Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika decides to marry Ranvir

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir telling Roop that this place is right for you after locking him up in the lock up. Roop says you know that I am innocent and you have no proofs against me. Ranvir asks Constable to make him quiet and asks Roop to have chocolate and chill. He says I will bring the witness and proofs to court and Mota Kaka will come here to take you. Roop says whoever has trapped me, I will not leave him. Ranvir smirks and thinks I have trapped him very cleverly and will not leave him. He asks Constable to lock the cell. Roop looks on. Ishika tells Kanchal that she don’t want to marry as she has some goals. She says Mota Kaka wants me to marry so that he can get this house. Kanchalo is angry and asks her to fulfill her dreams after marriage, and asks her not to ruin her future to make their future get better. She says we always supported you, but not anymore. Ishika says but. Kanchal says today posters were pasted on our house walls and everyone will taunt us until you agree for marriage. We don’t have the courage and age to bear the taunts. Ishika says Maa. She tells Rupesh that she can understand her worry and says whatever happened outside, it is not her mistake. Rupesh says I know, but even your Mamma is not wrong. She says you have to marry one day, if the guy is good then he will let you fulfill your dreams. He says guy should be good and if he is good then your life will be better. He asks her to consider her decision.

Kinjal calls Himani and asks about Roop. She tells Kamla that even Himani doesn’t know where is Roop? Bua says don’t know where did he go and badmouths about him. Shamsher says he had cut my nose, will make my moustache cut now. He gets a call and gets shocked. He says Roop is arrested.

Ishika’s cousin Purvi makes Vinay eat sweets. Vinay makes her sit on his lap. She says anyone can see. Vinay says nobody will see and asks her to look in his eyes. She closes her eyes. He tries to take recording while about to kiss her. She opens her eyes and asks why is he recording? He says to remember these moments. Ranvir calls media and tries to malign Roop’s reputation. He sees Shamsher coming and acts, asking media to go. Shamsher asks Media to go. Media badmouths about Shamsher. Roop says you can’t talk to my Papa like that. Shamsher asks Ranvir to open the cell and takes Roop out. Roop asks Shamsher to hear him. Shamsher tells Roop that he used to sit on this chair when he was Inspector and wanted him to sit on the same chair. He says I thought you as lamp of the family, but you are black spot of the family. He pushes him. Roop says I am seeing DSP even today and not my father. If my father had come, he would have asked how I reached here? He takes his stick and is about to beat Roop, when Himani comes and holds his stick. Roop sees Himani. Shamsher gets angry seeing Himani and asks her to leave the stick. Himani says no, and says media is outside and if they see Roop beaten then they will make false news. She says she brought the bail papers. Shamsher gets angry and says you will stop me. Himani says we shall behave like professionals. Shamsher says you can get suspended from the job. Ranvir tells Constable to get fake news published in all news papers against Roop. He thinks to take advantage of Roop’s brother and calls Ishika. Roop tells that whatever happened with Ishika is wrong. Himani takes him home.

Ranvir and Ishika meet in the temple. He acts and prays to God. Ishika asks why did you call me? Ranvir says I want to tell you something and tells that even he is guilty in the poster matter. Ishika asks how? Ranvir says I don’t mix my personal and professional life and that’s why didn’t tell you, and tells that Roop is my brother and Mota Kaka’s son. Ishika is shocked. Ranvir says that’s why Roop did this shameful act hearing news of your marriage and got those posters pasted outside the house. He thinks why Ishika is not melting. He says if I had not told that then this wouldn’t have happen. He apologizes to her and leaves. Ishika thinks of Roop and his love confession. Ishika then prays to God and says give me strength so that I can fulfill this relation.

Kamla asks Roop to have something. Roop asks did you eat? Kamla says navratri is starting from tomorrow and hopes mata rani makes everything fine. Roop says I hope so.

Ishika comes home and sees Rupesh trying to calm down kanchal. She tells her parents that she wants to talk to them about something important. She says I, Ishika Rupesh Patel is ready to marry Ranvir Singh Waghela. Kanchan gets happy and hugs her.

Neighbor brings newspaper in which Roop is shown in Police station lock up. Everyone is shocked. Ranvir tells Shamsher that Ishika and her mum are crying badly because of Roop and that’s why he has given them word that he will marry Ishika to save her respect. Roop and Shamsher are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really can’t stand Ishika. The quicker she gets married to the so called Chulbul Pandey the better for all. She is so adamant that Roop is guilty but yet she does not have any proof.

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