Rishton Ka Manjha 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Rishton Ka Manjha 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya thinks how will she spend the whole day without eating food. She cant even sleep too. Biplab comes and gives food to Diya. She gets surprised seeing him. She asks him who is he and her food was wasted then why he is giving her another plate. Biplab says Monica knowingly made her fall, he noticed everything. The he gives her an old phone saying she can use it. Diya tells him to reveal who sent him. Biplab says Arjun sent him. He will help her whenever needed. Diya gets delighted and takes the phone. Biplab says she should eat the food before Monica comes back with her friends. Diya tells him to check if they are coming. Diya puts the sim card in the phone and calls Arjun.

Arjun asks her if she is fine. Diya gets emotional hearing his voice and says she is missing him and the family. She asks about Biplab and Arjun tells her to finish the food asap. Diya says she can’t video call him as this is not smart phone. Arjun says that’s not needed she should focus on the game also she should hide the phone in a safe place. Warden sees Biplab and sends him back to canteen. Monica tells her friends that they will make Diya drink alcohol tonight and disciplinary action will be taken against her. Diya sticks her phone with tape under the bed hearing their voice. Monica tells Diya that they will party tonight. Diya agrees which surprises Monica.

Niharika calls Tina but the latter blocks her number. Niharika panics and thinks now how will she talk to her. Arjun is also doubting her. She sees Kush coming to room and she hides the phone. Diya asks Monica to give some chaat or side dish with alchohol. Monica gets shocked seeing that. Diya serves drinks and kisses the bottle.

Kush questions Niharika did she mix drug in Diya’s food. Niharika replies why he is treating her like an enemy. If he will suspect her then others will get licence to do that too. Niharika says things cant go on like this. She tries to hang herself but Kush stops her. Niharika starts crying and says she didn’t plan against Diya. Theres no drug in her blood as well. Kush consoles her saying he can understand but due to her previous act he questioned her. Diya tells Monica and her friends to drink the alcohol and says they will do bottoms up. She thinks Monica can’t ruin her plan. She is here to know about the drug scam.

Diya acts like drinking and then throws up. She says she is drinking after a long time, so it happened. Dipika informs Kush that Arjun went out with bag. He may leave the house. Kush goes to check. Monica tells Diya to drink first now. Diya tells a shayari and then turns off the light. She puts the alcohol in dustbin without their knowledge. Monica and her friends get drunk and Diya also acts like she is drunk too. She makes them drink one more glasses. They laugh and chit-chat. Diya says if warden gets to know about all these what will happen. Monica gets shocked.

The episode ends.

  1. Hey guys, I hope all is well!
    here’s the precap. It seems as if things are going to get even more interesting from Monday, because Diya starts her investigating, the rest, I’m waiting for @AK to help me with😅:

    1. @A
      Thanks for the link! ☺
      Translation: Karan tells Amitabh that by stopping Diya he is helping him only. And asks Amitabh to handle Arjun. He threatens Amitabh further. Someone places a hand on Arjun’s shoulder. Diya goes through the files in the information room and picks out Arjun’s file.

    2. No problem!
      Thanks for the translation as usual @AK I hope Diya doesn’t get caught. And I wonder how Amit will handle things now? Arjun isn’t even at home🤦🏽‍♀️🥲

  2. I’m here to appreciate Diya in today’s episode👏🏽🎬🎬🎬🎬, who would’ve imagined Diya doing something like this! she really is Arjun’s wife and her facial expressions rival that of all the villains in this show combined🤯. This is one of those episodes where I’m proud and scared of Diya. That being said, her and Arjun can easily turn around and become the villains of this show and I won’t get angry, yes I said it😂
    I was laughing too, this might be the only glance at drunk Diya, I like her😅

    *Anyhow, I love how focused Niharika is on fixing he relationship with Tuna, rather than her marriage and relationships at home, she really doesn’t deserve Kush.
    I see that Deepika told Kush everything that happened up until Arjun actually leaving the house, maybe they’re close. That got me thinking that Luv and Niharika should’ve gotten married first and then him and Deepika🥲

    *Biplab seems like such a sweet and helpful guy, I hope nothing bad happens to him/ he turns out a bad character. We all know Diya would not have survived without food😂

    *I wonder if Arjun is actually leaving? I feel he would, maybe he might return after Diya’s camp? I have doubts on that too… I liked how they showed Arya’s conversation with the soft bgm, it really made us see how Diya really felt being there, she was able to finally let down the walls and be vulnerable with Arjun, I felt bad for her, may she have the strength and wits to survive those 7 days🤞🏽🤞🏽. I love how she broke down crying when she heard Arjun’s voice, she made it feel like it has been years since she talked to him, I had to remind myself, we aren’t even finished with the first day at the camp😂 Arjun was probably thinking the same as me because when she said she missed him, he was like *pause 😐😐* okay then😂😂🙈🙈

    *Guys I have no idea how long this track will be, the first night at the camp is on Monday, when and how will these 7 days happen? Maybe they’ll establish everything at day 1 and maybe zoom pass 2 days?😂 Any ideas?

