Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher chooses groom for Himani

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop stopping Shamsher and asks him to make Kamla have cake with his hand first. Shamsher makes Kamla have cake hesitantly and asks Roop not to tell Kamla to make him eat. Roop thanks him. Bua asks Himani to take cake inside. Kamla gets emotional. Himani says baap ji celebration marriage anniversary for the first time. Kamla says God gave her every happiness by giving Roop to her. Roop eats the cake and says happy marriage anniversary mummy papa. Kinjal prays to God and thanks her. Roop comes and gives her 2500 Rs. for buying frock. He says he couldn’t go with her as Baap ji will not like it. Kinjal asks him to keep the money in his piggy bank and says she will buy dress next time when he wins. Roop hugs her and says he will do anything for his sisters.


gets Ashok’s call and says he will go and see the guy today itself. Himani hears him. Shamsher asks her to go and get Roop ready. He says he will see the guy. Bua says your daughter troubles you a lot and then also you think about them so much. Shamsher says I will go to see the guy. Roop shouts and says Ranvir has cut his school bags. Ranvir says it was pink in color and that’s why he cut it. Shamsher says Ranvir did right. He says he will get new bag for him. Roop says how he will go to school now and have exam today. Shamsher sticks rainbow colors on the bag. Boys make fun of Roop. Roop gets upset with palak.

Shamsher comes to meet the groom’s parents. Groom’s mother doesn’t let her husband to talk. Shamsher taunts them for being valueless. Suresh sends his wife Nirmala to make tea. Ashok asks Shamsher to talk. Shamsher says he don’t want their son for his daughter if his son is also like him. Suresh says he will show his son’s pic. Roop and Palak have a cute fight. Roop says his mum tells that they shall respect girls. Palak says what will happen to you without me. Groom’s mother thinks she will see his daughter once marriage happens. Shamsher says he don’t want to see the groom as his father said that he is good. He asks him to be strong with his wife. He asks them to make arrangements of marriage. Nirmala says she wants to see the girl. Kamla asks Bua about Shamsher. Bua asks her to ask him when he returns.

Shamsher comes home and asks them to make the arrangements of marriage. Bua asks if the marriage is fixed. Kamla asks whose alliance. Bua says Himani’s alliance. Kamla says I didn’t know. Shamsher says they are coming tomorrow to see Himani and says the guy works in IT dept and earns much. Kamla says Himani says not even 18. Shamsher asks what was your age when you got married. Kamla says 14, but time was different then and laws have changed. Shamsher tells that he is DSP and will handle law. Kamla says if Himani doesn’t like the guy then. Shamsher asks if she will select groom for her, and says her father is alive. He tells that he will not think bad about his daughter and likes the groom. Roop comes and says Himani and he will pass the guy. Himani is shocked.

Himani cries and says Baap ji selected groom for her just as he brings vegetables. Kamla asks her to meet Groom’s family tomorrow. Roop asks her to refuse if she don’t like them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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