Rishton Ka Manjha 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya gets injured

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Scene 1
Diya says it’s so spicy but so good. Arjun wipes her tears. He says happy? Let’s talk about the camp. Arjun says I listened to everything you said. But the next 7 days will decide your career. Forget everything for these seven days. Even me. You have to be the winner and not lose this chance. Diya says I will give my best. Arjun says you can’t lose. Diya says in heart the 7 days will change our lives. She says in heart I will prove your innocence in these seven days. Diya asks Arjun do you call papa Mr. Agarwal because he didn’t help you or is ther another reason?

Arjun says you would know what a father is. He’s a superman for a kid. The one who protects and supports him. I thought Mr. Agarwal my that dad for me. He’s my strength, he will protect me. But he didn’t do it. When I was accused of drugs, he just saw my destruction and said leave badminton. He didn’t help me. I lost both my career and my dad that day. He didn’t help me, if he can see me like that he can’t be my dad. He’s Mr. Agarwal. Whatever happened with me, I want you to give its answer. No one stood with me, but I am always with you. We have to win. He gets emotional. Diya holds his hand and says we will win. Diya says in heart sorry maa I have to play badminton for Arjun.

Scene 2
Depika says so much shopping. Diya says Arjun got all these things. Arjun says Diya you get rest. He says bhabhi can you please pack all this for Diya? Diya says don’t worry. She says you both care so much for each other. Niharika says time for the plan. She will break her legs. Diya says to Depika I will pack don’t worry. Diya goes to her room. Niharika says time for the plan to execute. Diya comes to the washroom. She washes her face. Diya slips and hits her head on the wall. She screams.

Arjun runs upstairs. Niharika hides. She says I should call mummy ji. Diya screams. She says I slipped Arjun. Kush calls the doctor. Madhuri says is it hurting? Diya says it’s better. The doctor comes. She checks Diya. Her back, foot and head are injured. The doctor says she’s fine. There’s no serious injury. She will be fine. Diya gets up. She says I was telling them the same. Diya says let me walk and show yo. She walks. She says see maa, I am fine. The doctor says that means there’s no fracture. Get one Xray done to be careful. Niharika says why does she get lucky every time. Arjun says Diya you should rest.Arjun goes out.

Diya says to Mahduri I want to talk to you maa. She looks at Niharika. Diya says but in person. Niharika says carry on. She tries to listen in. Madhuri shuts the door. Diya says tomorrow.. Madhuri says tomorrow you’re going to the camp? Just say clearly that you are telling me that you’re going. Diya says please listen. Maduri says you are injured but you want to go. What craze is this? Once my Arjun had the same craze and it destroyed his life. I won’t let anyone else be it’s victim. You won’t play badminton. I won’t you go. She breaks her racket and says it has destroyed this house. Diya says maa please. Stop. You broke the bed. Diya tapes it. Diya says I can fix this small crack with tape but what about the ones on Arjun’s heart? He left badminton but there is no life in him. He’s broken. There are many cracks in his heart. How will you fill them? He had to suffer so much. His heart is still sad. I have to dry his tears and I know I can do that. As your DIL, I shouldn’t say no to you. But I am a wife too. I should help my husband. I want to give him a new hope. Please give me one chance, if I lose, I will leave badminton but if I win you will get your Arjun back. I promise you. Madhuri leaves. Diya says this camp is a battle for me that I want to fight for Arjun.

Episosde ends

Precap-Diya says I want to collect all the proofs against that Karan and expose him. I will get this stain off Arjun. Only then the old Arjun will come back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. The fall was real but thank god diya is not SERIOUSLY injured!! I wish Niharika falls n break her leg next time…so she can get a break from her foolish dumb unsuccessful planning. Idk if anyone agrees but Niharikas personality doesn’t suit her role….she’s more like a comedian than a villain. I will watch than comment later

    1. @Kitty I agree with you, Niharika doesn’t fit the villain role at all, @AK and I commented about this on the 3rd december update, Niharika, Kush and Diya will make an awesome comedic team, I can imagine them going out on missions and pulling pranks on everyone (Niharika’s overacting will be put to good use🤭)
      But I’m so happy.Diya isn’t seriously injured, although she seens to be covering it up.
      I’ll be back to comment later (I have some pending work) the episode today was so emotional, Arjun almost made me cry, he’s been carrying so much alone. I’m really happy he married Diya and that she’s by his side now to support him and they’re there for each other😭😭

    2. @Kitty @A
      Agreed, Niharika’s personality does not suit that of a villain at all 😅 She’s silly, one of those tube-light types. The bgm they give her is the only villainous thing, otherwise with her dimples and ott expressions, no one can ever be convinced she’s a villain 😂. Again, I’m glad that they gave Arjun one night away from that house to open up…otherwise the whole house would’ve been busy eavesdropping. They should go for more outdoor shooting, I remember the first 4-5 episodes in jamshedpur, those were pure bliss ❤ Madhuri goes crazy time and again. Let’s see how the camp goes.

