Rishton Ka Manjha 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun does the arti

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Scene 1
Diya keeps the jewelry back in. Niharika says Arjun has met an accident after drinking. Diya drops the keys and runs downstairs. She cries and says what happened to Arjun? Madhuri says what happened? Diya says Arjun met an accident. I heard a woman saying he had an accident. Kush says he’s not in home. The guard says he never came home. Madhuri says but he isn’t back. Is he okay? Kush says this looks like a bad joke. Who could do it? Diya says it wasn’t a recognizable joke. Kush says in heart did Niharika did it? Dadi says he is fine. Don’t worry. Amitabh says this is either a joke or Diya must be creating a drama.

Lights go off. Arjun comes home with arti. Diya cries. Diya goes to him. the song tujh mein rab dikhta hai plays. Arjun says I thought you would be mad. No more wait. Why are you crying? You’re so stubborn. You threated me to be a part of he arti. I will do the dance as well. DAdi says see MAdhuri Diya did it. Arjun says to Kush you’ve danced enought after the wedding, let’s start.

Scene 2
Arjun, Love and Kush do the dance. Madhuri is happy. She asks Amitabh to go as well. Arjun stops seeing Amitabh. Amitabh comes back. Arjun continues. Madhuri smiles. Amitabh also dances with them. Niharika tells Tina Diya dropped the keys. I took the jewelry and toko it to mummy’s room. Amitabh takes Madhuri on floor too. She dances with them. Everyone is happy. Niharika says come Diya, you will also dance with us. Tina is angry. Diya dances with them. Diya looks at Arjun.

Scene 3
Karan’s dad says I have been ashamed everywhere. They are all questioning me. This time I am covering it that this is a conspiracy. You’re so over confident. His dad says how did they get the news then? Karan reaclls Arjun saying it was his game.

Arjun looks for Diya. Karan’s FIL says you should be glad you’re married to my daughter but if because of you my political career is risked, I will forget you are my SIL. Karan says now you see Arjun how I ruin Diya’s career. Diya is doing work out. Arjun comes and says what a surprise to see you working out. Are you not sleepy? Or were you thinking anyone? She says only badminton doesn’t let me sleep. It’s camp in two days. My dream is the same and it’s my priority. Arjun says chocolate? She says no. He says I was testing you. DIya says you can’t distract me. Diya says thanks for motivating me. Arjun says who was talking about my accident? Diya says I don’t know who did such a cheap joke.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. @AK the only thing we were right about was the accident being fake🤣, but why take off the lights? I watched without subtitles(I don’t know Hindi) so I don’t know if that was a part of Tuna’s plan. Niharika should be ashamed of herself she’s really dumb if she doesn’t realize that Tuna is using her to split up her family, if Niharika gets exposed, she alone will take the blame because Tuna never did anything, she just provided the plans🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope Kush figures out it was Niharika who did it, let her marriage face some troubles so she’ll have something to occupy her🙄
    Enough of that negativity😒
    Let’s talk about how the Agarwal family looked like a family today😭🥳🥳🥳 everyone dancing together looked so wholesome and beautiful❤❤👏🏻👏🏻
    And Arjun’s entrance was so dramatic😏, they really put our boy in the shoes of the female lead sterotype, he exposed a villain AND came back in time to fulfil his promise to his wife🥺❤ you can’t tell me they didn’t look cute together dancing and talking, I feel like he was scared she’d have been mad at him🥺❤
    I love how motivated Diya is she’s taking her workouts seriously, when Arjun has his hands behind his back, he’s up to something😂 when he pulled out that chocolate bar I laughed, it was a big bar of chocolate🤣 why do I feel like that chocolate bar was going to be his plan B to pacify Diya if she was mad at him🤣?
    Karan is in deep waters now😊 but now he’s going to come after Diya even more, I wonder what Diya said at the end that had them looking so worried? Probably about the camp in two days?

    1. @A
      I’m definitely surprised that you raced to watch the episode 😂❤. Yes, you were right about the accident being fake. Forget Tina, her vampish behavior at least has the reason that she was left at the alter. What does Niharika gain from her stunts? What is she getting from the so called friendship she has with Tina…not even a bit of respect! The precap did have Kush asking Niharika whether she had any role to play in the fake-accident thing and she gets scared. As you said, enough of the negativity.
      No, the lights out was not Tina’s plan. It was Arjun’s dramatic entrance 🤭. And truly, their scene got the charm cause of that darkness/light show, them in that little bubble, little world of their own ❤
      The Agarwal family was absolutely stunning today. Madhuri asking Diya to join them, the whole … togetherness … was heartwarming. Even Luv-Dipika had shared good moments today (of course, to notice them you have to lift your eyes from the beautiful couple we have, and spare a look at them). Arjun is the fl and ml of the show 🤣. The entrance, their talk…their scenes are coming out so well! He did look a bit scared on disappointing her, but as he said, he wait was over. The ending with the workout, it was a perfect episode!! Loving your theory on the plan B 😂
      Karan would get saved by his father-in-law. But yes, he’s gonna be after Diya more. ArYa got worried in the end because Arjun said that he heard from Madhuri about the accident thing and Diya was upset/disgusted that someone could play a prank like that. She wonders who it could be and why and Arjun also thinks the same.

      Ps. Once the subtitles come up, do watch the episode. It’s one of those, unmissable kinds and definitely rewatchable ones.

