Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop takes a stand for Jigna’s rights

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua asking Roop not to interfere. Roop says I have to interfere. He says lets go inside and talk. Shamsher asks Roop to give poison to Jigna and says you are ruining her life. Shamsher tells that he has hidden his tears when he got her married to a nice guy. Roop asks him to listen to her problem. Shamsher says her husband calls me and tells that she is lazy and don’t want to do her work, and here her mum pampers her. Ishika calls Roop, but he rejects her call. Shamsher asks Jigna to bear the pain and says it is your real home. Roop says why, and argues. Ishika calls again. Roop rejects her call. Ishika calls him again. Roop picks the call and says if you have common sense or not and tells that he is busy. Ishika gets upset. Roop asks Jigna to tell her problem. Jigna is still crying and says there is nothing. Kamla sees marks on her back and gets shocked. Roop is shocked. Kamla says these marks on your back are witnessed that your husband beats you. Roop says you have hidden this from us. Jigna says he beats me even for smallest things and says he doesn’t talk to me nicely. He beats me when I go back home. Roop makes her drink water. Kamla asks him not to do anything.

Roop says it is my responsibility to protect her. Jigna says my husband acts nicely with Shamsher being afraid of his DSP post. Kinja; says he acts sweets and gets respect from Shamsher. Roop thinks Jigna will return with her respect else she won’t go. He comes out and tells Shamsher that jiju beats Jigna. Shamsher asks shall I keep her at my house and asks who will marry Kinjal. Just then he gets Jigna’s husband call. Shamsher asks shall I ask him to remarry as Jigna is not coming. Roop takes the call and says Jigna will go to her sasural if you come and apologize to her, and take her home with respect. Kamla and Kinjal smiles. Shamsher looks upset. Bua asks Kamla to make Jigna sit in showcase all her life.

Ishika thinks this guy is very irritating and told that I don’t have common sense, as if he is doing sensible work. Kinjal brings milk to Roop and gives his phone. Roop checks his phone and thinks his phone battery is dead. Ishika calls again, but his phone is off. Rupesh comes there and says he couldn’t sleep. Ishika asks why he didn’t sleep. Rupesh says I know that my daughter is angry and not getting sleep. Ishika thinks she will teach a lesson to Roop. She asks her Papa to go and goes to bed to sleep. She then gets up and thinks she will see him. She comes to the mechanic shop and asks where is that guy? Roop is repairing the car and says this is garage. Ishika thanks him for info and says she called him yesterday. Roop says I was busy yesterday. Ishika says if he was helping a romeo? Roop asks her to talk to herself if she has all the answers. Ishika argues with him and slips. He holds her and moves the hairs which came on her face. Ishika asks him not to stare her. Roop says you will blame me for making you fall. Ishika says you must have throw oil here intentionally. Roop asks her not to waste his time by coming there again and again.

Palak, Hardik and other students protest supporting Roop. Ishika asks Palak why are you disturbing the classes and hiding Roop’s black deeds. Palak asks from where did you get black ink on your face. Ishika thinks Roop must have applied it. Palak taunts her. Ishika says your challenge is going to over. Palak says she will win and tells Hardik that they have to work on Plan B. She comes to Principal and protest for Roop. Principal says I have seen many girls like you and touches her chin. Hardik takes the video. Palak goes. Ishika calls Roop and asks him to keep her book. Roop keeps her book which is fallen there. He is about to tell about her scarf, but she ends the call. Palak calls him and tells that Principal will call him back to college. Palak tells Ishika that Principal himself will call Roop back. Ishika asks if Principal is changed. Palak says his behavior is changed. Roop thinks what did she do that he will call him.

Ishika tells Principal about Roop and his friends pasting his posters in the college. Principal comes to college and asks who has pasted it. Roop says Palak and my friends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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