Roommates with the CEO (episode- 3)


The truth out


While riddhima seeing the DVDs. She felt someone was standing behind her, when she turned, she found a person was standing Infront her.

Vansh hold riddhima very closely

Vansh ask her who is she? And what she was doing their. (with stern and angrily).

Suddenly she recognised him, he is her boss Mr.vansh raisinghania.

In riddhima’s mind :- what! I am living with my boss. The great vansh raisinghania. I don’t think it’s the right time to say I am working in ht

Riddhima :- but why? What wrong did I do? I need an explanation!!!!!

Vansh remains silent

Suddenly riddhima got an idea. She took her phone out and click a picture of that room.

Vansh :- what did you have done? What’s for that?

Riddhima :- if you fired me without any reason, I will post this one on social media.

Vansh get angry but abruptly, he step back and asked her…..

Vansh :- you are the one, who left her luggage in bar?

Riddhima was shocked!!!!

Riddhima :- that means…… You are the person, who save me from those at that night.

Vansh:- if You want to live here, you want to accept the three conditions.

Never speak with angre, what you have seen here.

Without my permission, you never enter into this room.

Delete the photo, right now.

Riddhima :- fair enough! But deleting photo……. How can I trust you? After deleting this photo, what if you send me out. So…… I will agree for your 2 rules.

Vansh :- this is my place, but why I am feeling like…… The upper hand is your. (By saying this, he slightly smiles)

With excitement……..

Riddhima :- that means, can I live here?

Vansh :- yeah!

In excitement and happiness, she hugged him tightly and kiss on his cheeks. Abruptly she get back.

Inner feeling :- oh no! Now, what  if he send me out for this reason. (She get tensed)

But vansh turned his face and said never do this again.

Vansh (smiled himself secretly) and left. Riddhima locked that room and she also left from their.

Next morning……….

Riddhima and vansh get ready and came from their respective rooms, while going out, they collide with each other.

Vansh get angry and looked at her.

Riddhima :- (by making puppy face, she said) sorry!!!

Vansh anger melts and said it’s ok!

Vansh :- where are you leaving?

Riddhima :- for work

Vansh :- I had read the agreement, but I never find out this point.

Riddhima :- but, I already inform these to Mr. Angre

Vansh :- what’s your name?

Riddhima :- Mr. Angre didn’t tell you my name.

Vansh :- no! I didn’t ask him and that to introducing our self is a formality right?

Riddhima :- I am riddhima!

Vansh :- ok miss ziddhima!  First complete the house chores, then you go where ever you want! I won’t object you.

Riddhima :- it’s riddhima, not ziddhima!!!!

Vansh:- whatever!!!!!

Riddhima :- but, I will be late to work.

Vansh :- if you don’t complete the work in time, then…… It will be a good reason to fire you.

Then she realise it’s a trap!!!!!!

Riddhima :- ok! (With anger)

She murmurs fire dragon!!!!

Vansh :- I heard that!

Riddhima :- so what! You behaves like that only.

Vansh left from their by smiling…….

In office

Riddhima went half an hour late.

Ishani :- riddhima! Why are you late?

Riddhima :- miss ishani……. I…..

Ishani :- don’t worry! I can understand it’s just your first day, you may get tensed. Just carry on…..

After sometime

Ishani came to everyone and she gave project work to everyone, she made pairs.

Kabir and some xxxxxx

Ahana and riddhima

And some other interns……

Ahana:- wow! It’s our first project. Do you have any ideas?

Riddhima :- I think, we will want to create a fire dragon which helps in saving the princesses.

Ahana :- what about a snail.

Riddhima :- A snail!!!!!!

Ahana:- yes! We will work on this one.

At that time, vansh was entering into the office.

Ahana :- look! Mr. Raisinghania is coming!!!!!

Riddhima get tensed and hide under the table.

Ahana:- riddhima come out! What are you doing?

Riddhima :- I dropped something.

