Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop and Ishika stop Purvi from committing suicide

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher asking his daughters to stay out all night. Kamla tries to stop him. Rupesh folds his hand and asks if he can bear to see his daughters out. Shamsher asks him not to interfere in his family members, and asks him to be like a guest. Jigna and Kinjal apologize to him. Shamsher goes to room. Roop and Ishika come there. Bua lies that she asked them to come, but they didn’t come. Roop tells Kamla that he will talk to Papa about this and goes to Shamsher’s room. He tells Shamsher that whatever he has done with his sisters are wrong. Shamsher says your sisters might have understood now and will not use others’ brain. He gets constable call and begins talking. Roop goes to his room and tells Ishika that Papa didn’t agree. Ishika says they have not done any sin, we have to change his thinking. Roop says I tried since years and papa behaves like a brigadier. Ishika says we have to think of a way out. She comes to Roop and tells that she will open the door with the pin. Roop stops her and says Jigna and Kinjal will not enter home until Papa asks them. He says if they enter then Papa will punish them differently. He asks her to come with him and they go out through window. Roop comforts Kinjal while Ishika comforts Jigna. Roop says we will be here until Papa lets you inside. They have a hug. Kamla covers Shamsher with a blanket and says it is clearly visible that you are worried for your daughters and can’t get sleep. She says your daughters might be shivering with cold. Shamsher says they have done mistake. Kamla says they took my permission and went out, so it is my mistake and I shall be out. Shamsher gets angry and takes Kamla out. He sees Roop and Ishika there. He asks his daughters not to do this mistake again. They promise him. Shamsher asks Kamla to make them have kada for the warmth. Roop and Ishika smile. Ishika receives Purvi’s message and gets shocked. Roop asks what happened? He reads the message that purvi is going to commit suicide. He asks Ishika not to worry and says he will call her, but her number is switched off. They come out. Ishika calls on the landline, but hears loud music when someone picks the call. She calls Vaishnavi, but her number is not reachable. Roop and Ishika leave from home.

Purvi is running on road. Ishika says if Purvi did something. Roop says we can’t search her like that and calls Himani. Rupesh and Kanchan feel bad for Purvi and get worried. Kanchan cries. Himani tracks Purvi’s phone and tells them that Purvi went to Rani chowk. Ishika says Purvi’s college is there and Vinay also stays there. they go to the college and see Purvi about to fall down from the building terrace. Ishika shouts asking her to stop. Purvi says it is better to die rather than staying with the devil. Roop asks if your problem will be solved like this? Purvi says nobody can save me. Roop asks her to trust him. Purvi is about to jump. Ishika says all guys are not Ranvir. She says Ranvir will be happy if anything happens to you and his motive will be fulfilled. Purvi stops.

Roop says if we blame Ranvir that you have died due to him, then also we can’t do anything. He will trap another girl then. He asks Purvi if she wants to free him or want to punish him. Purvi says she wants to punish him and cries. Roop and Ishika take her down. Purvi hugs Ishika and cries. Roop says lets go home. Purvi gets scared and refuses to go. Roop says my home. They take her home. Shamsher says this is my house and not a shelter home. Ishika says you don’t know what has happened today. Shamsher says I just know that Purvi is that snake’s wife. Roop asks him to help her for humanity sake. Rupesh asks Shamsher to let her stay. Kamla also insists. Shamsher says she can stay for a night, she shall not to be here tomorrow. Kamla asks Jigna and Kinjal to make the room ready and goes to bring milk for her. Purvi tells Ishika that she is very scared and says tomorrow I have to go to that devil, don’t know what he will do. Roop says nothing will happen. Purvi asks if they will help her. Ishika says yes and says you have to show some courage and have to go back to that house. Roop says we will be with you. Ishika says we will teach a lesson to Ranvir. Purvi cries.

Purvi asks what to do? Roop says we don’t know. Ishika asks her to reply to Ranvir. Ranvir tells that Roop’s blood is cold. Ishika says he is silent because of their relation. Ranvir is about to hit Roop with wine bottle, but Purvi attacks him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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