Rooh Se Ibadat Tak Ka Safar (Part 5)

Episode starts with Vansh saying to get Nia on stage as he will perform only with her.

Riddhima gets furious.
Manager: Fine sir, as per your wish.
Announcement: Miss Nia please come on stage.
Nia comes on stage. Vansh smiles .
Nia smirks at Riddhima and murmurs in her ears,
Nia: Sorry darling, but Vansh only performs with achievers not loosers as you going to lose this competition.
Nia signs Riddhima to get down of stage.
Riddhima doesn’t move.
Manager: Miss Riddhima please get down of stage and let them perform
Riddhima: I am not going anywhere.
Vansh: What sort of time wasting person you are ,from the beginning of party you are behind me and trying..
Riddhima shouts Shut up.
Riddhima: Vansh Rai singhania ,I had committed a mistake but unknowingly and had even demanded sorry for that. But you ,you are a man with no ethics and rules in life.My name has been on slip and I will be performing at the moment. You have problem so you get down with your Nia,Ria ,Tias.
Vansh looks red eyed at Riddhima.
Vansh: You had commited a very big mistake by doing this. Now you just see how I am going to make you out of not only stage but from college itself.
Riddhima: You may try your best.
Kabir gets up on stage.
Kabir: No one need to go anywhere.I have a plan.
Kabir goes and takes out a slip of jar.
Kabir: Its Kabir written on this slip. That’s me.
So I will be performing with Riddhima and Vansh may perform with Nia ,both teams on stage together.Comeon guys it will be fun.
Vansh holds Kabir by collar.
Kabir whispers, Bro calm down. Your dad has called you for diamond deal. Your phone is not reachable so he told me to inform and send you. Make up all this complete fast and leave.if you leave without performing than you will be called coward so perform…
Vansh gets back.

Kabir comes to Riddhima.
Kabir: Am Hi, I am Kabir. I reside in lake road,at the back of this city in a small 3 floor flat. I am 5’9 tall ,average looking boy with rare blood grp O-ve, so I am a very rare boy and I am here in this college to study Business. Can we both play this contest together?
He gives his hand forward to Riddhima.
Riddhima looks at him. Riddhima puts on gloves and hold his hand.
Vansh looks from far. Nia gives him her hand. He doesn’t hold.
Music starts.
Both pairs perform.
Then comes the swirling round. Both teams have to change partners for a moment.
Riddhima and Nia swirl. Riddhima comes to Vansh swirling, Nia comes to Kabir swirling.
Kabir holds Nia.
Vansh holds Riddhima.
Riddhima turns face.
Song changes to Ishq me marjawan.
Riddhima and Vansh perform.
Kabir and Nia perform.

Again music change and again the partner changes and performance ends.

Results of first rounds are announced.
Riddhima and Kabir both are the finalists along with some others.
Announcement: So here comes the Q/A session,
Please come one be one in front.
Riddhima’s turn comes.
Announcement : What is the biggest dream in life.
Riddhima : To live a life that will be not only mine but for every person I meet. Just to stay happy and spread happiness . Everything that touches me,just get blossomed.
Vansh feels inclined to her answer.
Vansh turn comes.
His father calls him.
Vansh’s dad: Where are you,trying ur call for one hour.
Vansh: So you called Kabir.
Vansh’s dad: What else could I do..reach home fast .
Call ends.
Announcement: Vansh Rai singhania please come on stage.
Vansh gets up.
Announcement: What is the aim of your life.
Vansh: To rule. That’s it.
Riddhima stares at him.
Vansh get down of stage and goes.
Winners are announced.
Announcement: So the Miss Fresher’s contest is won by
Any guesses?
Riddhima Thakur.
Riddhima smiles and shies.
Rano hugs her.
She takes the award.
Announcement: Mr Fresher award goes to Vansh Rai singhania.
Everyone looks for vansh.
A voice: Sir, he and Kabir went. They had imp work.
Lights goes off.
Everyone shouts.
Manager: So the fresher ends.
Lady teacher gives Vansh award to Riddhima and tells her to hand it over to him
Precap: Riddhima comes to Vansh house to give him award.
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