ishika tried to trapped him and asked him to marry

her and leave you. He says when I refused, she tried to misbehave with me. Ishika asks him to stop it and says he has misbehaved with me. Vinay says your intention was bad and you are acting to be good now. He calls her character and says she is accusing me wrongly and blaming me, I can’t stay here even for a minute. They all try to stop Vinay.

Purvi tries to stop Vinay and says Ishika shall leave. Ishika stops Purvi and comes there. she says whatever he said is a lie, and asks Purvi not to marry him. Vinay says she don’t want Purvi to marry me so that she gets a chance to marry me. He asks if they understand her cleverness. Mota kaki slaps Ishika. Just then Rupesh and his wife come there. She shouts and asks how dare to slap my daughter? Rupesh asks Ishika to come inside. Ishika goes. Mota Kaka tells Rupesh that they all have seen what Ishika has done with Vinay. Rupesh says my experienced is not wrong, my daughter is not characterless. Vinay asks do you want to call me characterless. He says if ishika is not wrong then I am wrong. He says I don’t want to have any relations with this house or people. Mota Kaka says let him go.

Roop, Kinjal and Jigna talk to Himani on a video call. They catch him having Ishika’s pic and tease him. Himani asks him to propose her and praises Ishika. Kinjal asks him to get inspired to proposed her so that they get a good bhabhi like Ishika. Roop determines to speak his feelings to her when they go to trip. Palak thinks to propose Roop on a trip and get permission of their marriage from her parents. Her mother hears her and says it is yes from my side. Palak gets happy and hugs her. Her mother says we will talk about your marriage soon. Ranveer hears Roop and his sisters’ talk and thinks he don’t like to see them together, and will stop Ishika. He then thinks he can’t stop Ishika, but can stop all college students. He thinks to use all means to cancel the trip.

Ishika’s mother brings hot milk for Ishika. Ishika is crying. Rupesh asks her to have milk. Ishika says you sent me inside. Rupesh says they all are blinded by Vinay. Her mother says very soon they all will know the truth. Rupesh asks her to drink milk and sleep, says tomorrow you have to go to picnic. Ishika says I don’t want to go to Picnic.

Palak waits for Roop. Roop comes and asks her to occupy window seat for him. Palak goes inside the bus. Roop asks Hardik about Ishika. Hardik says she didn’t come. Roop then asks Vandana. Vandana says she messaged that she is not coming. Roop gets tensed. Rupesh tries to convince Ishika to go to picnic, but she says she is not in a mood. He thinks what to do. Roop gets an idea and asks Vandana to call her. Rupesh picks the call. Vandana and others girls ask Rupesh to send Ishika for picnic. Roop takes the call and introduces himself. Rupesh says Ishika didn’t smile since 12-13 hours. Roop says he will make her smile with their conversation and asks him to bring her to highway, from there they will pick her. Rupesh says ok.

Rupesh and his wife come to Ishika. Rupesh tells her that the parents want their child to do what they couldn’t do, so that they can enjoy. Ishika asks what do you mean? Rupesh says he could enjoy college life and says he wants her to enjoy. He says this time will not come again and if you go to picnic then I will see a life which I haven’t seen in my college days. Ishika hugs him. Vandana smiles.

Rupesh brings Ishika. Ishika boards the bus. Roop sings a song to woo Ishika. Palak gets happy and smiles. Ishika also smiles. Ranvir is waiting on the road to spoil Roop’s plan and to cancel the trip.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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