Robotic Love – (Part 12)

Hey guys, Avni here (ovio :P) I have noticed a very funny thing usually the chapter number and number Of comments match that is not a problem tho its just really funny!!

Dev- Soo..
Sona- Soo..
Dev-Ok lets forget that we are crazy little freaks and talk about serious stuff!!
Sona- Ya!! So I was looking at joining a hospital…
Dev- That is a awesome idea, so was I but…
Sona- But?
Dev-Ritesh (Dev’s friend or senior who is currently a owner of a hospital) was telling me that he is facing some problems in the hospital since he did not major in medical fields so since I have I was thinking of starting a hospital since papa is also in the architecture field and I looked up to that when I was little
Sona- That is a great idea, Gina (Sona’s friend and Ritesh’s wife) was telling me about that too and she has a part in the hospital and she is undergoing the process of opening a hospital and she was telling me that I should do that… her father suggested that she joins a hospital and works there for about 1 year and applies for a space at the same time so when she has understood the atmoshphere in a hospital she can provide the same to the patients since switching from a doc to a doc cum bissnessman/woman is like a whole proffesion change so we should experience both proffesions
Dev- how long have you been waiting for this conversation?
Sona- Not long enough but have been researching and finding ways to provide info to you!! How did I do
Dev-Better than that time you gave me bio notes
Sona- Devvv, that was a accident!!
Dev- I know, anyway my crazy form is coming back so we need to talk of something more our style!!
Sona- Same this is too formal so what do you think they are talking about
Dev-I don’t know maybe they are giving a surprise?
Sona- Hmm…
Dev-Anyway so…

-In the house dining table-

Ishwari- Ha to bhaisaab… bhenji hamare bache graduate karne wale hai, wo log kaam karege aur mujhe lagta hai ki jaise wo sab ek saath karte hai ye bhi ek saath karenge bahar yahi planning kar rahe honge par agar wo sab ek saath kar rahe hai fir unko ek aur mauka dedete hai ek saat rahena ka unki shadhi (Yes so bejoy… asha our children are going to graduate and are going to start working and I think like always they will do this together too and they woud be planning the same thing outside so if they always do everything together then why not give them another chance to stay together what about marriage?)

Asha- Shaddhi? Thoda jaldi nahi hai? ( Marriage? Isn’t it too early?)
Bejoy- Nahi asha jaldi nahi hai wo sirf baat kar rahe hai kal hi to ahi karwayge!! ( No asha its not too early they are just talking about it they wont get them married tomorrow!)
Abhishek- Ji Behenji wo log graduate ho rahe hai ek hafte me aur unko job bhi mil jaygi, dev ka pata nahi par hamari sona to kahi bhi jaye usko *Snap fingers* itne jaldi mil jaygi ab hamare bache ek doosre se pyar karte hai aur wo log aise field me hai jaha wo log teens nahi bane rahe sakte!! They need to be more mature and mujhe lagta hai ki maturity ka best way marriage and hum sirf engagement karenge abhi aur fir 2-3 saal bad shaddhi ka soche ge… (Yes Asha they are graduating in a week and they will get a job, don’t know about dev but our sona will get it in a jiffy and they love each other and their field requires maturity and what better way to gain maturity than marriage? We will get them engaged and then think of marriage 2-3 years later…)

Asha- Theek hai fir!! Bacho se baat kare? (Ok then!! Should we talk to the kids?)
Ishwari- Hmm, kar sakte hai (Hmm, we can)
Bejoy- fir deri kaisi? (Then why wait)
Ishwari- Theek hai me abhi bulati hu… Dev!!! Sona!! Ander aana!! (Let me call them… Dev!!! Sona!! Come in!!)
-Scene change-
-Devakshi are looking up At the stars-
-Ishwari calls-
Sona- Dev I think ma is calling!!
Dev-I think so too, chalo!!
Sona- *Gets up* Lets go
Dev-*Gives sona his hand* Uthao na!! ( Please lift me up)

Sona-*Pulls dev’s hand really hard*
Dev-*Falls on sona*
Sona-Me pichkgayi (Im squisehed!!)
Dev-Isn’t this supposed to be romantic?
Sona- I don’t care!! What did you do get dumbbells inbuilt?
Sona- Seriously dev you are on a human not on water that you are acting that you are acting like you are floating, get up motu (Motu= cute way of saying fatso)
Dev-Im fat?
Sona- GET UP!!!
Dev-No!! *Hugs sona and rolls on his back so now sona is on top of him* Better?
Sona-No!! We have to go!! *Tries to get up but..* Owww!! *Sona got a sprain*
Dev-sona!! Kya hua!!? (sona what happened?)
Sona- Kuch nahi!! *Holding her ankle* (Nothing)
Dev-*Sees her holding holding her ankle and touches it*
Sona- Ahh!!

Dev- *Imitates sona “Kuch nahi”* Ye kuch nahi hai? *Picks her up* (“Nothing” this is nothing?)
Sona- Dev!! Me chal sakti hu!! (Dev!! I can walk!!)
Dev- Dikh raha hai kitna chal sakti ho *Walks towards entrence of door* Chal sakti ho!! Kuch bhi kitni lagi hai firbhi me chal sakti hu dev utaro!! Me stranger nahi hu you know me for so many years but still so shy *While murmuring enters the house without realizing something* (I can see how much you can walk *Walks towards entrance of door *you can walk!! Anything, so hurt but still I can walk leave me!! Im not stranger you know me for so many years but still so shy *While murmuring enters the house without realizing something*)
Sona-Dev!! *As soon as they enter the house* Ye kya kiya tumne!! (What did you do!!)
Dev-*Still having sona in his arms* Kya kiy… SHIT!! (What did I d… SHIT!!)
What did dev do? Something wrong or right? Stay tuned to know!! Love dove!!

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