Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya promises to not meet Arjun again

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Scene 1
Diya asks Arjun if he will play a game with her? I am not challenging you, I just want to play a game with you as we might not get another chance to play together. I have so many memories of badminton associated with you so I want to make a memory of playing with champion Arjun, please one game? Arjun recalls his incident and how he had to leave the court. He reluctantly takes the badminton from her but his hand shakes so Diya helps him hold it. Diya says you look at the racket with true love in your eyes. I want to see that Arjun today. Arjun wipes his eyes and gathers himself to play. He starts playing the game with Diya. They both sadly look at each other. Arjun says when life is changing then we shouldn’t stop the change, my gut feeling is saying that you will play the selection match on 4th and change your life forever. Diya smiles.

Diya comes home to see Madhuri and Tina there. Mohan glares at her. Diya asks what happened? Mohan asks from where are you coming? She says from the market. Mohan shouts lying again? Madhuri says I want to talk to her. She tells Diya that you rejected my gift but I want to ask something from you today, can you show humanity today also? Diya says sure, what do you want from me? Madhuri says I want you to return my son to me. Mohan says you thought we wouldn’t know anything? You would go and play badminton on the wedding day? Tina says Diya is smart. Madhuri says Arjun wants to train Diya which isn’t wrong but Arjun just got hurt from badminton so I want him to stay away from that sport. I don’t know what happened to him that he is going back to that sport. Diya says I feel weird hearing that, you think I brought Arjun back to the badminton court? The truth is I would have left badminton if it was not for Arjun, he has motivated me to play, I wanted to leave it but he told me that it’s not the end for me as I am not happy. He encouraged me to talk to Ajit about my sport. Mohan says you talked to Ajit? Diya says yes, he is supporting me and he doesn’t mind me playing badminton. Mohan says why can’t you understand that it’s not for you, you should stop playing. Madhuri says how will you play your match on the 4th as it’s your wedding day. Tina says we are not saying that you and Arjun are wrong but badminton has destroyed Arjun’s life. Madhuri says Arjun just started becoming normal, he is coming back to me but you are bringing him back to the past which pained him. Please don’t do that. I am not here to blame you but I am a mother and I am scared. Diya says I am sorry, I didn’t know this. Madhuri says promise me that you won’t bring Arjun closer to badminton again. Diya recalls her match with Arjun. Diya says if badminton is hurting Arjun then I promise badminton won’t come into Arjun’s life because of me. She leaves from there. Tina goes behind her.

Tina comes to Diya’s room and says I am sorry that you had to face this. We don’t want to hurt you but we want to keep Arjun away from badminton. You respect him so I hope you understand. Diya says I promise to not meet Arjun again. Tina says we are still friends, you are invited to all our wedding functions. Arjun would like it. Diya says okay. Tina glares at her and thinks I want to see how Arjun reacts to Diya in our sangeet function.

Arjun is sitting in his room and recalls Diya’s words that she can’t play the match. How they both want to come with a solution. Deepika comes there and asks Arjun to not go anywhere tomorrow as Guruji is coming tomorrow. Arjun says why do I have to stay here? I will come back around 11:30 AM. Deepika says we can’t keep him waiting, he is coming to bless you and Tina. Arjun says why does he want to meet me? You all will be here. Tina and Madhuri come there. Madhuri asks Arjun why do you say no to everything? Tina needs your time also. Tina says I need to spend time with you. Arjun says I can’t cancel my plans, I will come back after I am free. Madhuri says what’s so important that you can’t stay for your wedding functions? You won’t go anywhere without Tina now, you can go shopping with her. You won’t go anywhere for any personal work till the wedding. She leaves. Tina says I know you don’t like all this but I am excited to discuss the wedding with you, I have to discuss our London apartment also. She holds his hand and says I hope you understand. Arjun glares at her. She leaves. Arjun says I am stuck in this mess, why can’t they understand. If I don’t leave the house then how will I train Diya? He calls Diya and says we might have to shift the training time. Diya says no, not okay. I don’t want to play badminton anymore so we won’t meet again. Arjun is stunned. Diya cuts the call.

PRECAP – Guruji tells the family that Arjun’s wife will bring so much happiness in his life. Madhuri is happy to hear that.
Arjun asks Diya who told her to keep him away from badminton? Was it Madhuri or Tina? Diya looks away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ever since Diya came into his life, so did badminton and Arjun has changed for the better because of it,so I don’t see Maduri’s reason for saying that Arjun would get depressed again because of badminton🙄
    I want Diya to attend all of Arjun’s wedding functions and it will be so funny if they are outside training while everything is going on inside😂😂 Tina is inviting things on herself, she had the opportunity to keep Diya and Arjun away from each other,but she wants Diya to come to see Arjun’s reaction to her, be careful what you wish for Tina😉🙃🙃
    I wonder if we will get the scene from the promo, where Arjun was seen standing on a bridge as if he was going to jump and Diya comes up to him and stops him? Maybe he threatened to jump if she did not come to train with him?
    We already know Tina won’t be the one to bring happiness into Arjun’s life, he’s always annoyed whenever she’s around him🤭🤭🤭

  2. @JA
    I wish they would’ve brought the promo scene somewhere but I don’t think they would. Cause in the promo they were strangers which was quite evident, and I think we are definitely past the stage where they could called ‘strangers’ again. That very first promo was like a pre-story, subtly telling us about the theme but not the story itself….I may be wrong though (and I hope I am, I really want to see that scene 😕).

    1. @AK thank you for explaining the promo to me properly. It would be cool if we got the promo scene again though, because we have more context and they know each other🤞 I can’t wait to see what happens next though, the story has been going well so far.

    2. @AK I also saw your comment from yesterday’s episode, you are right, I could not explain it well, but you did and you’re right, Maduri only wants Arjun happy on her terms, that’s pretty selfish😳 And now that you mentioned it, October 4th seems like it’s years away😂 And the way they keep foreshadowing October 4th in the show isn’t helping with my patience at all, I keep telling myself to forget so that the date will reach faster😭

    3. @JA
      Yeah…Madhuri is selfish, that definitely is the right term. Both the families are bonkers, Diya’s especially. The only way they can make the families watchable is if they bring in comedy rather than drama, for example those occasional Niharika-Kush scenes are enjoyable…hope they bring in more of those.

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