Rishton Ka Manjha 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya and Arjun make it to the court


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Scene 1
Arjun says Diya eat something. You will need energy. Forget about what happened. Focus on the match. Your career and our life depends on this match. I will take care of my responsibilities just be there to support me. They get out of the car.

Amitabh says to dadi and Madhuri it happened because of you. Give him more leverage. Love says some made the video of Arjun doing the drama at Diya’s wedding and marrying her. It’s viral. Everyone has seen here. The goon who attacked Arjun, Diya was marrying him. arjun stopped it. Madhuri sees the video. Arjun fills Diya’s hairline. SHe says how could Arjun do this? He promised me he won’t break his promise. Love says we can’t blame Arjun. That girl and his family might have manipulated him. Amitabh says don’t let any press in.

Scene 2
Arjun says Karan will look for your weakness. You have to stay strong physically and emotionally. Diya says I will make sure I make no mistake. You have suffered a lot today as well. Everyone’s taunts. Tina’s anger. But you didn’t break your promise. I promise you I will win this match at all costs.

Amitabh says maa you said Arjun won’t make a mistake. He married a middle class girl. And you Madhuri.. Keep supporting him. Love go and handle the meida. Ask all guests to leave. MAdhuri says maa you said Arjun will come before his wedding. Amitabh says he will come but with his wife. His wife. Madhuri says I won’t even let her in. They will have to answer. I will go to her place.

Scene 3
Tina locks herself in the room. She says Diya no one can save yo from me now. Niharika says open the door.

Arjun says to Diya close your eyes and relax. Karan checks the security around the house. Singhal comes and says I won’t leave anyone. Your son played with my daughter’s life. He married that girl. Niharik says ma Tina.. Sanjev says what happened ot my daughter? Niharika says she is crying and locked in the room. What if she does suicide?

Karan says to his manager Arjun will come anytime. Stay alert. Tina recalls what Arjun said. She breaks things in anger. tina says I will take your life Diya. I will turn the world against you. Sanjev says Tina open the door. Everyone asks her to open the door. Sh saysb I know you love me papa. I want you to get pain and angry. So much that you ruin agarwals. They made a fun on me. I will show them what real drama is. She slits her wrist.

Scene 4
Karan says even if he reaches the court make sure he doesn’t get the match.

The media questions Kush. Kush tries to calm down media. Deepika calls him. He says what? Media hears and say tina is gonna suicide? Karan increases secuirty everywhere.

Tina comes out adn faints. Her hands is bleeding. Everyone screams. Karan says if she doesn’t come in 8 minutes lock the door. The goons stop Diya and Arjun. Arjun hits them and takes Diya in. The host says only 7 minutes are left. They start countdown. arjun comes in with Diay and says she’s here. Karan says oh the bride and groom are here. Congrats on the wedding. Arjun changes Diya’s shoes. Karan says she can’t change costume. She’s already late. If she wants to play she has to play in the same costume. I can’t help. Arjun says you better not talk about the rules. He says only talent matters. Karan says you’re late. She has to play in this constume.

Episode ends.

Precap-Arjun says he wants to defeat you. I don’t know how will you play in saree. Diya says I will play in saree and win.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG the family of Arjun consists only of sick people,without really knowing what happened these people start their blame game.🤮
    Love (god how can such an unattractive man have such a name), why this character in the series is I don’t understand because his function is just to glue to his father and look stupid!
    Amitabh- 🤮I always find it interesting that people talk about standards. Here the father talks about Diya’s stantart and he himself sells his son to a business partner. I am waiting for the father-son confrontation, i hope arjun strikes back and mentions the business deal the so-called wedding!
    Madhuri- 🤮 god what an overreacting drama queen called mother. Hopefully Arjun will tell her that he never planned to marry Tina and that he doesn’t love her.
    Tina- starts playing her game with emotional blackmail. Would not surprise me if she becomes a permanent guest in the house “one-sided love triangle track starts now”!
    Precap- https://www.zee5.com/global/tvshows/details/rishton-ka-manjha/0-6-3522/rishton-ka-manjha/0-1-6z522104
    I have no idea if she will win because I didn’t find any spoilers. Anyway, I hope she wins.
    thanks for asking, (Rishton Ka Manjha 13th October 2021) and i am fine. 😉

    1. @Snuppy
      Agarwal family is … weird? One dimensional? And definitely lacks a few brain cells. Tina, I was tired of watching her. Maybe I’m being insensitive here, but each moment passing I was waiting for her to slit it and be done with it. Don’t want her explanation of why or how, just do your drama and shoo away.
      Karan is frankly the better villain of the show. At least whenever he comes on screen, we get a glimpse of the court! Also, so much plotting-planning … is he really that scared of ArYa? 🤣 He can go to the extent of making her play in a sari. A bit skeptical on how they are not showing if she is going to win or lose in the precap…maybe the match is going to end on Saturday? And so they don’t wanna give out the details yet?

    2. @AK Tina’s action made no sense to me. I’m tired of her too, but I guess we’ll have to put up with her😒😒
      I feel the match might end Saturday or Monday and Karan is the best villan on the show right now🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. @AK
      weird? One dimensional? And definitely lacks a few brain cells- good point, but that is also the case for Tina. 😅
      Tina- As I said in the last episode, I can’t take her seriously as a villain. The woman is for me a complete wrong choice as a villain. the scene when she slits her wrists was more Clown than serious. 🤦‍♂️🙄
      and you are right Karan is the better choice as the villain he portrays it better.
      i’m also sure the match won’t end on friday, they will fill the episode again with arjun’s family.

    4. Lol @Snuppy you’re attacking everyone aren’t you🤣 You’re not wrong though🤷🏻‍♀️
      Thanks for the precap.
      Arjun’s family is such a mess. They’re all self centered and judgmental people, without waiting for them to get home and explain themselves, they’re drawing conclusions and driving themselves mad🥴 they don’t know Diya well enough to say those things about her😒
      Hopefully Arjun confronts and exposes his dad, let me see how everyone reacts.
      I have a feeling Tina might come to live with the Agarwals too @Snuppy. But how will they get her to leave😥?
      And on what grounds will she come live with them?

  2. Hey guyes rest things apart can anyone pls tell me if there is any post update or vidio which says who won the match🙂

    1. nope unfortunately no spoilers or infos

    2. @Snuppy I tried the links and they didn’t work😕 but we know Diya will win the match🤷🏻‍♀️ her and Arjun have gone through so much not to win. So no worries @Neehaa but what I don’t get is that why Karan would make Arjun leave at this point in the game according to the precap for th 16th?

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