  2. I’m gonna continue with the thread for today’s episode.

    I’ll be honest. Yesterday’s precap had definitely got me curious but I was not expecting this. Given their relationship, their circumstances, their dynamics…especially when you’ve followed the show right from the start, did they give us any chance of expecting this? No. The more I watch today’s episode, the more I realize how important that hospital episode was. The shift, the changing momentum…they are covering it so well. When he entered, the “intezaar” he was talking about, the ‘wait’ and the ‘longing’ he recognized. Their little bubble, their world…right from the start, it has always been them against the world, isn’t it? The smile he had on his face throughout that not even his father, the very man he resents could make him falter that instant. He was happy and he was not afraid of showing it. And he deserves to be happy, he has gone through so much. The “then-him” and “now-him” shaping a “new-him”…and ultimately, the better-him. The bgm was so fitting today.
    He ain’t hiding behind his ‘for-Madhuri’ anymore. His open admittance that it was because of her. Even a leg-pulling Kush can’t make him hide behind other excuses again. And then again, the ending scene. Him checking up on her late night. Him simply asking her for absolute no reason, on whether she lost her sleep cause of someone. Their dynamics is still the same, but different. Confusing? Maybe for us, but not for them. Them, in their own world, know what they are doing. Both of them, Arjun and Diya, understand the shift better than the people around them, and us.
    Now is the moment when “Rishton Ka Manjha” the title is making a true sense, strings of relations. Weaving a new string into their story as time passes, a new shift. The ever-changing dynamics. ❤

    1. @AK you describe everything perfectly here I realized I commented along the same lines as your comment here. This was so unexpected, the hospital scene was important because it changed something in Arjun, I feel like we’ll see the changes piece by piece. Yup ,I agree it’s always been them against the world, I was so proud to see that Arjun never walked off in anger when Amitabh joined in, he just smiled and continued dancing, I love how he danced with Diya too, they’re really in their own bubble❤️, Arjun is truly beginning to find himself again🥺 I loved the bgm as well.
      I liked that he finally admitted that it was because of her too, Kush will be Kush with his teasing and Arjun’s comeback was quick, he shut Kush down😂
      Him asking Diya whether she lost sleep because of someone was an oddly specific question, like who would she be thinking about Karan?💀💀 as I said before I think Arjun is restless because of her, because he went on to specifically explain what he meant by his question. I get what you are saying, their dynamic is the same but different, confusing but I get it😉
      I love how you explained the meaning of “Rishton Ka Manjha”

  3. @AK I finally watched over the episode and you were right, it meant more when I understood the words🥺
    Here are my thoughts: Arjun is falling for Diya now, the way he was looking at her when he came back, he said he saw “something else in her eyes the wait, the never ending wait, and if she was waiting for him then the wait has ended, he’s back” the double meaning of those words, the slight smile on his face when he said it🥺❤️ it’s like she was waiting for him to realize that their is more to their relationship/marriage than badminton and for him to start feeling the same for her as she does for him😭(I’m probably reading too much into it but still😭)
    And why was Mr. Arjun roaming the hallways at 1:30am and coincidentally roaming around Diya’s room? plus why would he ask her if someone was in her thoughts that she couldn’t sleep? was that happening to him, that’s why he was awake🤔 then he was talking about getting distracted, hmmmmm foreshadowing???? lol I’m not going to guess ANYTHING🤣🤣
    Karan is out for vengeance I hope Arya will make it to the camp, why would he want to stop Diya from attending the camp, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless it is? I think Karan’s FIL is the real big bad villain here, I wonder what political position he holds that he has so much power over people🤔 was this mentioned and I missed it? and he seems to be just as corrupt as Karan and I wonder if he had a part to play in ending Arjun’s career?

    1. @A
      Yeah, what and how did Karan destroy his career, I’ve been thinking about it for so long…but given how rkm works, I’d rather not since I end up mistaken everytime 😅
      Yes, Arjun checking up on Diya, that at at 1.30 am of all times…and going as far as asking who she was thinking about. Diya may not have been thinking about anyone but he definitely was 😏
      You are not reading too much into it @A, all of us are analyzing the same things because of ArYa 😍 ❤

  4. Hey guys…m back but I have to catch up with the episodes n trust me I will. Just got back from Las Vegas that’s why I wasn’t commenting! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi @Kitty glad to finally hear from you!!❤️❤️❤️ you missed out on a lot, I hope you catch up soon🤞🏽🤞🏽 Oh you were out travelling, happy to hear that, I hope you enjoyed yourself and that your family is well😊❤️ Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!🎇🎇😄

    2. @Kitty
      Hope you had a good time! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 😁
      Will be waiting for you to catch-up! (Oh the Rollercoaster ride you’re gonna have while watching this week’s episodes, it’s worth it 😆)

  5. Hi @A
    Thanks…yes I have a lot to catch up….nd m loving meet nd some other shows too so I will do one show at a time…lol

    1. Yeah same here @Kitty Meet and Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa are two of my other favorite shows and I think we watch the same shows so I know you have a lot of catching up to do😅

  6. Also @A…if u wanna see Fahmaan…our dacter sahab…he’s in IMLIE now…a different character than in ATBA

    1. I don’t have Starplus, I know Fahmaan is there though, I have seen clips and reels on insta with him and I know he’s doing a great job. Right now Zee5 is the only network available for me, so I won’t be able to see him😭

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