Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th July 2018 Written Episode : Himani’s alliance is fixed

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher asking Roop to take a decision when gets moustache and says your father is there to take a decision now. Roop asks him to show groom’s pic. Shamsher says I forgot to get the pic. Himani goes to kitchen. Shamsher says she got shy. Roop asks if the groom is having moustache like you. Jigna says Himani behen likes sweets. Shamsher asks them to ask his family when they come there. Kamla comes to kitchen and sees Himani crying. Himani makes excuse. Kamla says you can’t hide anything from me. Himani says it is all his wishes and asks her to ask Shamsher how much she will live. Kamla says he is your father and he will not think right. Roop asks her to refuse if she dislikes him.

Shamsher tells Bua that groom’s family shall agree. Bua says if Himani

will agree for marriage. Shamsher says I didn’t give them liberty to choose. Bua asks Kamla to tell that everything is made by Kamla, Roop says Himani made two things. Shamsher appreciates Kamla for giving good teachings to daughters. Himani brings tea and gives to Shamsher. Bua says we shall practice to give tea to groom’s family. She asks her to take steps in slow motions. Shamsher says Bua is teaching her good things. Bua teaches her do’s and dont’s repeatedly.

Groom and his family come to their house. The groom scolds the driver for dropping the sweets box and says he will cut his salary. He then walks on the sweets box. He tells Shamsher that the driver spoiled his mood. Shamsher tells Bua that the groom is very manly. Groom pulls Roop’s cheeks. Roop shouts. Jigna, Kinjal and Roop tell that they dislike the groom. They tell how he behaved with driver. Roop tells Kamla that they will see how the groom is? Kamla says Shamsher and Bua decide in the house. Shamsher introduces Roop to them. Groom asks Roop to come near him. Bua says you must have read about Roop’s name in the newspaper. Nirmala says she don’t get time to read newspaper as her house is big and she takes care of it. Shamsher says their house is very big. Groom calls Roop to him. Roop calls him uncle and says no. Bua says he is your jija ji. Nirmala asks them to call Himani. Bua calls Himani. Himani gets tensed and thinks of Bua’s words. She drops the tea before giving to groom accidently. Groom shouts at her for not keeping tea carefully. Bua says it is first time and she is tensed and scared. Kamla serves them tea. Bua praises Himani and says she handles all kitchen work. Suresh says we like the girl and says alliance is fixed from our side. Roop thinks I won’t let this marriage happen.

Himani tells Kamla that she dislikes the groom and asks her to do something. Roop hears her. He shares with Palak about disliking the guy and makes a plan to cancel the alliance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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