rivanya- forever with u part -6

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Rithik: shivanya! Ready?
Shivanya: yes, but one problem
Rithik: its maths, i cant byheart but i need to workout
Rithik: no problem , i will work out u jus watch how i do
Shesha: even i will watch
Rithik: what a timing shesha
Shesha: did i disturb u
Rithik: not at all( in mind “yessssssssssssss”)
rithik sits next to shivanya in the bed and teach her while shesha looks at them and silently takes a pictures of them sitting closely and goes from there

Shivanya looses her focus and stares at rithik
Rithik: boring?
Shivanya: no, i will be missing u after few months
Rithik gets sad
Rithik: then dont go.
Shivanya: what?
Rithik: i mean .. visit me often
Shivanya smiles and gets down for dinner

a month passes by and rithik’s attraction towards shivanya grows and shivanya’s friendship with rithik grows .

Doctor: ur wife is fine , she jus need some practise . That will be fine
Rithik: about her exams
Doctor : practise daily, she can write her exams without too much stress
Rithik: thank u doctor

Rithik: shivanya! Ready for ur exams?
Shivanya: no, i’m practising
Rithik goes near her and gets hold of her hand
Shivanya(with confusion): what !what r u doing rithik
Rithik: now stretch ur arm else u cant write
Shivanya: but its paining rirthik
Rithik: come lets try once again
rithik holds her hand and help her in stretching ..and slowly get mesimerized in her beauty
suddenly shesha comes
Shesha: oops! Sorry i came in without knocking
Shivanya: no, we were practising my excercise, rithik was helping me out
Shesha: is it so rithik(smiles at rithik)
Rithik: i wanna say something to u shesha come along(he takes her out)

Shesha: what rithik? Wanna say something
Rithik: as a friend u shud be helping me , not spoiling
Shesha: aiyoo rithik, go propose her,else she wont understand
Rithik: what? Propose her?
Shesha: her birthday fall the next day after her exams gets over
Rithik: so what should i do
Shesha: shall i propose her, instead of u.
Rithik: no give me some ideas
Shesha: that’s ur problem

After that rithik calls someone and ask them to remind him something and to reserve something on her birthday
On exam day

Rithik: hey shivanya ready? Shall we go
Shivanya(with hesitation): yes
shesha and angad wish her all the best
Both get in the car

Rithik: now i feel like a father
Shivanya: whatttttttt
Rithik: no, not like that. Sending u to exams, wishing u all the best and praying for ur results, taking care of u.. these things . Even our parents would hav done us the same naa. Now i feel how they must hav felt at that time
Shivanya: actually ur not my husband, u r my friend, sometimes a father, sometimes my mother and always my wellwisher. I donno what to do in return to u. But I will pray god to give u a good understanding wife, who will never leave u and loves u morethan others and respects you
Rithik(he has already give me): haaan.. if u wanna return a favour , then get me a medal. You know state rankers get them.
Shivanya: i will try
Rithik: shivanya! Shoul i stop outside or inside
Shivanya: go inside
Rithik: but last time u said to stop here itself
Shivanya: last time i was wrong, i need not prove others about our relationship
Rithik: what if they ask
Shivanya: i will say that u r my husband
Rithik: All the best. I will be waiting for u outside .

She writes her exam successfully

someone call’s rithik and rithik goes out
Rithik: hello! Any news
Person: yes ,sir it is true
Rithik:really!, then did u offer them
Person: yes sir as u said
Rithik: results?
Person: Positive
Rithik: really , i will pay u half the amount now and the rest after the day ok?
Person: ok sir
Rithik: make sure the arrangements are as i stated
Person:yes sir(ends the call)

He enters his room
Shivanya: rithik, i was searching u
Rithik: want anything?
Shivanya: these three months, i cant forget.
Rithik: what happened?
Shivanya: i donno, i felt like saying these
She went and hugged him and said
Shivanya: u will always remain as my best friend, ur memories are the best one. Wherever i go ur memories wont fade
Rithik: why r u saying these words come lets go down for dinner

Rithik: hey,guys we are going out after dinner, r u guys comming?
Rithik goes behind shivanya and waves thenm not to come and then sits in his chair
Shesha: no i hav some work
Angad: even, i hav some work
Rithik: same workaah?(giggle)
Shesha: shutup, else u will get another anser( to come along)
Rithik: then ok , shivanya will come with me.
Shivanya: me?
Rithik: wont u? Dont say u r also going to desert me like them
Shivanya: no , i will come.
Rithik gets happy and goes to room

Rithik: shivanya, one request
Shivanya: what
Rithik: can u wear saree today? Only if u r ok
Shivanya: are v meeting anyone?
Rithik: if u r comfortable can u wear?
Shivanya takes her saree and goes
At 11:30 pm she comes out
she was wearing while keralite type saree with red silk blouse, with free hair style and her jhumki with small bindi, she was like angel for rithik
He was jus staring at her as long as even without a blink
Rithik: u look beautiful
Shivanya: thank u ( kind of blush)shall we move.
Rithik: yes.
Rithik opens the front door for shivanya and he drives the car to some restaurant.
Makes her sit in a couples table. She started feeling weird. Rithik came sat next to her very closes, she felt some kind of new feelings. He then whispers in her ears happy bithday and my present will be the best one and asked her to keep mum. She was little nervous,then she heard some footsteps in the nearby table but was not able to see since there was a screen between them.
Man: sit
WOMEN:thank u
MAN: i am sorry, for all these years and now i repent . I greatest mistake i hav done was leaving u alone.
Women: no, i was at mistake
Man: i love u Ragini
Women: even me Nei, never leave me again
Man: not at all
Shivanya was shocked, surprised and tears were running down , yes it was her dad and mom. She left ,nd went to their car .
Rithik: shivanya, are u ok?
Shivanya ran to him and hugged him tightly
Shivanya: i hav longed for this day, and u made t. U r correct, u gave me the best gift
Rithik hugged her and slowly held her cheeks in his hand and slowly kissed her forehead and said
“ shivanya I LOVE U”


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  1. Oh my god such a good episode loved every bit ❤️ Can’t wait for rithik to tell shivanya he loves her ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. Rivanyafanforever

    Wow but don’t end this

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