Hey Everyone !
Aamna Here ?

How are you people ?

Well this OS is for our birthday Girl Sammie ?


❤ Many happy returns of the day ❤
? Wish you all the happiness in this world ?
? I wish for you that this life becomes what all you want it to. Your dreams stay big and your worries stay small. May you have an amazing year full of love , joy , happiness and health ?
? May Allah give you the strength and wisdom to smoothly surmount all the challenges life brings you to . Stay blessed and enjoy your day ?
? I hope your birthday is full of happiness , laughter , joy , love and all what you wish for ?
❤ May all your wishes come true ❤



Let’s start with a smile ?

Screen is focused on a enormous lavish mansion , surrounded by a beautiful garden and a luxurious pool at the front of the house enhancing it’s beauty.

The interior and exterior of the house is beautiful yet simple with a tinge of luxuriousness , it’s simplicity and peacefulness was enhancing the beauty of environment , well not to be mentioned the weather outside was breezy , it was drizzling making environment more serene and romantic.

Screen was focused on a room where a beautiful lady is shown getting ready , she was wearing a beautiful white crop top with blue floor length skirt , her neck adorned with a neckless , her wrist had a simple yet beautiful diamond box and her beautiful wavy brown hair falling till her back making her look more ethereal.

She came out of the car and saw a man standing nearing a car facing his back to her , He was wearing a white t-shirt with royal blue blazer and blue jeans looking HOT and HANDSOME , a smile appeared on her lip’s , she moved toward’s him and engulfed him in a back hug.

The person smiled feeling two soft and delicate arm’s wrapped around him , He knew this can be none other than HIS TWINKLE.

So yes the girl is our Siyappa Queen Oops Kunj’s Siyappa Queen ??

He turned around with a bright smile only to be awestruck by the ethereal beauty standing in front of him , his life , his love , his world.

So yes the person is none other than Kunj Sarna !

He was speechless and frozen for a moment , she looked divine and beautiful in that white gown he gifted her for today’s date , He was nervous if he would be able to confess his feeling’s for her if she will look this beautiful and he will keep staring her ? coming out of his thought’s he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her forehead and complimented her.

“You look beautiful ” spoke kunj making twinkle blush.

” Even you look handsome ” twinkle replied with Red hue adorning her cheeks.

” Let’s go ” Spoke kunj forwarding his hand for her to hold.

Twinkle held his hand and moved forward with him , Kunj opened the door of a car like a gentle man , Twinkle sat inside the car and then Kunj sat on a driving seat.

They started moving toward’s their destination , Kunj drove towards the outskirts of the city , cool breeze and slight drizzling enhancing the beauty of weather , Twinkle’s open hair’s were flattering in air due to the breeze while kunj was gazing her lovingly in between the drive.

Car came to a halt at the lonely place , He stepped out of the car and opened the door for twinkle as well , as soon as she stepped out of the car , He blindfolded her by a silk cloth surprising her.

” Kunj what are you doing ? ” twinkle asked startled at his act.

” You will come to know about it soon twinkle “

” Areh but ” twinkle tried to interrupt.

” Trust me ” Kunj spoke.

” more than myself ” twinkle replied with a smile.

This brought a wide smile on Kunj’s face , He lead her inside a farm house which was beautiful and big from it’s outside view.

He led her to a place and opened her blind fold , twinkle was awestruck with the beauty of the place , it was a beautiful date set up.

Twinkle turned around to look for kunj and found him on his knees holding a bouquet of flowers..

” Happy Rose Day Twinkle “

Twinkle accepted the bouquet of roses from him , He held her hand softly and spoke with all the love and care making twinkle smile wide within teary eye’s..

