Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir marries Purvi to take revenge from Roop and Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan asking Ishika about Ranvir’s doing and apologizes to her for choosing Ranvir. She tells that God has done justice with her and gave her Roop as her husband. She asks her not to forget that he is her husband and says I could never understand his good intentions. She says he loves you very much and asks her to take care of him. Ishika says we will stay here until Papa gets fine and settled. Kanchan says yes. Ishika thinks thank god, vaishnavi called them at right time else they wouldn’t have reached here on time. She brings ointment and applies on Roop’s hand. She says mummy asked me to apply it to your hand. Roop says did she ask you to put ointment fast. He asks her to put it slow and teases her. Ishika gets upset and goes. Roop asks her to apply

medicine and go, smiles.

Ranvir comes home in night and wakes up Bua. Bua gets shocked. Ranvir signs her to be quiet. Bua gets happy seeing him. He says you called me and said that Shamsher thrown Roop out of house. Bua says Shamsher is angry with Roop and Ishika and not with you, and she blames Ishika. Ranvir thinks Shamsher is on his side.

Roop is trying to sleep and asks Ishika not to disturb him. Ishika thinks she is not getting her belongings. She gets Ranvir and her wedding card and gets scared with his thought. Roop turns to her and finds her scared. He goes to her and asks what happened? He asks her not to get scared and asks her to burn it and end her fear. Ishika burns the card. Roop asks her to tell that she is burning her fear and ending for forever. Ishika says the same. Roop says I asked you to do this, so that I can get peaceful and sweet sleep. Ishika says what? She says I hate this guy. Roop says I heard, and have no problem.

In the morning, Roop is talking to Kamla and tells that they are staying in Patel Nivas. Kamla asks him to give call to Ishika. Ishika takes the call. Kamla asks if everything is alright. Ishika says everything is fine and tells that they didn’t tell anything to mummy, as Papa is not well. Kamla says I will not tell your mummy and apologizes to her for yesterday’s happening. She says I am very happy to see my Roop married to lovely girl like you. She says she will send Himani to do rasams post marriage and ends the call. Ishika says one more rasam. Roop says mummy regards you as her bahu. He asks if she is scared to lose from him. Ishika says no. Roop says if I win, then will sleep on bed and you will sleep on couch here, and viceversa. She says deal.

Bua tells Shamsher that Ranvir came home. Ranvir comes and says I was yearning to talk to you. He says you did right with Roop and that girl, and says she is a betrayal and cheap girl. Kamla looks on upset. Ranvir says I have understood that you are supporting your elder son and says we will settle the case. I need your blessing and bends down. Shamsher hits belt on his back. He then beats him and says how dare you to kidnap the girl. He asks how dare you to aim gun at Roop and says you wants to blacken our family and on Inspector’s name. Bua tries to stop Shamsher. Shamsher asks him to leave andn never to return again. Ranvir holds it and says stop it. He says I thought you as my inspiration and tried to walk on your foot steps so that you feel proud of me. She says my brother married my would my wife and you are calling me kalang. Bua asks him to keep quiet. Ranvir says I thought you as my father, but you never loved me and felt love for your useless son Roop. He says Roop doesn’t deserve your love, says today you have proved that blood is blood. Shamsher pushes him out of house.

Ranvir shouts and says I am going now. He says now I will show who is real Ranvir Singh Wagela. He says I will take revenge from you, Roop and Ishika Patel. Shamsher asks bua if she listened what he said. Vaishnavi tells that it is good that everyone is not in the house and bhabhi is sleeping. Himani explains the rituals. Kanchan ties the thread to Roop and ishika’s hand. Himani says thread shall be opened with one hand. Ishika sees Rupesh happy. Roop and ishika try to open the thread. Roop wins. For next rasam, Roop and Ishika are blindfolded and are asked to touch the pots, and tell which is having water. Ishika wins. For next rasam, Roop and ishika keep their hand in milk to find the ring. Door bell rings, Kanti asks Vaishnavi to open the door. Vaishnavi opens the door and sees Purvi standing as bride with garland on her neck. Band guys come. Vaishnavi shouts calling Kanti. Roop, Himani, Himanshu, Ishika and her family are shocked to see Ranvir as groom.

Ranvir asks them to welcome her, and tells that he will stay in the house with his wife and her family. Rupesh asks Mota Kaki why did he get Purvi married to Ranvir? Haren Patel says Ishika is not related to Ranvir anymore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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