Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika and Ranvir’s alliance gets fixed

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir asking everyone to forget the past and start the new relation with a new beginning. Roop greets everyone and go. Ishika sits and says I said many things in anger and apologizes. Rupesh apologizes to Shamsher on Ishika’s behalf and asks him to forgive her. Shamsher says ok. Hardik and Palak come there. Kamla says Roop is in his room. Hardik and Palak go to his room. Roop looks at Ishika’s pic and gets teary eyes. Palak asks if he is fine? Roop says yes. Bua tells that Ranvir is a pure gold. Ishika says Ranvir promised that I can live my life as my way and can work. He also said that I will be his friend after marriage also. Shamsher gets angry, but Bua stops him. Mota Kaka says lets fix the marriage. Bua says Shamsher. Shamsher nods. They congratulate

each other. Mota Kaka asks Dhawal to call Pandit ji. Bua makes Ranvir and Ishika have sweets. Ranvir thanks Shamsher and eyes Ishika.

Kinjal tells Kamla that she can’t take care of guests. She says this ishika wants Roop to become her dewar and want me to become nanand. She adds chilli in her tea. Palak asks Roop to burn Ishika’s pics. Hardik says we shall get it drowned in river. He then asks him to burn the pic and flush in bathroom. Roop says this is real life and real love, and tells that he will face all situation, and will not accept defeat. Kinjal gives tea to Ishika. Ishika drinks and coughs. Kanchan asks her to drink water. Ishika says nanand’s special relation is with her bhabhi and asks her to drink tea tasted by her. Kinjal refuses. Ranvir asks her to drink. Ishika says if not now then later. Pandit ji comes. Ranvir asks her to come and see the house. Roop says we shall go out now. Hardik takes pics in his hand and says I will not give these pics to you, until you take Ishika out of your life.

Roop tries to snatch pics from Hardik’s hand. Ranvir takes Ishika to Roop’s room. Ishika is shocked to see her pics scattered in the room. Ranvir asks how dare you to keep your bhabhi’s pics. Roop says your relation is now fixed, but not before. Ishika says any girl will feel bad if someone else keeps her pics. Ranvir takes her out of his room. Roop looks on. Palak and Hardik pick the pics from floor. Roop also bends down to pick the pics. Rupesh comes and tells him that although others think him wrong, but he is right. Roop says only a father knows about his daughter’s betterment and gives Ishika’s pics for safe keeping. Mota Kaka selects the mahurat before navratri. Ishika says so soon. Kanchal says it is good. Mota Kaka invites them to his locality for navratri function. They leave. Bua asks Ranvir to touch Shamsher’s feet. Shamsher says you are marrying her to save her respect and she is keeping conditions infront of you. He says house wife shall stay in the house. He says I was against this marriage from the beginning. Kinjal asks him to refuse and thinks even I am against. Ranvir says once I marry her, I will control her being your nephew. Bua says when Kamla came here, she wanted to become Inspector, but you controlled her. Ranvir asks do you trust me? Shamsher says yes. Ranvir asks everyone to get ready for garba and says once she marries me, I will make her dance to my tune.

In the night, Ranvir, Bua and Shamsher are going to attend Garba function. Kamla says we shall wait for Roop to come. Ranvir says it is better if he don’t come. Roop comes and says even I will come. He says I am ready and asks them to come. Ranvir asks him to come in other car. Kamla gets happy. They all reach to do garba. Mota Kaka greets Shamsher. His family also greets them. Mota Kaki says they do lots of charity for navratri function. Praful says we are sponsors of this neighborhood. Hardik and Roop also come there. Neighbor lady badmouths about Roop. Palak gets angry. Ranvir asks Roop to think how he will feel when Ishika dance with him. Roop challenges him and says I will dance with Ishika tonight. Ranvir laughs and bets with him. He says if you lose then you shall admit in college that I love her very much. Roop says if I agree then…Ranvir says you can ask anything. Roop says I can ask for anything when right time comes. Ranvir looks on.

Roop sees Ishika and Ranvir dancing. Ranvir sees Ishika dancing with Roop and throws marbles on their way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please let Ishika marry Ranvir.

    1. here here…Can’t stand the dumb founded look on her face.

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