Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th August 2018 Written Update. Palak starts liking Roop

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th August 2018 Written Update. Palak starts liking Roop

Episode starts with Roop watching Ishika and says that she shows to be tough but is very sweet in her heart. Ishika plays with the children and bids them bye. She thanks Ranveer and he tells no need to say thanks. Ranveer is mesmerized by Ishika and byhearts her Scooty No: Purvi is excited about Ishika’s marriage. Mota Kaki tells her to get ready for the ceremonies. Purvi wants to go shopping while the rest are worried whether Ishika is ready for marriage.

Bua does Ranveer’s aarti and tells him to be an officer like Shamsher. Ranveer says he will salute him after becoming an officer. Shamsher tells Roop to be active like Ranveer, Roop responds that he is happy that’s why he is doing this and says he has work

in the garage and leaves. Ranveer questions Shamsher whether Roop doesn’t want to join the department while Kinjal and Roop have an argument. Bua tells Ranveer that she’s worries who is going to marry Kinjal.Roop punctures the Scooty insted of fixing it. Kaka tells him to think about something good and think about Ishika. Palak comes and hit him with the tools while Roop throws Petrol on her and laughs. Palak get furious and starts crying. Roop apologizes and wipes her face. Palak says she is crying because He is going away from her. Roop tells palak that he is her best friend and will never leave her. Palak looks at him in a sweet way and starts liking him.Ishika tells her Dad that Kamla is very nice and makes her feel comfortable. She apologized to her. Ranveer gets shocked as Roop didn’t listen to Shamsher and says he will make him understand.

Mota Kaka asks Ishika whether she liked any boy and calls Rupesh and asks him whether he showed the pictures. Kanchan says she knows the truth about those boys. He says because of Ishika Purvi is not getting married. Ishika says that to get Purvi married before her as it isn’t necessary. Dawal makes Ishika quiet. Ishika goes to the room with parents. Mota Kaka asks Vaishnavi whether she told the truth to Kanchan. She denies and he says to be quiet. Palak thinks and falls in love Roop whereas Roop thinks of Ishika. Kinjal asks what he is thinking and understand and tells it’s ok and think about her.

Ranveer tells Roop to respect his father and join the department. The form is filled and he needs to be an officer and says Shamsher will be proud when he catches a goon. Roop says he different and Ranveer throws his book. Roop says him to go and Ranveer says not disrespect him. He challenges Roop whether he can only speak. Roop says he defeated him when he was small.

Precap: Ranveer Provokes Roop for a fight. Roop holds his hand

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