Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 24)

Episode 24
In Morning
At Raheja Mansion
9:00 AM
Ritik and Shivanya: enters into the house and everyone gets happy to see them .
Everyone asks them how was honeymoon of them.both tell it was very good and they both enjoyed a lot .
Mihir and Sudha : tells to Ritik and Shivanya that go to your room and do rest .
Ritik and Shivanya : goes to their room . before leaving
Ragini and Divya : demands hug from their Bhaiya and Bhabhi .
Ritik and Shivanya : gives hug to Ragini and Divya and leaves to their room .

In Rivanya
Shivanya: opens the door of room and both goes inside and unpacks all and puts back in cupboard and goes sit cozily to Ritik
Ritik: holding her and caressing her face with his hand and kisses her forehead .
In Ragini’s room
Ragini: Lost in thoughts of Sanskar and starts to remember all momemts that she spent with sanskar and how he saved him from vicky .
At Maheshwari Mansion
In Sanskar’s room
Sanskar: Lost in thoughts of Ragini and starts to remember all momemts with her he has spent with her and remembers how vicky and rocky did accident of her and then tried molest her .
At Kapoor Mansion

In Shesha’s room
Shesha: wakes up with smiling face and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs and asks maa to give her coffee.
After couple of min both Ram and Ishaani came downstairs and asks for tea and coffee .
In Kitchen
Priya: starts making tea and coffee and in 16 min coffee and tea are ready and gives them
All drinks their tea and coffee together . after that both Shesha and Ishaani tells to maa and papa that
Ishaani: Ranveer is taking me out on dinner date
Shesha: Vikram is also taking me out on date .
Both Ram and Priya gets happy for their daughters and tell them to enjoy at full .
After couple of min Ram phone’s rings and he picks it up and sees it is Mihir phone and says hello .
Mihir : hello Ram today we should go and purchase that car what do you say .
Ram : yeah u are right we should go and buy that car today only and disconnects the call.
Mihir: also disconnects the call .
Ram : tells to Priya that we all four are gifting Ritik and Shivanya a car as wedding present .
Priya : gets happy with this and hugs Ram
After couple of min later both Shesha and Ishaani got ready and came downstairs and went to their clinic and office

In Afternoon
At Lamborghini Aventador
We see Ram and Mihir are at lamborghini car show room to buy a car after an hrs finally they chose a black color lamborghini aventador for Ritik and Shivanya and buys it .
After 2hrs both Ram and Mihir brings that car at Raheja Mansion
Mahesh , Nishtha and Sudha : asks Mihir and Ram what they have brought .
Mihir : tells to them this new car for Ritik and Shivanya as wedding gift .
Mahesh , Nishtha and Sudha : ok
All Ranveer , Ragini , Divya and Vikram loves the new car asks for whom they have brought for
Mihir and Ram : tells to them this is wedding gift for Ritik and Shivanya .
Ram: leaves back in his car and goes back to his house .
Mihir and Sudha: calls Ritik and Shivanya
Both Ritik and Shivanya comes downstairs and goes outside and sees a beautiful car asks maa and papa who car it is .
Mihir and Sudha: tells this your new car for both of you as wedding present from me , sudha and ram & priya ( Shivanya’s parents)
Both Ritik and Shivanya loves their car and tells thanks to papa and maa .

After 2 hrs
In Living room
Vikram : talking to Ritik bhaiya and Shivanya Bhabhi and tells them he is taking Shesha out on 2nd date today and tells them he will confess his love to her tonight.
Ritik and Shivanya : gets happy that Shesha is going on date with him
Shivanya: tells to Vikram that take her on beach and organise a candle light dinner and then confess your love .
Vikram: thanks bhabhi for your help .
Both Ritik and Shivanya leaves back to their room
Back at Kapoor Mansion
4:00 PM
Both Shesha and Ishaani returns back home and priya sees this and asks them why they have come home early .
Shesha and Ishaani: tells maa there no more work left so they came back home and leaves to their room .
As 3 hrs more passed

At Night
At Raheja Mansion
In Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: start getting ready for his date with Ishaani and in 10 min he is ready and leaves for Kapoor mansion
At Kapoor Mansion
In Ishaani’s room
Ishaani: start getting ready for his date with Ranveer and 5 min she is ready and goes downstairs and waits for Ranveer to arrive .
After 20 min
Ranveer : arrives and picks up Ishaani for their date and leaves for date and reaches at
5star restaurent
Both Ranveer and Ishaani goes inside and takes their seat and orders their food
Ishaani: tells to Ranveer that he is looking handsome in this suit .
Ranveer: thanks and smiles .
Back at Raheja Mansion
Vikram : gets ready and leaves for date with Shesha and leaves for kapoor mansion for pick up her up .
At Kapoor Mansion
In Shesha’s room
Shesha: gets ready and goes downstairs and waits for Vikram to arrive
After 10 min
Vikram : arrives and pick her up and leaves for special place for date and reaches in 30 min at that place
At Beach
Shesha: sees a table with candle and food kept over there and she goes near table suddenly rose petals fall on her and she smiles .
Both Vikram and Shesha does dinner together and after dinner is over both dances on soft tune music for while
Vikram : tells to Shesha that he wants to say something to her
Shesha: tells to Vikram she also want to say something to him
Vikram : says “ I love you “ Shesha
Shesha: says” I love you “ Vikram
Both hug each other and vikram kisses her forehead .
Back at 5star restaurent
Both Ranveer and Ishaani are talking with each other
Waiter: bring food for them and gives it them and leaves .
Both Ranveer and Ishaani starts having their food and after having food .
Ranveer: pays the bill and both leaves the place and goes to their car .

Back at Beach
Vikram: gives a couple of red roses to her and chocolet box as gift .
Shesha: happily takes it and kisses vikram on cheek .
Vikram : smiles
Back at car
Ranveer: tells Ishaani to sit in car .
Ishaani: sits in car
Ranveer : starts the and drops her back to her home safely and leaves back for his home .
At Kapoor Mansion
Ishaani enters into home and straight goes to his room and falls asleep.
At Raheja Mansion
Ranveer: enters into home and straight goes to his room and falls asleep .
Back at Beach
Shesha: asks vikram can he drop her back her home .
Vikram: sure why not and tells her to sit on bike .
Shesha: sits on bike holding him tightly .
Vikram : starts the bike and drops her home back and leaves back for his home .
At Kapoor Mansion
Shesha: goes straight to their room and falls sleep .
At Raheja Mansion
Vikram : comes back home and straight goes to his room and falls asleep .
As 2 weeks passed
It was day when Vikram , Divya , Mahesh and Nishtha were going back to Austria
In Afternoon

At Airport
Both Raheja family and Kapoor family are there to bid goodbye to them
We see announcer announces that all the passengers of Austria flight please come board .
Mihir and Sudha : says goodbye Mahesh and Nishtha .
Ritik and Shivanya: says good bye to Divya and Vikram and hugs them .
Ranveer and Ragini: says goodbye to uncle and aunt and to Divya and Vikram .
Then we Vikram going in torwards the plane and in background “Channa Mereya” is playing .
Shesha: sees Vikram going can’t able to control her tears and runs torwards him and hugs him tightly .
Vikram: removes her tears from her eyes and says he will try come back soon .
Shesha: gets happy and says to him that she will be waiting for him and waves him.
Plane takes off for Austria and we see Mahesh , Nishtha , Vikram and Divya have left for Austria .
After some time all leaves back to torwards their home and gets back in work again .
The End ( Season 1)

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