  2. @AK @Kitty I have a theory, but you know how this goes with us trying to predict rkm😂 I’ll still give it a try though, let me know your thoughts:
    Firstly, I’m not sure if Diya will be able to discover the entire truth right? I mean that’s the whole mystery of the show, but who knows what else can come up. So Diya is going to camp for 7 days, we all know she’ll be given super bahu powers because she has to gather evidence and solve Arjun’s scandal, prove Maddy wrong and become a badminton champ. This all seems like good build up episode tracks for our 100 episode milestone I could be wrong but what say @AK & @Kitty I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but this seems more like a build up??

    1. I’m actually excited for the badminton camp, as long as they keep things interesting, I’m good, but I’m waiting for your bets @AK&@Kitty. How long will it take for Arjun to sneak into the camp??🤔

    2. Your responses and calculations🤣🤣 thanks @AK &@Kitty. Let’s see if we are right in what we say😉

    3. Yes I agree @A..i think diya will be a badminton champion nd be successful with her investigation nd prove Arjuns innocence!! Arjun will sneak in maybe on day 1 if not then day two…lol

    4. @A @Kitty
      An hour or two maybe….he’ll be there soon 😌
      Super bahu powers 😂 Till now Arjun had all that super bahu powers, let’s see if makers are willing to give back those powers to our actual bahu, or Arjun will go solving his own case as well (I don’t trust rkm writers, they are capable of anything) 😁

    1. @A
      She said she’ll expose Karan and bring back the old Arjun. That’s a mix of being upset, angry and kinda vengeance as well? Karan should be careful of her, she sounded a bit scary to me 😅

    2. Lol I just realized we got the written update😅 I’m so used to not getting it. But yes, the tone around Diya’s character has shifted a bit, she seems more serious and I agree kinda scary @AK. Let’s see if she has really changed👀

  3. The episode was great, we actually got to see Arjun’s side of things, he really was treated unfairly, he didn’t deserve what happened to him. No matter what excuses Amitabh gives it would never be a good enough reason to make your son go through something like this. I’m glad Arjun was finally able to open up to someone, I truly hope for the best for Diya on her mission to clear Arjun’s name, but if anything I know she’ll win the camp and make Arjun proud.
    There’s progress in their relationship, it’s not the usual romance like we’re used to seeing, but it’s subtle/quiet and slow. I like this approach, it’s the little things they do, say and even how they look at each other that shows how much they care about each other like Deepika says, the way Diya refers to Arjun to Maddy as her Arjun, how Arjun wiped Diya’s face, gently and how he looks at her in that moment, also when Diya held his hand, it wasn’t as big as a hug, which is what I thought would’ve happened, but them holding hands was actually much better, Arjun’s expression when she held her hand was worth more than a hug (to me). I see Meet’s relationship progression is similar, very slow but I know this build up is worth it and I like this approach, relationships aren’t built just like that, like anything under construction, it takes time and I can’t wait to fully appreciate the romance and love from each couple as time goes on.
    All the best to Diya!🧿🧿🧿

    1. @A
      Agreed. I was waiting for this episode from the beginning, this opening up. Was very doubtful if they would give it or not since this is itv, but I’m glad they did. In fact, very much appreciated that this scene was given in a continuous flow rather than bringing up Niharika or Madhuri in between and ruining it. Yeah the progress is there, snail pace, but evident. And usually it would’ve been a hug, such scene have that kind of a set-up, but lending support by hand-holding…the clasp and the way they locked it, we are going back to symbolism of rkm again, loved it nevertheless ❤
      I’m not following Meet other than a few clips here and there. But then it’s ssp, they don’t ruin things, at least not in the beginning…so I’m assuming it must be going good as always (Ashi, Shagun both are phenomenal performers, no one can be disappointed with them).
      As for rkm, bring it on Mathur. This is more of a test for him cause he has the pressure to prove that he’s not as stupid as Tina or Niharika are 😁😂

    2. Yep Rkm and their symbolism again, maybe it means their relationship will grow stronger? I don’t know😂
      I heard Meet might get a bit more dramatic? I’m waiting to see, but I watch when I can, it’s a good show you’re right the lead actors are amazing as well.
      Let’s see what Karan is made of, all eyes are on him now🙃

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