” Twinkle I am not good at expressing my feeling’s never had I ever used cheesy lines for anyone , i was a lonely person who had no reason to live for , I had no family , I was an orphan who was just breathing to live , I was a quite and rude person but you changed me into a happy and loving person , I had never thought of someone coming in my life and change me into something I had never imagined , you proved to be my knight in darkness , I don’t know when these feeling’s took place in my life but I don’t want to suppress them like I had been doing since forever in my life , I don’t have the strength to loose one more person in my life , I…I just want to confess.. I love you ! I love you more than my life ! Will you marry me ? “

Twinkle sat on her knees along him and hugged him tightly while confessing the same for him , kunj engulfed her in a tight hug , never wanting to leave her , they were completely lost in each others embrace.

” I Love you to Kunj… I LOVE YOU “

After breaking the hug they stood up and kunj lead her toward’s a beautifully decorated place , there was placed two chairs under a tree that was enlighten with dragon bulbs and paper lanterns hanging to it and placed on the glass.

He pulled out a chair for twinkle like a gentleman n then took his seat in front of her ,there was a chocolate cake placed on the table , they cut the cake and fed eachother , soft music was played , making ambience more romantic.

After eating cake kunj asked twinkle for the dance to which she readily accepted , they both stood up and was facing eachother , shaitaniyaa played in the background.

Twinkle placed her hand on Kunj’s shoulder while he placed his hand’s on her waist and pulled her closer to himself , they started dancing according to the beats of song lost in eachother..

He held her left hand in his that was resting on his shoulder and was moving according to the beats of song while intensely looking into her eye’s , their eye’s conveying their feeling’s that weren’t able to come out in word’s

He twirled her around again and again and then pulled her in a back hug resting his chin on her shoulder , their eye’s closed savouring the moment.

He lifted her upon his shoulders holding her by her waist and twirled around , their eye’s closed savouring the moment smiling kunj made her stand on her feet and turned her around..

Twinkle held kunj’s hand and then bent backward only to be pulled back by Kunj with a jerk such that her hand’s landed on his chest..

They shared a sweet eyelock while moving according to the rhythm of song , they were so lost in each others eye’s that failed to notice that song was over long back.

They came back to their senses when it started drizzling , they smiled as the ambience around them was beautiful than anyone could imagine..

” Twinkle I promise to keep you happy life long , I can’t promise that I won’t let you be sad even for a moment but yeah I promised to be beside you at each moment , we would together the cherish the happy and sad moment’s , I promise to hold your hand tgrough thick and thin moments of our life , I promise to Love you my whole life , till the last breath of mine it will be only you and the day it won’t be you would be the last day of my life , Happy Promise Day Love “

Twinkle hugged him tightly , his every word had made her feel special , she could never wish for something more beautiful than this , She closed her eyes cherishing the beautiful moment in his embrace.

They broke the hug , their eye’s met in a sweet eyelock , Kunj’s gaze fell on twinkle’s Lips.. Small water drops adorning her Glossy Pink Lips teasing his patience.

Kunj bent down and leaned to capture her Lips. Twinkle to closed her eye’s giving positive Response. He captured her lips in a slow passionate Kiss.. Their lips were moulded like jigsaw puzzle against eachother.. Twinkle’s hands in Kunj’s hairs caressing his soft hairlocks. Whilst his hand on her waist and bare back caressing it softly making her moan at the contact between them.

They broke the kiss after being out of breath.. They rested there forehead’s together , their Eye’s Closed smiling savoring the moment , clouds Still drizzling showing their love and effection toward’s the LOVE BIRD’S..

Kunj opened his Eye’s to saw breathtaking sight in front of him.. Her Eye’s still Closed.. A blush adorned her already Pink Cheeks.. She was still breathing heavily as them.. He then pecked her Forehead Lovingly and affectionately..

Kunj held her hand and took her to the other side of tree , it had a beautiful movie set up but there were lots of teddy bears of different sizes and lots of boxes of chocolates , Twinkle was Suprised , shocked and happy at one more surprise.

Kunj engulf her in a back hug resting his chin on her shoulder and spoke.

