Rishton Ka Manjha 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Madhuri steals the papers

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Scene 1
Diya gives Arjun arti. They both smile at each other. Diya says what happened? He says nothing. She does his arti. Diya makes him eat prasad. Diya says before starting anything, we should do arti. He says you are ready. Let’s go, we have to go with the papers. Diya comes to take the papers. Someone takes the papers out and hides. Diya says why do I feel like someone was here. She looks for the papers but they’re not there. Diya asks Arjun where did you keep the papers? He says in this drawer. Diya says they’re not here. I felt like someone was here. Arjun says I am sure it’s Niharika.

Scene 2
Arjun and Diya go to Niharika. Karan calls Niharika. Kush sees choti mausi name on her phone. He says Niharika your phone is ringing. Niharika picks it and says mausi how are you you? I am a little busy. He says I need those papers at any cost. She says Kush is a little busy. KAran says get those papers. Kush says why is choti mausi calling you a lot these days? She says mausi needed somethings. Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t you trust me? He says I don’t. Arjun comes to the room and says where are those papers?

Scene 3
The reporter says there are no proofs against Karan Mathur. How can we stay here without proof. Another reporter says this murder is related to Arjun’s drug case. He will come here with the proofs. Arjun asks niharika where are the inquiry report papers? I know you stole them. Diya says those are our last hope. Please give. Kush takes her phone and says you were talking to your mausi right. He takes her phone. Niharika says leave it. Madhuri says what’s happening here? He says this girl is always with our enemies. She stolee papers from Arjun’s room. Niharika says I didn’t. He unlocks her phone and calls choti mausi. Karan picks and says yes Niharika? Did you get the papers? Everyone is shocked. Arjun says Karan.. Karan hangs up. Karan says Arjun has her phone.

Kush says you stole the papers for Karan? He is about to slap her. Madhuri stops him and says what are you doing? Kush says she won’t stay in this house. Niharika says I don’t have the papers. Yes Karan asked me to steal the papers. But when I went to the room the papers weren’t there. I am not lying. Kush I didn’t steal. Kush says I can never trust you. You’re with Karan, shame on you. Get out of this house. Diya says please Niharika don’t drag it. She says Karan asked but I didn’t. Madhuri says she would tell if she did. Kush says I know she’s lying. Arjun says I spent 5 years with that fake accusation. Please give me my last chance. She says I don’t have them. No one trusts me in this house. I will leave this house myself. Madhuri says I don’t think she stole. Arjun says then where did the papers go? Madhuri is in tears.

Arjun hits the wall in anger. Diya says calm down. People are protesting. We can’t lose this chance. He says without papers? Diya says thankfully we know their names. Arjun says they won’t trust us. Diya says they can’t deny that they weren’t part of the inquiry. We will find the papers and find out who was Anjali Agarwal who gave statement against you. Madhuri hears it.

Scene 4
Karan comes to the protest. The reporters ask Arjun is this case related to you? Do you have any proofs that Karan got Dr. Sen killed? Arjun says I had proofs but he got them stolen from my house. And yes, you’re all right. Karan was part of his murder because Dr. Sen was part of the inquiry. In next 7 days I will expose all people who gave false statement against me and Karan will be charged.

Madhuri sees the news. Depika says Diya and Arjun are academy. Arjun has a proof against Karan, I hope he wins. I am really worried. Papa looks very upset. Madhuri says I want to be alone. Madhuri looks at the papers. She sees her statement. She stole the papers. Madhuri says he will find out one day that I am Anjali Agarwal. He will hate me. I don’t know how to stop them.
Arjun says Dr. Sen signed my fake reports. He was asked to make fake reports for Diya too. He didn’t this time. He was honest and gave his life. People protest against Karan. Karan sees the video and says Niharika didn’t steal and Arjun doesn’t have the papers. Then where are the papers? The media comes in and asks Karan you are accused of killing Dr. Sen and it’s related to Arjun’s drug case. Karan says it’s a shame that Arjun is using Dr. Sen’s death. We will get Dr. Sen justice and cooperate with the investigation. Karan says you won’t get the proofs Arjun. I will ruin your life.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Uff miss maddy…mad woman!! She made everything worse by stealing the proofs! Well I understand she was stuck between husband n son but couldn’t she tell the truth later wen mr stinky armpit didn’t support her as he promised??? Truth will be out sooner or later maybe in next 7 days so let’s see how long this will drag. M so irritated by brainless cockroach…like in yesterday’s episode..can he do anything himself rather than yelling nd screaming??? Miss maddy what do u expect from u …love u more for ur wrong doings?? Supporting mr stinky armpit?? I get it that moment if she didn’t agree to her husband’s saying maybe he would have killed himself but why she kept Arjun in the dark?? Poor Arjun hated his father but always loved his mother the most nd trusted her. Now we will have to watch more of miss maddy’s crying drama…smh. At least Kush caught Niharikas lies at least but 4 da 1st time wen she’s telling the truth nobody’s believing her except the thief itself/ miss maddy. Nd of course why should anyone trust or believe Niharika after so many lies right?? Idk how Arjun will react after finding the truth about his mamma…just scared 4 him. Sorry guys….m just frustrated rn

