Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika hugs Roop, Ranvir exposes their marriage deal

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop and Ranvir doing push up while their wives are sitting on their back. Haren patel counts the push up counts. Ranvir signs towards the lamp. Pramila blows off the diya and puts oil on the floor. Ranvir smirks. Roop’s hand steps on the oil and he falls down. Ishika too falls down and gets hurt badly. Roop gets concerned for Ishika, but she goes upset. Rupesh tells Roop that it was an accident and not your mistake. Kanchan says accident. They look at the oil. Ishika goes to room and thinks Roop made her fall down. She sees oil on her dupatta and says I fell on the oil. Ranvir tells Roop that ishika is upset with you and will not hug you. Roop says you have won this challenge by cheat and says hug challenge is still pending. Kanchan asks Roop to have food.

Haren Patel asks Ranvir to have food. Ishika comes and says sorry to Roop. She says she has realized that she didn’t fall because of him. Rupesh asks Ishika to hug him and say sorry. Ishika says she is genuinely sorry. Roop says it is ok. Ranvir thinks I won’t let him win and makes Purvi fall on Ishika, juice from her hand falls on her. Ranvir shouts at Purvi. Ishika says its ok and is going to change. Roop gets a call and he tells that he talked to a doctor and tells that Papa can walk after surgery and will be fine. Ishika hears him and happily comes running to Roop and hugs him. Ishika says I am really happy, you gave me the most beautiful news and says my Papa will be fine. Roop holds her. Rupesh and Kanchan smile. Ranvir gets angry. Rishta tha plays…..

Roop says doctor called at the right time. Ishika asks what else did Doctor say? Ranvir breaks the glass angrily. Kanti asks Purvi to bring medicine. Haren patel comes to Ranvir and asks what is the use of his big talks. He says you have to think something big to kick Rupesh and his family. Ranvir says Roop and Ishika will break now after whatever I am doing. Roop thinks of Ishika hugging him. Ishika comes and asks what you were doing? Roop says I was hugging this pillow as I like it. Ishika says if you want to tell me then you can say. Roop says I told straight, I like this and that’s why hugging it. He says whoever we like, we hug and then say I like you. Ishika says so you like this pillow and goes on talking to him. Rupesh thinks Ishika and Roop will separate if the doctor’s final reports come, I can’t let this happen. Ranvir comes to their room. Rupesh asks him to go to his room. Kanchan asks him to go else she will call Ishika and Roop. Ranvir says you trust them a lot and says I came to tell you that I can’t get sleep at night, and the reason is you both.

Roop asks if she is not tired of acting and keeps hand on her face. He says I will bring water for you and asks her not to touch his pillow, says it is mine. Rupesh asks what? Rupesh says Ishika and says she is beautiful, I don’t get away from her. He says you have changed the groom at last min and says he don’t get sleep at night. Kanchan gets angry and is about to slap him, but he pushes her. He says he wants to touch her and named her kesar jalebi. Rupesh gets up angrily and slaps him hard. Roop and Ishika come there and see Rupesh standing on his feet. Ranvir laughs aloud.

Kanchan asks Rupesh, you got fine and became normal. Ranvir acts like kanchan and asks how did your legs become fine suddenly and asks them to let him say. He shows Rupesh’s report to Kanchan. Kanchan reads it. Ranvir says he was getting fine, but he didn’t tell you as he don’t want to stand on his feet, as Roop and Ishika would have to break their marriage deal. Roop asks him to stop it. Kanchan asks which deal? Ranvir says Roop and Ishika’s marriage deal and shows the mannat chits. Roop gets angry. Ranvir says call it as a compromise or contract marriage, they have no relation between them. Kanchan is shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ask Ranvir, that why is he more concerned for Roops marriage over his? He’s spending more tone with Roop than his wife.

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