Ahana:- good morning mr.raisinghania! You are really such a great inspiration for me.

Vansh :- tq! (Stern tone)

Riddhima poke her with pen from under the table. Ahana screams. Vansh left from their.

Ahana get angry on riddhima and left to apologize Mr. Raisinghania.

Kabir :- what happened riddhima? Why look sad?

Riddhima :- nothing Kabir! I want to design a fire dragon but she said snail, without asking my opinion, she started working.

Kabir :- can I say something? Even I am also thinking about the same thing. Shall we team up?

Riddhima :- but, who will convince Miss. Ishani. Don’t worry I will handle her.

Kabir went to ishani and ask her to change the team, she get angry at first but Kabir told her

Kabir :- you look very gorgeous ms.ishani while you are looking like that.

Ishani cheeks turn into red

Kabir :- can we change our team?

Ishani :- of course!

Riddhima was controlling her laughter while watching that.

Kabir :- she agreed!

Riddhima :- but how? (Innocently)

Kabir :- I request her so much……

Riddhima :- but why I am feeling like….. You have flirt with her (teasing)

Kabir get embarrassed.

They both start working, riddhima explained all her thoughts to him. He listen to her with full of attention, he note down, each and  every point. They both divide the work and start work

At the end of the day.

Kabir :- riddhima! We all decided to watch the interview of Mr. Raisinghania then we will leave, would like to stay with us?

Riddhima :- no Yaar ! I have some important work to finish, so some other time.

While she packing her stuff.

In TV…….

Interviewer :- every CEO or big business had a play boy imagine but you are different. Maintaining a good imagine is also a not very easy thing.

Vansh :- I am not person who belongs to romance.

Riddhima inner feeling :- ho really! Then what about that romantic collection of films?

At penthouse………

Riddhima thought to solve the problem with vansh. So, she decided to go and talk with him. She went towards his room.

But she felt a person was standing behind him, she turn her face and get scared.

Riddhima :- what’s wrong with you? Why you always try to scare me?

Vansh :- you should want to be aware your surroundings……. What are you doing here? Are you trying to enter into that room again?

Riddhima :- look vansh!

Vansh :- Not vansh! Mr.raisinghania for you.

Riddhima :- ok! I came here to talk with me.

Vansh :- what now?

She deleted that photo.

Riddhima :- what I have done yesterday, it’s wrong. But I don’t have any other option at that time. So….. Can we start newly everything?

Vansh :- by selling that photo, you may can earn a new appartment like this by your own. But why didn’t you do that?

Riddhima :- I am not like others and it’s not my character. I just need a place to live. I want to earn money by doing hard work not like this.

Vansh :- impressive!!!!! Tell me what day job do you do?

Riddhima 🙁 it’s not right time ridhu! Say him anything else # in her mind) I am spy. But why did you ask.

Vansh :- I saw a similar face in our office. That’s it.

Next morning…….

Riddhima :- Kabir! Where are other interns?

Kabir :- I don’t know riddhima. I just arrived.

Ishani :- everyone are in Mr. Raishingania’s cabin. Every year he met his interns at first day but he get busy yesterday. So he Decided to meet every one  today.

Ishani and Kabir leave from their.

Riddhima looks her surrounding, she found a tissue box.

In office…..

Ishani :- this is ahana!

Vansh :- I remember, I met her yesterday.

Ahana :- nice meeting you Mr. Raisinghania!

Ishani :- this is Kabir! And this is riddhima!

Ishani :- riddhima? Why are you hiding your face behind the tissue box.

Riddhima :- Ms.ishani, I am suffering with cold. So……

Ishani :- but I don’t think, a box of tissues are necessary.

Riddhima slowly down the box and reveals her face.

Angre get shocked.

Vansh :- hello Ms.riddhima! (Small evil smile)

Riddhima :- Hi! Mr. Raisinghania! (Tension and fake smile)

Precap :- riddhima cries.








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