Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranvir kidnaps Ishika

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kinjal telling that they will have food and dance. Everyone gets happy. Ishika looks at Roop and says so how is he feeling to lose from her. Roop says very good, atleast I am not a cheater like others. Ishika says I saw you cheating. Roop says no. She finds his hand wounded and goes to get bandage. Ranvir comes to the house indisguise of a Sadhu. Ishika opens the door. Ranvir asks for bhiksha. Ishika asks him to wait for 2mins and brings fruits. Ranvir asks her to come infront and give bhiksha, else he don’t want if she is so arrogant. Ishika asks him to stop and steps out of the house to give him bhiksha. Ranvir smiles and makes her smell chloroform, while she is putting fruits in his bhiksha cover. Ishika drops the plate on the floor and is shocked. Ranvir lifts her on his back and removes his fake beard. He smiles. Roop waits for Ishika and thinks why she didn’t come until now. Ranvir is about to go, when kamla asks him to stop and aims gun at him. Roop sees everyone dancing happily. Ranvir turns and looks at kamla holding the gun. She asks him to leave her bahu now itself. Ranvir laughs and says this is real gun, not you belan, your hands are shaking. He says if your aim fails then your bahu can get shot. Kamla asks him to leave her. Ranvir asks her to shoot. Kamla asks him not to think her weak and pushes Kamla. Kamla falls down. Ranvir picks the gun and says he will ruin everyone.

Kamla tries to stop him. Ranvir asks her to see Ishika for last time as nobody will see her after today. Kamla is shocked. Ranvir takes Ishika in his jeep. Kamla runs out. She then runs to terrace. Roop sees her running towards him tensed. Kamla tells him that Ranvir has kidnapped Ishika and asks him to go and bring her. Roop runs. Hardik also goes. Jigna and Kinjal try to pacify Kamla. Ranvir thinks today his revenge will be fulfilled against Roop and her. Ishika gains consciousness and sees Ranvir beside her in the jeep. She tries to jump. Ranvir stops the jeep and ties her hand. She asks what are you doing? Ranvir asks her to shout aloud and says today is the last day for you on this earth. Ishika asks him to leave her. He sees Roop coming on his bike and drives jeep. Ishika shouts Roop’s name and says he will not leave you. Roop asks Ranvir to stop the jeep else it will be very bad. Ranvir drives the jeep while Roop follows him. Roop comes infront of his jeep and stops his bike. Ranvir stops his jeep. Roop gets down from his bike and removes his helmet.

Ranvir signs him to come to him and is about to hit Roop with the jeep. Ishika asks Roop to move from the way. She shouts asking him to move. Ranvir takes jeep backwards and then speeds up infront of Roop. Roop runs and gets saved. Ishika shouts no. Ranvir’s jeep hits Roop’s bike. He starts his bike. Ranvir stops his jeep somewhere. Ishika says you are doing wrong. Ranvir says he will take out her ego and asks her to come, says you have no idea what I will do. Kamla gets worried for Ishika and asks Kinjal to call Roop. Bua hears them. Kamla says if your baap ji knows. Bua thinks they want to trap Ranvir, don’t know who has kidnapped Ishika and gets angry.

Roop comes to Shamsher’s police station and tells that Ranvir has kidnapped Ishika and asks him to trace his location. He asks him to come and save Ishika. Shamsher refuses to go with him to save Ishika. Roop is shocked and reminds him not to forget that she is a woman and it is his responsibility to save the citizen. Shamsher says he can’t file the complaint within 24 hours and asks him not to waste his time. Roop says I am going to save my wife.

Ranvir keeps Ishika captive somewhere and calls Roop. Ishika cries while being tied. Ranvir says you can’t catch me and says I thought to help you and says Ishika was at the same place where I tried to kill you and your father. He says you have just 7 mins to save her. Roop starts his bike and drives it to reach there. Kamla prays to God to protect Ishika and Roop. Roop’s bike stops. He thinks don’t lose hope Ishika, I am coming. Ishika asks Ranvir to leave him. Ranvir says he will come as I called him and will lose his life. Roop runs in the jungle to reach there. Ranvir smiles. Ishika looks angrily.

Precap: Roop is tied upside down and challenges Ranvir to fight with him. Ranvir shoots at him and he falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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