Rishton Ka Manjha 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya comes to the camp

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Scene 1
Amitabh says get out of this house if you have a problem. Arjun says in heart I always wanted to leave the house but now I won’t. Arjun says this house is my grandparents’. Not yours. So you can’t kick me out. He brings money and says take it. Diya and my expense to live in this house. You will get it every day. This is my money.

Karan says to his manager you know what to with Diya. Tina calls and says all set for the big day? He says I hope Niharika did what we asked. Tina says I know she will do that. Karan says we need to know if she ate it or night. Niharika says they’re fighting. It’s a good chance. She mixes the drug in Diya’s food. Arjun says if you are done with your drama we need to go. Arjun comes to the kitchen and sees Niharika. Karan calls Dr. Sen and says come fast. Arjun says I said no one should come to the kitchen. Kush says Arjun leave it. Niharika says he still has it against me. She leaves in anger. Kush says best of luck Diya. Ajrun says Diya sit, let me get you breakfast.

Scene 2
Karan says to Dr. Sen you don’t have to do anything. Diya will have real drugs in her blood. Diya eats the soup. Niharika looks at her and says finally. Tina says your trust on Diya will break. You will meet me in a new form them. I have to make you stop hating me by apologizing to you. Niharika calls Tina and says it’s done. NO one can save her now. Tina says this is fantastic. You are amazing. Thank you, ask for anything. Badminton ties Diya and Arjun. I will end their relationship.

Scene 3
Diya and Arjun are on their way. Arjun says why are you upset? Forget about what happened in the house. Cheer up. Diya says I went to meet maa but she didn’t open her door. Arjun says chill, don’t care about who is happy and who’s upset. Badminton first and then all this. When you come back with the trophy maa will welcome you first. We have to win at any cost. You have to fight a lot in the camp. I am always with you. I am sure Karan must have planned a lot against you. He will start with fitness test. Diya says in heart our bond will become stronger.

Tina tells karan. He says thank you Tina. Tina says I did this so Diya is out of Arjun’s life. Arjun says Diya, camp is here. Your sky is here to fly. Fight with everything. Our war starts from here. You have to win from them. You know you are not alone. Diya says I know you are always with me as my strength. Arjun says if there is any problem call me. Diya goes in. The song agar tum saath ho plays. Diya hugs Arjun. Arjun says good luck. Diya goes inside the camp. Arjun looks at her.

Scene 4
The player says to Karan I won’t let her live here. Karan says defeat her at all costs. All the best. Karan says she won’t stay here in first place. Karan calls his men adn says get prepared. Diya comes in. Karan looks at her and says Mrs. Arjun Agarwal. finally, all the best. Diya says thank you sir. He says Arjun must have trianed you a lot. Everyone would have eyes on you. Agarwal family’s DIL. Let’see what happens this time. Are you scared? You can go back. Diya says I didn’t come here to go back. You will know my fitness soon. Karan says you’ve started talking like Arjun. His confidence broke so bad he could never speak again. I hope that doesn’t happen with you.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg where’s my comment I posted earlier??

  2. Arjun is always prepared…he has the money nd m glad he’s not leaving the house!! M pretty sure that Arjun made another soup for diya since he saw Niharika in the kitchen…so diya is drug free nd another failure for tinran…lol. Diya will win the championship nd also prove Arjun’s innocence about the drug case on him…mm just being positive guys!! The next 7 days will be very tough nd challenging for Arya but the end will be victorious…good luck Arya!!

    1. I’m really excited for all of this @Kitty especially to see Tinran fail and Arya win. Hopefully Diya achieves all of her goals!

    2. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to make her go back after all this. TinRan will definitely fail 😁 Tina is a fool to trust Niharika and Karana fool to trust Tina.

  3. I just burst out laughing at Karan, it’s the way he said history will repeat itselfπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I know he told Diya she’s overconfident, but he called the media and everything, he’s even gloated too, I hope this plan falls flat and Tinran and Niharika get a heart attack!
    Here’s the link:

    1. @A
      Thank you so much for the link!
      Yeah, they’ll fail but how? Cause Niharika told Madhuri that drugs have been found in Diya’s blood samples, she can’t say that unless the media is saying it…gosh, this is so twisted πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  4. @Kitty @AK I’m so proud of Arjun, he was already planning on leaving, but he stayed because it’s the opposite of what Amit would wantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Kitty, I think Arjun switched the food as well, he seemed to be deep in thought while Kush was apologizing about Niharika and then when he went to the bowl of food itself. We’ll have to wait for tomorrow. That doctor is really nervous, I wonder if he will mess up?
    What does Tuna mean by she’ll take a new form? All of their overconfidence is making me think that this plan won’t work.
    Poor Arjun, he was so traumatized that he won’t leave until Diya passes her fitness test, that means he didn’t even make it past his 1st day of badminton camp!😭 I realize that from the precap he’s calling Diya, maybe he figures everything out then and is calling Diya to know if she’s okay.
    Once they get past this, @Kitty the next 7 days will really be tough for Arya, because once this plan fails Karan and his villain team will stop at nothing to make things bad for Diya.
    On a positive note Arya’s hug was niceπŸ₯Ί I’m looking forward to the next episode, @AK I hope all is well!

    1. @A
      Agreed, Arjun loves bringing the worst out of Amitabh πŸ˜‚
      Yeah, the moment he saw Niharika in the kitchen, I could literally see his gears work 🀣 I suppose Tina’s new “form” meant the whole sari get-up of hers. Maybe she wants to make it look like she went into isolation, meditation and what not and became a new, “better” person….the idea itself is cracking me up 🀣🀣
      Smart of him to stay back till the fitness test got over, I’m not really sure about whether he did not pass the first level or not…doping tests happen even after they win right? Also, if he’s capanle enough to coach her, have a name of being a player and not only an Agarwal son…he must be having some merit right? He could’ve got his success, was at his peak and that’s when Karan pushed him down. Otherwise, a small player having some scandal shouldn’t get him this much of negative publicity, right?
      Next episode, come soon!
      Also, yes…the hug was an absolutely treasurbale moment ❀ Again, the song selection….Agar Tum Saath Ho (=If you are there with me)…the literal translation should give you an idea of how fitting it was, especially since he already mentioned it once or twice that even if he’s physically not there, he will always be there for her ❀🀧

  5. Yes I totally agree @A…nd thx for the precap link…it looks scary but m staying positive…I think it’s all imagination or dream.
    Niharika telling miss maddy about diya being drug positive but I believe it’s her dream…please please

    1. @Kitty
      I don’t think rkm likes dreams πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
      I heard from some spoiler updates in YT that press will surround Diya with drug abuse accusations however, Arjun will stand up for her. Something like that.

  6. Missing u @AK…hope all is well

    1. @Kitty @A
      All good here! 😁
      Just telly updates and zee5 simultaneously giving me some trouble. I did post some comments here but I guess they are not showing πŸ€”

    2. Glad to hear you’re okay @AK, sometimes this site gives trouble with posting comments. I hope everything gets sorted and you’ll be able to comment and watch shows without any problems. No problem with the precap, I just hope Zee 5 remains constant with putting them up.

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