Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher feels proud of Roop’s manly gesture

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher firing 9 bullets salute in the sky to mark Roop’s birthday in his new house. Nana ji tells that he has brought fruits and flowers for the puja. Shamsher says you are not doing any favors on me. Ranvir says Roopendra is afraid of gun and hide behind Kamla kaki and then behind Nana ji. Shamsher tells that he don’t even salute his seniors, but gives gun salute for his son. Roop says I am afraid of gun. Shamsher says then how you will become Inspector. Pandit ji comes to do puja. They enter the house. Shamsher asks Pandit ji to sprinkle gangajal in the house. He asks Kamla to put kalash and asks Kinjal to bring Roop’s bag. Kinjal brings his bag. Shamsher asks Roop to go school and says they will do satyanarayan puja. Ranvir thinks he will think of spoiling

the party. Roop plays….as he comes to school. He gives chocolates to the kids. They tease him calling him Radha. Shamsher and his family do satyanarayan puja. Roop gets sad. His girls- friends wish him happy birthday and asks for chocolates. He gives them chocolates. Palak comes there and asks for chocolates. Roop says it is over.

Teacher comes and wishes him happy birthday. Roop thanks her. Teacher takes Palak with her. He hears a boy teasing a girl and recalls Parul’s words. He sees boy running after a girl. He then thinks to make the boy understand and recalls Shamsher’s words. Pandit ji asks them to pray. Kamla prays that Roop’s innocence shall not go. Shamsher prays to God to make his son as him, a strong man. Ranvir prays to God to give him strength to spoil the party. Roop throws marble on the boy’s head. He gets slightly injured. Shamsher gets a call and feels happy. Principal scolds Roop. Roop tells him that he tried to make the boy Hitesh understand, but he didn’t understand and was calling woh to that girl. Principal scolds him and says let your father come. Shamsher comes there. Principal tells that Roop has broken a boy’s head. Kamla gets worried for Roop. Shamsher tells Principal that his Inspector did right and asks him to thank him for hitting with marble and not with real gun. The principal says this is school, if Hitesh has done mistake then he should have informed me.

Shamsher scolds the Principal and says you will not understand as you have no moustache. He feels proud of Roop and takes him from there. Kinjal and Jigna buy doll for Roop. The shopkeeper tells that he will take remaining money from their father. They refuse and ask him not to ask their father. They leave. Shamsher tells that Roop will use real gun when grown up. Kamla tries to speak to him. Shamsher says he needs Roop to become an Inspector and tells that Roop is walking on that path to become inspector.

Bua says nobody wants to do work at home. Ranvir asks what are you thinking? Bua says she is thinking what to wear. Ranvir says I think you shall wear leaves. Bua scolds him. Kamla comes to Roop. Roop asks her to make him have khandvi. Kamla says first you listen to me and says it is wrong to hit someone. Roop says I hit him with marble as he was telling bad things to the girl. He says what would have happen if Himani was on her place. Kamla looks on.

Kamla asks him to cut cake. Roop says he is waiting for his friends. Ranvir asks do you have just female friends?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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