Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rupesh transfers his property on Roop’s name

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop asking Rupesh to think before signing the papers. Rupesh stops him and signs on the papers. Haren Patel gets happy and laughs. He says my dream fulfilled today and tells Rupesh that his family have time till the evening and asks them to leave the house, else..He says I am the sole owner of the house. Rupesh says I will not leave surprising everyone. Rupesh says you are not the sole owner of the house. Lawyer comes and says he is saying right. He tells that Rupesh can’t give his share to others as he already name his share to someone today. Ranvir asks him to tell on whose name he has named the share of the house. Haren Patel reads and is shocked to see Roop’s name as the owner of his side of house. Ishika is surprised. Roop is shocked. Rupesh smiles.

Haren Patel shouts Roop’s name. Rupesh says yes, Patel Nivas co-owner is Roop now. He asks him to tell the world that this marriage is fake and a deal, and says if this was true then he wouldn’t have transferred his property on Roop’s name. He says nobody will believe you. Ishika asks Rupesh why he didn’t tell her before taking this decision. Rupesh says you also didn’t ask me. Roop says we need to talk. Ishika asks Roop to stay there and says I have to talk first. She comes to Rupesh. Rupesh says I need to talk to Roop alone.

Roop comes to room. Rupesh asks him to close the door. Roop asks why did he name property on his name and says you would have named property on Ishika’s name. Rupesh says I have named property on your name for your relation and says when you took blame on yourself, I have understood that you are concerned for her and will take care of her. He tells him that Haren Patel can do anything with his wife and daughter and tells that he is staying here because of them, and asks him of promise that he will never leave Ishika and never break their relation.

Roop holds his hand and thanks him for trusting him. He says you have given me two big things of your life, whom you love a lot and promises to take care of his responsibility all life. He touches his feet and hugs him. Ishika thinks to go inside and check. She goes inside and sees Roop holding Rupesh’s hand. Roop walks outside followed by Rupesh. Ranvir tells Roop that I hope you didn’t forget who you are and says it is against your values to take the property of inlaws and says you will not take this. But Roop signs on the property papers shocking Ranvir and Haren Patel family.

Roop says it is signed now and asks lawyer if he did wrong. Lawyer says you did right and says you are the owner of the half property from now onwards. Roop stops Haren from going and says one thing is clear that I am the owner of the half property. Roop tells them that he will tell everything clearly and says one thing I will not bear in this house and that is women’s insult. He says if you behave badly with your wife, bahu or daughter then your reverse counting will start. He tells Praful that if you raise your hand on your wife then you know that my hand is heavy. He threatens Ranvir and tells that if Purvi gets a tear in her eyes then he will not take a time to send him to jail.

Purvi and Vaishnavi smile. He asks all women to stay safely and happily in the house. Praful says everyone is not in your name and says who are you to tell us how to behave with our women. Roop says I will tell and threatens him to behave nicely else. Ishika smiles. Rupesh tells Ishika that the house is changing since he gave property to Roop. Ishika nods. Kanchan tells Roop that nobody discuss all this or talk about women’s rights. She thanks him and goes. Ishika asks him to return property to Papa. Rupesh says it is not possible and says I am the owner of the house now. He smiles. Ishika throws his clothes out of the cupboard and says can’t you return property to Papa? Roop says I can’t give and says I deserve respect as well specially when I am the owner of the house. He asks her to relax and asks her not to show any order on him. He asks her to bring milk shake for him and says if you agree to me.

Vaishnavi brings tea and gives to Praful. He drops it and blames her for not being able to serve properly. He puts hot tea on her hand. Roop comes and holds his hand.

Precap: Ranvir tells Roop that he can arrest him for raising hand on his brother in law. Roop goes and calls Police. He tells that Praful has assaulted his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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