Romantic Punishment ( Kanchi OS ) By Neha

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Insensitive. Rude. Arrogant. Jerk. Thats what Kabir Kapoor was, ever since he had taken over the CEO position, he had been anything but good to me. Sometimes I really pity myself for being an assistant of a devil. Its been a month and he had made my life hell, literally.

“Sanchi, In my cabin.” The intercom buzzed, making me groan loudly in annoyance. I got up from my seat and walked over his cabin. I knocked on the door of his cabin then waited for his reply, once i got it, I pushed the door open and entered inside. His woodsy, manly smell engulf me as i stood before his desk. I let my eyes roam over him, he was busy in reading some file, ignoring my presence which made me frown.

“You called me sir?” I said to gain his attention. He turn around facing me. He looked like a greek god, standing there. The black armani fits him perfectly, he was a greek god and i was no saint to ignore him. I was so busy in drooling that i didn’t realize when he came and stand opposite to me. I could feel his intensified gaze roaming over me, making him feel hot and bothered. Damn you, Kapoor! I cursed him for having that kind of effect over me.

“Take it off.” He said in his deep husky tone. My brows knitted and i look at him, not understand what he had said.

“What?” I voiced out my confusion.

“Take your shirt off, Sanchi” He again said it and as soon as his words sinked in, i gasped loudly at his shamelessness while he just smirk. Son of a devil! I glared at him and refused to do what he had said.

“Thats okay. I won’t mind doing it myself.” He said to me with a shrug and before i could move, he grabbed my waist and pulled me toward him with a jerk causing my chest to collide with his muscular one.

“Kabir, what are you doing?” I questioned him, ignoring the nervousness bubbling up inside me. .

“Punishment time, love.” He whispered, my eyes widen and i look at him with ‘Have you gone mad?’ look.

“Punishment? But for what?” I questioned, knowing Kabir and his famous ways of punishing me. They scare me as well as excite me.

“For trying to make me jealous by saying yes to that nick guy for a coffee.” He whispered in my ear, his tone was dangerously low, sending shiver down my spine. I bit my lower lower lip as i remembered my silly attempt of getting his attention this morning.

“But i didn’t went with him.” I defended myself. I gasped loudly as he ripped my shirt off me.

“Too bad! I don’t care.”He spat harshly, i shivered feeling his hands fondling with my tender br*asts.

“I did said yes to nick because you were too busy, you were not paying attention to me ever since you have taken up the CEO position. You forgot you have a wife too-” I let my frustration take over me and i opened my heart infront of him. Along with being his assistant, i am his wife too but lost in his work, he had totally forget that.

“I am sorry, i made you feel like this, but work kept me busy. I will make it upto you. I promise.” He promised to me and like always, i melted in his arms.

“But before that i need to punish you, love.” He whispered, sending shiver down my spine. My insides churned in anticipation, i might never accept it to him but his punishments do excite me.

But i wasn’t ready for it to do it in his office cabin. I turned on heels to leave but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him.

“Not so soon Sanchi, you will have to be punished!”

I gulped hard seeing his eyes darken.

“Now get rid of this little skirt of yours and bend over!”

“What?” I shouted bewildered at his bold words.

“Oh come on! We won’t be doing anything new.” He winked at me. He stood right in front of me and gave me a sly grin.

“I am not doing it with you in your office cabin.”

“Thats not for you to decide. Now don’t add more to your punishment and do as i had said, Sanchi.” He let my name roll over his tongue.

He stepped closer, leaving an inch space between our bodies. I could feel my heart hammering against my ribcage. This is what happen when he is around.

His icy blue eyes darkened and i could see lust along with love.

Lost in looking into those beautiful pair of eyes, i didn’t even realized when he started unbuttoning the buttons of the white shirt i was wearing. My daze was broken when he removed my shirt and dropped it on the floor.

“Kabir!” My eyes were on verge of closing, he was fonding with my bra clad boss*ms, his rough manly touch sent me over the edge.

“Bend over the desk, love. I’m gonna spank those bad manners out of you.” He whispered in my ear. And surprisingly, i did obeyed him. He lifted off my skirts, a shiver ran down my spine feeling his hand there. He ripped my undies apart, leaving me half naked.

“I want you to count, love.” Kabir murmured loud enough for me to hear.

A small yelp escaped my lips as his hand smack my right ass cheek. Pain shoot through me followed by wave of pleasure. Its amusing to me how he manage to make me feel pleasure in pain.

I counted as he ‘spank the bad manners out of me’. By the time he was down, I was sore and in need of him.

Holding me in gentle hold, he pulled to me himself.

“You did great, love.” He whispered softly, wiping the lone tear that escaped my eyes. I grabbed his collar and pulled him closer as i bridged the gap between our lips and locked my lips with his. Our lips met in a rough kiss, while our hands worked and got rid of the clothes we were wearing.

A rough, passionate kiss followed by a wild session of love making.

The end

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