Rishton Ka Manjha 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun to divroce Diya

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Scene 1
Depika brings Arjun’s breakfast. She says how’s your foot? He says it’s better. I wish heart could heal too. Depika says I know your pain. You did so much for Diya. Not everyone is lucky to have a partner like you and she didn’t value it. Arjun says I did what any husband should. I married her for her dreams. Depika says I don’t know what happened to her.

Kush says I am leaving for office and you’re sleeping. She says you are leaving such a good drama and going to office? Diya keeps doing drama. Kush says so many problems have happened. I hope it works out. Niharika says Diya will ask for divorce today.

Scene 2
Diya thinks about Tina asking her to get a divorce. Bannu comes to clean the room. Bannu says you’ve never even hurt me. How can you hurt Arjun or mummy ji. I can’t believe that you stole. Diya comes to Madhuri. She says move aside I need to make my breakfast. You work so slow. Move aside. You got your breakfast. Depika says how are you talking to maa. say sorry? Diya says for what? I’ve been sidelined in this house for selling something that was mine. Madhuri says have some shame. Our DILs don’t talk like this. Diya says only your sons can talk like this? Go from here. I need to cook. Depika takes Madhuri from there.

Depika gives Madhuri water. She says Diya has crossed all the limits. Arjun says how dare she speak to you like that. He calls Diya. Diya says I can’t even eat in peace. He says how dare you speak to my mom like that. Diya says you’re talking like I am torturing you? I am not scared of you or anyone. Kush says calm down Diya. Diya says who are you to speak in between? Handle your wife first. Everyone is shocked. Diya says in heart I have to do this to save baba. Diya says let me eat now. Arjun says you’ve no right to be here or anything.

He breaks her bowl. Diya picks things and says let me break things too. See, I have right on this house. I am your wife and DIL of this house. Arjun says I will divorce you. You will have no right on this house. I will talk to the lawyer today. You broke my trust, there’s not respect left now. Diya says I know a lawyer who will process the papers faster. I don’t need to see your drama either. Remember the alimony you will have to give me after divorce. I will get it at all costs.

Scene 3
Madhuri throws papers and gold at Diya. She says this is what you wanted right? If I knew you played with my son’s life for money then I would have given it to you. Diya says this can’t be the price of being Arjun’s wife. My lawyer will tell you the exact price. Madhuri says can’t believe you’re the same girl who didn’t even take a gift from me. Diya says I had to play it to win big. Madhuri says money has blinded you. Arjun stood with you when even your family wasn’t with you. He was coming towards like and you ruined that too. Diya says you are talking like I wanted to leave this house. You people make issue out of everything. I can’t act anymore. Give me what I want and end it. Madhuri says you will regret it. Shame on you. You will never be happy. She leaves.

Madhuri says what an acting. You should be awarded. Get ready to be divorced. She picks the money. Diya says is my dad okay? Please leave him. Niharika says she will leave her once the divorce is done. She’s nice. She takes care of your dad. Diya cries. She recalls her moments in the house.

Niharika calls Tina and says Arjun was always yours. He will come to your life. Kush comes. Niharika says you’ve become so nice. Niharika says to Kush tina called. She was so worried about Arjun.

Amitabh says Arjun always thought his dad was against him. She trapped him. Amitabh says she won’t get a penny. Madhuri says you don’t care about Arjun? He says it was his mistake. I earned this money. I will kick her out of this house. Tina will take care of Arjun. diya says I’ve to save my marriage.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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