    1. It’s okay @Kitty I totally get where your frustration is coming from. And truly I’m worried about Arjun the most, we all saw how he reacted when he thought Diya betrayed him, how will he react when he realizes Maddy was the one who helped seal his drug case? Don’t worry though it’s all a part of the drama.

  2. I really loved the scene that show began with today. I just loved the way Arjun stared at Diya. He has already began falling for her. Just can’t wait for the day when both of them will confess their love for each other. Hope the upcoming episodes are as interesting as we are expecting and hope that Arjun and Diya are able prove Karan wrong.

    1. Arjun’s gaze from her face, to the toe-to-head look where we got to see what he saw, which was Diya looking absolutely beautiful in that outfit, I loved it, I hope they manage to squeeze in scenes like this, where they forget the chaos that’s going on for a bit.

  3. Oh yes, I’m hooked right now. This Karan-Arjun thing is something I had wanted to see right from the beginning. Both have made public statements. And Madhuri (no matter what her reason is) is proving to be a smart chess-piece. She can easily turn the tide for whoever she sides with. Niharika, for once she was saying the truth but no one believes her. Fair enough. Let’s see what they have in store for us.
    Ps. Oh yes @S, the beginning scene was ❤

    1. Niharika had this coming, she has no one to blame but herself. I hope the time away from home makes her realize her mistakes and she changes for the better. I didn’t like how Kush’s reaction was to raise his hand at Niharika, it doesn’t matter how important those papers are, he shouldn’t raise his hand. Why do I feel like Arjun is the only one who treats Diya with respect, even if he’s angry with her?

    2. @A
      Totally agreed. Raising your hand is not gonna change anything. I understand the frustration, but that can never justify it. And this was the 2nd time he did that. Yup, Arjun seems to be the only one who has that control over himself.

    1. Translation: Amitabh says Arjun should never figure out that Madhuri’s name before her marriage was Anjali. He wonders out loud, who stole the papers. Madhuri tells him that she did.

  4. @AK I agree with you, this is the all out war I’ve wanted to see with Karan and Arjun, but this build up made the wait worthwhile. Let’s see what our top villain has in store for our leads in the next 7 days (who knows how long that will be in RKM time lol?)

    Ah yes Maddy Maddy Maddy, I really am shocked at how she turned things around. I think she should just come out and tell the truth to Arjun, it’s best he heard it from her mouth instead of someone else. Although I don’t see why they didn’t take the statement from Armpit instead of Maddy. That’s kinda fishy if you ask me. Armpit’s name wasn’t mentioned on that list now that I think about it, so if anything, Maddy will be blamed. This has taken quite the turn. I honestly am excited to see where this leads. @Kitty, don’t worry, things will work out, but I’m just sad for Arjun though. I just feel like Maddy was set up in some way.

    @S and @AK. That opening scene was perfect, Arjun’s expressions and his complete change of behavior and demeanor are so fun to watch now and the song choice perfectly describes him and his life til now with Diya, I found the song, it’s heartfelt and amazing, after I got the lyrics in English lol ( link here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Paniyon+Sa ). Watching Arjun fall for Diya will be a delight to watch as well,

    I just had an idea though, there are about 20 episodes until they reach the 150 episode mark right? and given the nature of our show to, let’s say drag with a purpose, we may get this track for about 20 episodes? Remember, the last track lasted for about 19 or 20 episodes, maybe this is how they choose to show us different tracks? Therefore we should get ready for a long, but really exciting ride guys if I’m correct, but hey, either way I’m excited, the main theme/reason for the show surrounds this scandal and I can’t believe we’re at the starting point of unravelling the truth, let’s see how this goes.

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