Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir ruins Roop’s birthday celebration

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir playing with marbles. Bua comes and asks him to something. Ranvir tells her that he couldn’t learn to play with marbles then how can Roop learn. He asks her to close her eyes and says I couldn’t shot with his marble. Bua asks him to search someone else and calls him mad. Kamla tells Roop that they will get two ways, one is right and one is wrong. She asks him to choose right way and says you would have complained to teacher instead of hitting the boy. Tejas and other boys come to Shamsher’s house. Bua asks them to make Roop manly and says she will give them jalebis after taking from their mum. Kamla thinks she won’t let Roop spoil. Ranvir asks did you really hit boy with marble. Roop says yes and tells that he was wrong to do that and says they shall

choose right way and not wrong way.

Bua asks Himani, Jigna, Kinjal and Nana ji to hurry up with the decorations and asks them to hang happy birthday poster. She asks Nana ji to hang the happy birthday poster. Nana ji says ok. Himani says I will do that. Bua says let him do and says he can’t even fill air in the balloon. Kinjal asks Bua to show how to fill air? Bua tries and gets sad. She says she has gas problem and goes.

Tejas asks Roop to puts itching powder on the man. Roop says I won’t do that. Tejas says Bua asked us to make you fearless. Ranvir says I will do and puts the powder inside his clothes. Man catches him, but he manages to escape. Tejas and other kids wish Roop happy birthday. Roop is sad. Shamsher tells Himani that she shall not let Roop dance in the party. Himani says ok. Roop comes. Himani asks him to wear new clothes brought by Baap ji. Roop gets happy and tells that Tejas made Ranvir troubled a man. Ranvir thinks Roop talked badly about me and thinks to break Roop’s bones and puts marble on the floor.

Roop and Kinjal come to the room and step on the marble. Himani comes and holds their hand. They help each other not to fall. Kamla comes and smiles. Ranvir goes. Kamla says until you and your sister hold each other hands, till then everything will be under control. Palak comes there and falls down. Ranvir thinks I have to do something else. He gets an idea and thinks to put itching powder to Roop’s clothes and says you will do monkey dance now. Kinjal shows Roop, Police uniform which Shamsher brought for him. He refuses to wear it. Palak asks him to wear the dress which she brought for him.

Roop tells kamla that he doesn’t want to wear the dress and roam around like a Police Inspector. Shamsher talks to his colleagues. Roop comes and asks Shamsher if he can wear colorful dress and tells that police dress is loose. Shamsher refuses to let him wear it. Jeetu asks shamsher to let him wear whatever he likes. Shamsher calls Ranvir and asks him to wear Police dress. Ranvir thinks he has trapped in his own trap. Roop wears color dress and tells Himani that he is waiting for his friends. His friends come and wish him. Shasmher asks him to cut the cake. Ranvir wears Police uniform. Roop cuts the cake. Ranvir asks Roop if he has all female friends and not male friends. Shamsher takes it as an insult. Kinjal asks him to keep quiet. Ranvir says it is truth. Men present in the party tell that Roop has just female friends and tell that they don’t befriended girls in their childhood. Shamsher is leaving. Kamla stops him, and asks him not to go. Shamsher says he can’t celebrate birthday now. He leaves. Roop gets sad.

Shamsher tells that he will get Roop admitted in boys school and takes him on his bike. Roop asks him not to change his school and says he will befriend boys in his school. Shamsher stops his bike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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