rivanya- forever with u part -3

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Ragini: Neil, dont u think we must see them
Neil: no, i dont think
Ragini: y do say something xactly opposite to what i think
Neil: if u want to meet them u r independent enough to meet them
Ragini: but what will Rithik think about us
Neil : then dont go
Ragini: i shouldnt hav expected this from you, u hav never changed and u willl never chandge
Neil: wait tomorrow sharp 5 in the evening we will be going
Ragini: thank u
Neil: i did that for my daughters
ragini smirks and goes from there


Shivanya gets early and starts her breakfast preparations and then shesha arrives
Shesha: what are u doing so early
Shivanya: its already seven
Shesha : whatever, go and get ready for college,i will do
Shivanya: But people must eat na?
Shesha: of course angad will eat anything i give(and laughs)
Shivanya: but even rithik is here
Shesha: too concerned about …..him
Shivanya: no ,about my breakfast. See i stay here like a paying guest, so i will do these duties untill i leave
Shesha: dont say like that, i am ur sister and u hav all rights.., i was jus kidding
Shivanya: take it light, i thought it will be better than awakening u
Shesha: ok we will take turns ok ?

Shiavaya: ok , now go and help angad
Shesha: no first my sister and then him
(they both cook and then shivanya goes to her room, she still finds rithik sleeping)
Shivanya: Rithik!Rithik!(he doesnt respond)
She goes near him , and steps on the water down the floor and falls and rithik

Both Rithik screams but shivanya puts her hand in his mouth and says
Shivanya: its me, dont shout ! Its already seven thirty, so i tried calling u but slipped
Both look at each other and shivanya still on rithik

Rithik: thank u for waking me up, but if u allow i will get ready
shivanya then thinks about her position on rithik and moves away from him in lighting speed
Shivanya: sorry!(with her eyes looking the floor)
Rithik: again! Now go get ready, i will drop u at ur college
Shivanya: its ok , i will take bus, no need to waste time in dropping me
Rithik: is it really that matters or the person who drops u matter?
Shivanya: yes…no…actually, i u drop me they might find our relationship
Rithik: then shall i drop u at the gate?
Shivanya: if u dont hav any trouble in dropping me
Rithik: then get ready soon…my wiiif, i mean my friend(he blabers )

All gather at dinning hall
Anagad: Shesha dear, u did all these items
Shesha: no shivanya
Angad: Bhaiya, now u can eat peacefully(everyone laughs except fr shesha)
Shesha: full of lies, men always change! What u told me?
Angad: what did i say?
Shesha: dear shesha!marry me, i will do cooking, cleaning and even washing clothes
Angad: shesha, is it necessary to say these oaths infront of all
Shesha: no just to remind u
Angad: yes ofcourse i remember(all laugh), Bhabhi can u pass me the plate?
(Shivanya didi suddenly changed to bhabhi, but she had to accept these changes, but shesha was not okk with this way of calling so she just avoided those kinds of talks)

Angad:Bhaiya, i will meet the client so u do those paper works
Rithik: even i was thinking about it, on the way i will drop shivanya too
Shivanya and rithik leave
Shesha: angad, what do u think abt rithik’s feeling towards shivanay
Angad: lover boy, like romeo-juliet
Shesha: y is ur mind always ull of dirt
Angad: then what, how will i know his mind, may be in some corner of his he might have feelings for bhabi
Shesha: no , that cant happen . She is doing all these for us and i cant force her into a relationship . She had a choice, but she sacrificed it for our sake And why do u call here Bhabi!Bhabhi, ?
Angad: because ,she is my brother’s wife(he goes near her and huggs her and says)
I know u r concerned about them , but u even know bhaiya very well, infact he is ur close friend, why dont u ask him?
Shesha: yes , i know him very well, he wont take advantage o her situation.I am sorry Angad(and hugs him back)
Angad: then can i leave my lady?
Shesha: yes, but with a promise that u willcome back soon
Angad: as soon as i can
(both leave)

shivanya is seated in the back seat and there’s a romantic song playing in the car and slowly rithik looks her through the mirror.
Rithik: Shivanya ! Can i ask u something?
Shivanya: yes, without hesitation
Rithik: i know u married me because of ur situation, but before that..
Shivanya: before that?
Rithik: did u love anyone ?
Shivanya : yes
Rithik stopped the car suddenly
Rithik: but u never said abt this
Shivanya: three people
Rithik: dont joke
Shivanya: mom, dad , shesha
Rithik(in mind feels relaxed): no not kind of love… a boy …
Shivanya: i am not lucky enough. I didnt even get my parental love.. half the time with papa nd then mom

Rithik(i am there , i will give everlasting love):then future plans???
Shivanya: i dont plan anthing , because i am fed up of failures. As of now i should complete my mba.
Rithik: yes, yes.that important right now(in mind thinks , i hav time till her mba completion )
Shivanya: rithik!stop here itself….And i…
Rithik: And …you…
Shivanya: ok i will tell u later
Rithik: wait say it and goooo..,else my head will burst
Shivanya: no, iam getting late… bye see u later
Rithik: byeeee…(just stands there as long as he coul see her)
he drove , but he was occupied by her thoughts alone and nothing else, just guessing what she wanted to say..)

bell ring
Rithik: hello! May i know who is this
NEIL: its me
Rithik: i donno anyone by the name “me”
Neil: Neil,ur father-in-law
(rithik jerks)
Rithik: sorry uncle,… i didnt save ur no
Neil: its ok. We might be visiting u today evening
Rithik: whaat!!! i mean wow!wow
Neil: so incase if u r going out jus inform me, i will visit someother day
Rithik: no problem u can visit us anytime, its like ur home
Neil: And then….I am sorry for that day, i know i shouldnt hav beaten u …, if u r still angry on me jus show it to me , not on my daughter
Rithik: Uncle y r u talking like that, u r like my father and i would hav done the same in ur position
And about shivanya, i love her and i will continue loving her , doesnt matter even if u beat me again.
Neil: then y did u put those conditions(history repeats) i cant understand u
Rithik: helo!helo! Uncle i think there is some kind of signal problem… meet u in the eveneing(tries to avoid)

Rithik calls shesha
Shesha: wassup?
Rithik: ur dad

Shesha: what !!
Rithik: ur parents are visting us in the evening so inform angad and shivanya
Shesha : sure?
Rithik: direct source of information
Shesha: ok !!!get ready for trouble(her dad)

Rithik starts thinking about shivanya , actually he needs some kind of reason to talk to her but then fears what i she thinkls bad about him.


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