” Happy Teddy and Chocolate Day Twinkle “

They sat on the cushions placed under the tree , Kunj was sitting resting his back on the tree while twinkle was sitting in between his parted legs facing her back to him , her head rested on his shoulder , their hand’s intertwined , while his other hand was resting on her belly , twinkle was engrossed in watching movie while Kunj was gazing her lovingly..

He could not wish more than this in his life , she was surely his knight in darkness , she changed him into a person he had never thought he would eber come across , He was a nothing more than a lifeless soul who had made boundaries around himself after the tragic death of his parent’s at very young age and than his struggle to achieve something made him rough , tough , harsh and ignorant toward’s himself.

He had no one to live for but then she came into his life changing a ruthless person into fun loving happy person , she ignited a life in a dead soul and wished for just her by his side whole life and nothing more.

All he could think gazing at her with love and affection he holds for her was :

” Her Love roared louder than his demons “


Once again a very happy birthday Sam ❤❤

Many happy returns of the day ?? Wish you all the happiness in this world ❤❤

?? Love you loads ??

Well it’s just the start for surprises ? There are two more in the row ?

Bye Everyone ❤  Urs Aanu ?

  1. Awesome os….loved it a lottt

  2. Sameera

    Hayeeee year aanu loveddddd it sooo much Yaar …?????????
    Such a romantic date it was too cute ..
    Lovedd the way you write and described everything so beautifully …
    Hayeeee twinkle and kunj ?????
    The confession was good lovely ..
    They found their better halves in each other that’s the best thing about it …
    Lovedd it so much ..
    Thank you for it …
    But still hate you ???

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Sammie ❤
      And don’t worry even I hate you ??

  3. Such a romantic episode and kunjs confession was really emotional and chocolate boxes I too want bit Sam Di should give us as it’s her birthday plsss Anu post the next episode soon and friendship wala bhi love u take care

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you sia ❤

  4. It’s so cute

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you keerti ❤

  5. Vibhu

    Amazing story!
    Loved the confession part.
    Waiting for the other two ?

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤
      Other two will be there soon ??

  6. it was lovely …so romantic date set up …
    luved it so much ..

  7. That was awesome
    Loved it

  8. Romantic Di ?

  9. Amazing is cute one
    Do write more please

  10. Gosh goosebumps
    Relationship goals ??

  11. Awesome amazing fantastic mindblowing beautiful os dear
    Luvvvv u

  12. SSK

    I love your writing dear and whenever you come with any FF, OS or short stories, I get really excited. As said the OS was really amazing and please post your FF’s also dear am seriously waiting for all. 🙂

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you SSK ❤

  13. Aanu. It’s amazing
    Everything felt perfectly.
    That was superb
    Those dialogues delivery.
    I just loved it
    Yaar kya bolu Mai
    Eid mubarak

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Ramu ❤
      Khair Mubarak ?

  14. SidMin

    Loved it so cute … I really missed these amazing stories a lot 🙂 Love you 🙂

  15. It’s so cute ?
    Loved it so much ❤
    Post more like this ?

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you mitali ❤

  16. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Aanu!! That was a really lovely piece of writing… You created a magical aura with your style of writing… Just wonderful!!! “Her love roared louder than his demons” Wow!! That was just beautiful!! This line… Absolutely speechless!! Amazing!! They celebrated the entire Valentine’s week all at once… So sweet!! Loved it! And lots of love to you ???
    P.s. Sorry for being so late, I was preoccupied with some work

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Ananya ❤
      It’s okay about being late ?
      It happens yaar I know ?

  17. Sapphire

    It was really cute.. I loved every bit of it.. You have a beautiful style of writing.. I wasn’t going to comment write now, but couldn’t stop myself from commenting after reading such an amazing os…
    The last line was very beautiful.. Continue writing like this… love you and take care…

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you so much ❤ I am glad my writing made you to comment ?

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