Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika blackens Roop’s face and insults him

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak telling Roop that they had found him first, but then she went to call everyone. Roop says Ranvir might have covered them with jacket as Ishika was covered with jacket alone. He says then he clicks our pics and sent to Sandy. Palak says he is capable to do this. Roop says may be he has pushed Ishika in the river as she told someone pushed her. Palak gets tensed. hardik hears them. Roop says I want to talk to Ranvir. Hardik asks him not to take stress. Bus stops for few mins. Roop asks Ishika to listen to him and then keeps something on her seat. Vandana asks Ishika to stop crying and think what to do next. They get down from the bus on reaching back. Roop asks Ishika to hear him. Ishika refuses. Ranvir asks Ishika to come and says he will drop her home. Ishika

refuses. He says you called me friend so it is my responsibility to help you. He takes her stuff and says you shall not be ashamed, but that Roop must be. She sits in his jeep. Ranvir gets happy. They leave.

Roop returns home and touches Kamla and Bua’s feet. Bua taunts Kamla and says your son is slipped from your hand. Kinjal comes and says you are having fever. She asks him to sit. Bua taunts on his character. Kinjal says she trust her brother. Bua says Ranvir told that and Roop accepted it. Jigna brings water. Shamsher asks why they are making her have water who has ruined his reputation. He says if you like the girl then would have brought her home and married her. Roop says it is not a manly thing to kidnap a girl and marry without her wish. He says his mum and sisters suffered because of his thinking. Kamla tells Shamsher that her son can’t insult any woman and he respects all women. Shamsher asks her to tell her son to be in limits else she will lose her husband. Kamla says that day will never come.

Kanchal tells Ishika that they shall complain against Roop in the police station. Ishika says his father is a DSP. Rupesh says I think he is a nice girl and don’t forget that he jumped in the river to save you. Kanchal says your Papa thinks everyone as right. Rupesh asks Ishika to think again and asks not to be overjudgemental.

Kinjal tells Roop that Ranvir has created misunderstanding between them. Roop gets up. Kinjal asks him to talk to Ishika. Roop says she don’t want to talk. He gets Ishika’s message who calls her behind the temple. He goes there and thinks to tell truth to her. Ishika comes there. He thanks her for coming. She smashes black ink on his face and says this is your real face and asks him to show his blackened face to everyone and tell them that you tried to take advantage of a vulnerable, ill girl. She says you have shown your real face to me and says I will never forgive you. She says if you have any shame then don’t come infront of me with your face. Roop looks on shocked. He washes his face and tells if I was guilty then would have gone with this face, and accepted my crime infront of everyone, but I am not guilty and will prove my innocence soon. Rupesh asks Ishika where did she go? Ishika says to tell Roop that he can’t take me lightly. Roop is adamant to clear the stain from their names. He comes home and tells Kamla that everyone liked the laddo made by her. Kamla asks him to have food. Bua taunts Kamla. Kinjal says our love will never change for him. Kamla says truth will come out soon and Ishika will realize that you are not wrong.

Shamsher degrades Roop and asks Ranvir to have milk and do suryanamaskar and running. He asks Kamla to make Ranvir drink one more glass of milk. Kamla nods. Roop is going to college. Kamla stops him. Roop says I am right and will not be afraid hearing anyone taunts. He will go to college. Ranvir smirks.

Roop grabs Ranvir’s neck and confronts him. He threatens to beat him infront of everyone. Ranvir gets angry and swears to insult him and lower his neck infront of all.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Can’t wait for misunderstandings to finish and Ishika starting to fall in love with him

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