rivanya- forever with u part -4

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Shesha: hello ! Shivanya…
Shivanya: bolo shesha
Shesha: mom is visiting us in the evening so can u get home early?
Shivanya: yes, i will
Shesha: what if she finds about u?
Shivanya: no , she wont
Shesha: so sure about it
Shivanya: yes…bye

its 2 ‘noon and shivanya gets a call
Shivanya: hello
Rithik: hey, its me rithik
Shivanya: yes, rithik is there anything important?
Rithik: no , i am leaving my office now and i will be passing through ur college, so i u r ready i will take u home,…because ur parents are visiting us
Shivanya(with hesitation): ok, then i will stand there in the place here u dropped me in the morning in another fifteen minutes
Rithik gets happy and ends the call

2:15 PM
rithik stands at the other end of the road with his car(actually he was bit early)

Rithik: shivanya!!this side !i am standing here !Wait i will Come there
Shivanaya(looks ath him): No !wait i will come by myself
And runs towards rithik but she doesnts looks at the motorcycle coming towards her
And in seconds everythig happens
Rithik: Shivanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!shivanya!Shivanyaa………..
(rithiks runs towards her shouting)
Shivanya: aah, its hurting rithik
Rithik: shivanya ! Dont worry ,We wil go to hospital
(he carries her in his arms towards the car and they reach hospital)
Rithik: doctor! Please check my wife soon !please
Doctor: please fill the form we will start the first aid

Rithik waits outside the operation theatre with tears falling for each passing seconds.
Doctor: Rithik, dont worry ,its was jus minor injury.. ur wife must take one month bed rest since her right hand is fractured and she must carry anything heavy for next three months. And u can discharge her anytime.

Rithik: Thank u soo much doctor. Can i see her?
Doctor : yes ,she is now conscious
Rithik enters the room and finds shivanya lying , she goes near her
Rithik: dont ever frighten me like this
Shivanya: i am sorry, Rithik
Rithik: (with tears in his eye) i will never let anything happen to u,last time god took my mom and dad, but this time i wont let him succeed in taking
Shivanya: i promise i wont go away from u like them
Rithik: then shall we go home?
Shivanya: papa and mama must hav arrived
Rithik goes and lifts her
Shivanya: rithik, i think i can walk

Rithik: oh sorry, i didint notice
Shivanaya: its ok
Rithik: by the way u must take one month leave
Shivany: but i donno how i am going to write my xams i i miss one month
Rithik: we will solve one problem at a time , or now we must go home


Ragini: shesha why are the not picking ur call
Shesha:Rithik must be driving
Ragini: then shivanya can take the call..
Angad: Aunty dont worry they will come home soon
Neil: i hope so

rithik and shivanya arrives

Neil : shivanya what happened to u?
All ask rithik , and he tells them about the incident

Ragini: wow, i took care of her very well
Shivanya: mom, he has nothing to do with this
Neil: but u r his responsibilty now
Rithik: uncle, u talk about responsibilities, u let ur daughter and wife in half way jus remember that
Ragini: it was my problem and u please dont worry about that
Neil: i let them because i knew ragini is capable of bringing shesha alone, and ofcourse she did it, but u

Ragini: Neil lets go from here, i cant hear disrespect for u
Neil: shivanya and shesha ,when u realize that ur decision is wrong come back home, we will be still there to support u
Angad: uncle!Aunty! Sorry please wait
Neil: please teach that respect to ur brother, i donno how shivanya loved him.

they let and Rithik moved towards his room

Shivanya: rithik, i know this accident was not ur fault and u did this marriage out of option. But my parents never knew of these things, u should hav given them some respect even if u dont like them

Rithik: do u think i dont respect them.., they are like my parents. But after these three months when u leave home they will ind ault only with me and nott u. Moreover did u see Uncle and Aunty were supporting each other when i said badly about them. U r correct they still love each other

Shivanya(tears falling ): i am sorry.. i miss understood u. But u hav assasinated ur character for me.
Rithik: it wont matter after three months, ok u should take rest.

Rithik gives her tablets and makes her sleep

Rithik goes down to take water
Shesha: Rithik, wait
Rithik: haan Shesha… u wanna ask anything
Shesha: u shuldnt hav spoken to him like that
Rithik: to who?
Shesha: papa
Rithik: but i thought u hated him
Shesha: my hatred or love has nothing to do with the respect which u shud give
Rithik: then , shall i go to my room, i hav to give tablets to shivanya
Shesha: but u didnt answer me
Rithik leaves room there(he thinks his plan worked very well)

He goes near shivanya and sits besides her, just looking how peacefully she sleeps
Rithik: i lov u shivanya, and my love is unconditional, it doesnt matter whether u love me back or not, and i wil do everything to make u happy

Angad hears all these and goes from there silently.


Ragini: Neil, why dont we bring shivanya back home untill sh gets well
Neil: do u think she will come
Ragini : i know she wont but u know she needs some help, and this rithik..
Neil: dont worry shesha is with her
(Ragini hugs him and cries)
Neil: dont worry i wont let anything bad happen


rithik : shivanya!shivanya! Get up , its eight
Shivanya(aah , shouts in pain): sorry , i think i slept uncontrolablly.
Rithik: because u r taking medinces. Now get up slowly and get ready , i will bring breakfast here.
Shivanya: no, i will take it by myself. You please get ready for office
Rithik: i hav said u already , get ready i will bring food !ok?
Shivanya nods

Rithik brings breakfast from kitchen while Shesha jus watches him
Shivanya: keep it there and go i will eat
Rthik: not unless u eat it completely and take ur medicines

Shivanya tries to eat with her left hand but Rithik intrudes
Rithik: Can i help?
Shivanya:no ,its ok . I will use spoons
Rithik: but that wont do with chapatti’s i think
(And he feed her by his hands)

Shivanya: Rithik, enough . I hav already eaten a lot.
Rithik: no , u havent eaten two. First complete two,then take tablets, then i will leave
Shivanya stares him
Rithik: no choice , u hav to eat
Shesha comes there to check shivanya, but after looking at them she moves from there
Shivanya: Rithik! Thank u soo much
Rithik: again! If u wanna thank me, then get well soon and help me from ur sister’s dishes.
Both laugh


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  1. Anjaly

    super episode

  2. Really superb ! Loved it

  3. Really good episode

  4. Is Ritik rich in this ff??? Pls tell me

  5. Rivanya

    Yesik rithik is rich, md of raheja construction

    thank you friends for ur comments , I try to put my best and update one episode per day

    1. Then why does Shivanya go to college by bus?? Why can’t she take one of ritik’s car??

  6. Rivanya

    Because she didnt want to get help from rithik

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