Roommates with the CEO (episode-7)

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it was a mistake

While talking and enjoying, riddhima fell asleep.

Next morning…….

Riddhima wake up on her bed.

Riddhima :- ouch! (By holding her head) oh god!!!! My head !!!!!!

Last night scenes were bluring in her head.

Riddhima :- what happened?

She tried to remember, what had happened yesterday night. Slowly she remembered everything.

Riddhima :- oh no! What type of mess had I created! I don’t know, what will happen now. Before, he spoke about this, I will want to talk.

She went to his room. The door was opened. She entered into his room. He was sleeping like a baby.

Riddhima :- how cute!!!!!

In her mind :- after seeing this cute face. I am not regretting for what was happened yesterday night. (She smiles)

Riddhima :- wait! Why I was behaving like a teenager.

Suddenly her head start spinning once again.

Riddhima :- I think, I need an hang over first.

She went into the kitchen.

She took one glass of water, she pour some water, soda, salt in one glass. On other, egg yolk and water. At mean time, vansh came into the kitchen by holding his head.

Vansh :- my head!!!!!

Riddhima hand over the glass.

Vansh :- how do you know, I will take this as my hang over drink.

Their is silence……….

Riddhima :- so…..

Vansh :- let me speak first. Yesterday what was happened, it was just a mistake.

Riddhima felt, someone was knotting her heart with ropes.

Riddhima :- haa…….a! Ye….yes! It is a mistake. We both were mature now, so I think we don’t want to take it in a serious way. (Teary eyes and breaking voice)

After listening that, vansh felt, someone is sobbing his heart.

She left into her room.

She received a message. Ping!!!!

She opens it.

Kabir :- hi beautiful! I had a lot of fun with you. I hope we will want to make this type of moment, once more.

Riddhima felling :- at least, it is not a mistake for someone else.

Kabir messaged her.

Kabir :- hey what are you plans for today?

Riddhima :- nothing! I just want to explore the city.

Kabir :- can I join you?

Riddhima think for some time and said.

Riddhima :- thank you for asking! But I want to explore it by myself.

Kabir :- ok fine! Enjoy! Have a nice day.

Riddhima get ready and went out.


She came to home.

She get shocked by seeing vansh. He was wearing a normal night trouser and t-shirt. He was looking so cute than normal.

Her eyes shifted to TV.

She loudly screamed……

Riddhima :- this is the new Version of the #WWW E RAA big bang challenge#

Vansh paused the game and said

Vansh :- yes!

Riddhima :- omg! I am huge fan of this game. But this version is going to release on next summer right?

Vansh :- come on! After all, I am the CEO of games company. No one had defeated me yet.

Riddhima :- me too!

Vansh :- then come and challenge me.

Riddhima :- challenge accepted!

They both start playing, hours was passed. They both reached the final level.

Riddhima :- turn him down, and press the button 1,2,3. Game over!

Riddhima screams.

Riddhima :- won the game! Won the game!

Vansh :- no!!!! (Anger) you have cheated me. I think you have used some online codes, to win over me. Challenge me once more.

Riddhima smiles.

Vansh :- why are you smiling?

Riddhima :- the great CEO, mr.vansh raisinghania is just behaving like a kid.

Vansh :- no!

Riddhima :- yes you are!

She is laughing……..

Suddenly her stomach growls.

They both laugh.

The door bell rings.

Riddhima :- let me check!

Vansh :- wait, I will get the food.

Riddhima :- but, when did you ordered?

Vansh :- while we both were playing, I asked you many times but you didn’t pay attention to my question, you was very busy. So, I ordered it.

They both were eating……….

Vansh :- first tell me, which code had you used to win the game.

Riddhima seriously looked at him. He down his head by smiling.

They both have finished their dinner.

Riddhima giggles.

Vansh :- what?

Riddhima :- their is something on your face.

Vansh :- where?

Riddhima :- on right side, just a inch away from you lips.

Riddhima :- wait! I will clean.

She took the tissue and cleaned it.

Riddhima :- done!

They both were very close.

Vansh take riddhima’s face into his palms.

They both were starring into each others eyes.

Riddhima :- I don’t think, we want to make another mistake.

Abruptly he leave her and left into his room.

Precap :- Do you had a kiss?

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