    *Sidenote, Arya looks lovely from the posts I’ve seen of them preparing for the Zee awards, I hope they get great publicity for the show too🤞🏽
    Stay safe you all! and enjoy the rest of your weekends!😊

    1. @A
      Same here 😁
      Diya was the highlight of the episode. She not only surprised Monica and her friends, but us also. Like you said, she truly looked like Arjun’s wife, all that evilness and sarcasm on point 😂 If she manages to take away that file like in the precap, then we have a couple who love sneaking through Karan’s things 😉 Had Diya brought some gloves as well, she would’ve seemed like a true professional (like this someone we all know 😆). If they become the villains, I am surely gonna love them.
      Niharika being more worried about Tina blocking her than Kush made me crack up 🤣 Guess we have to bring back our love polygon chart and add Niharika in there. Had Luv and Niharika ended up together, I don’t know how a frozen rock like him could’ve handled Niharika’s drama 🤣 But in this episode, Niharika’s crying and shrieking was not comedic like the other ones…I think she tried out some voice modulation. But the way she ran around the room to hide the phone when she saw Kush 🤣
      Yeah, I don’t want Biplav to get caught. Any idea who’s the one with Arjun in the precap?
      Arjun is leaving. At least for a few days. They might move back to the mansion after the camp. Their conversation on the phone, his reaction when she said she missed him, this- 😐😐- does seem to define it quite well 😅 Oh boy, they still have a long way to go…I don’t even know why we were talking about “him” missing her 🤦‍♀️ He’s the kind of a person who won’t realize he’s missing her but still barge into the camp, and later ask himself why is he doing this 💀
      This track…I don’t know how long they’ll keep it. But but but, I’m liking this academy episodes. I’m loving this Diya 💙. I’m sticking to my 5 days = 5 weeks calculation. So 7 weeks, almost two months?
      On your sidenote, yes they seemed very lovely 🧡 Did you come across the one with Dadi in it? She looked so cute 😍 Waiting for zra promo eagerly!
      Have a great weekend ahead!

    2. Yup, we definitely need to bring back out the chart and add Niharika to the polygon😂

      I think it might either be uncle Radhu or Biplab with Arjun in the precap? Maybe he’ll meet Arjun to give him updates or help him in some other way? Maybe Kush went after Arjun? Or Arjun is finally meeting up with dr Sen? (We haven’t seen what happened to him you know)

      I’m hoping Diya doesn’t get caught by anyone, her and Ajun love sneaking around that’s for sure😂

      Arjun is as clueless as they come🤦🏽‍♀️
      You’re right he might as well sneak in, wonder why he’s there and then play it off like he doesn’t care while he scolds Diya for something, poor girl, she has feelings and is expressing them🥲 while Arjun is just like:😑😒🙄😐🤨

      @AK your calculations are scary😳 they might be true though. This track has to be really important to have it going on so long. Then again, if they keep things interesting like this, I won’t mind. They could maybe fast forward after the camp track too🤔

      *Yes I saw the one with dadi too, I hope they finally bring her back, I miss her as the only voice of reason in the family🧡🧡 I’m awaiting the promos as well😊

  3. So, my part: I kind of thought after the previous precap that Diya wouldn’t get into trouble.
    I really have no idea how Arjun does it, but his sixth sense saying (to protect Diya and her dream) is amazing.
    Amitabh: a joke he can only roar, but when the little roarer is threatened he gets scared.
    Diya:what can I say. Diya has monica well under control and can handle her well. I must say when it comes to outside bad guys, then Arjun and them think almost the same.
    Diya has one small problem, she is too soft to the family members and when someone apologizes to her.

    Precap- is strange, hopefully she will be lucky again and will not be caught

    1. @Snuppy that precap had me fooled as well, but Diya handled everything well👌🏻
      Arjun still amazes me with him being steps ahead of everyone, especially when it comes to Diya.
      Amit just upsets me, he’s just a weakling and a spineless person, he’s all bark and no bite.
      You’re right about Diya too @Snuppy. I guess she’s only weak around family, which is bad, because she takes so much disrespect, that’s not ok.
      I doubt Diya will be caught though, I’m hoping for nothing but the best and that she uncovers everything🤞🏻🤞🏻

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